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Importance Of Human Resource Management In Organisational Development Add in library

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Describe about the Importance of Human Resource Management in Organisational Development?


Importance of Human Resource Management in Organisational Development

In order to have a positive impact on the organization, Human Resource management & Organizational Development must become interactively and interdependently. A good human resources management should blend with organizational management because when the resource is utilized, the results are profitable for the individual, organization and society. The use of Organizational Development provides competitive advantage to human resource; it also focuses on the changes that are planned to promote effectiveness and organizational learning to benefit the company. The strategic link between Organization Development and Human Resource, the two functions are areas of commonality together, collaboration, and creativity can be applied to meet the needs of the business effectively. Thus, their integration will promote the performance and capacity of the organization and make the workforce more productive.

 As Experts of the area of human behaviour and organizational change, it is very necessary for an organisation`s HR management team to identify the need of human resources and forecast the need of human resources to achieve the organisation’s mission and objectives planned by the business planning team, the OD managers (, 2015). Both of them can work together and develop a performance management system that will properly align with individual and organisational goals (Anon, 2015).


Current state of employment in Service Industry:

Employee relations: The term employee relations and industrial relations are alternative terms. In 2004/2005, CIPD did a research on the changing employee relations in organizations of UK, to provide a study on current attitude and practices of the employee relations managers and Human Resource. To deal with the trade unions, is a big problem in many of the workplaces but it is hardly considered as problematic. Trade union conflict is still a major problem in many organizations but globally its effect is reducing in many aspects. The focus of employee relations is not based collectively but based on individual relationships. Trade union requirements in employee relations: Since the 1930s trade or labour unions have been in vogue to resist the domination of employers and to represent the interests of the worker. It is through the efforts of the trade unions that the workers even today can stay with dignity and is exposed to better pay and working conditions (Chitty, D'Alessandro and Hughes, 2012). The importance of trade unions cannot be denied even if the count of members in trade unions is in a state of steady decline. Even if the employers have enjoyed greater power over bargaining the negotiations trade unions have been able to enjoy equal bargaining power as the employers (, 2015). A group of workers can voice their grievances better than individual workers asking for benefits from the employers. The national Labour relations Act talks about employee’s right to collective bargaining through their selective labour union representatives (Lattin, Lattin and Lattin, 2009). Trade unions can go for boycotts and go slows to compel employers to give in to their demands. Unions have been able to fight for better working conditions of the workers through time immemorial. They have been able to gather a lot of benefits such as job security, protection from arbitrary action, work life balance etc. Unions have given the workers the freedom to live with dignity and they have facilitated their standard of living in America. The unfair labour practices of the employers have been kept away by the unions (Paliwal, 2012). The NLRA have declared that it is unlawful for employers to discriminate among workers engaged in trade unions, dominate unions, victimize workers who have charged a complaint against them etc. If the employees have done any such acts then the union can take up this issue to the board against the employers. The board initially investigates the charges, take many actions involving cease, and desist to check unfair behaviour with the employees. The board can lodge complaints against the employers if they do not comply with their decisions. For effective protection of workers, unions also develop a lot of labour laws. Unions lobby for creation of laws and regulations. As a result of union efforts, laws such as healthy act, NLRA, the family medical leave act, social security act and occupational safety act are in vogue (Schloesser and Clark, 1913). The employee welfare laws are always checked by the unions to see whether they are properly initiated or not. Title 7 of the civil rights act of 1964 and civil rights act of 1991 are some of the most important pieces of human resource management legislation which affects the human resource management. These acts state that no discrimination should be done on the employees based on national origin, sex, colour, religion and race. Almost all the important tasks of human resource management including benefits, hiring, pay and training falls under the subjugation of this law.

Selection process in the Service Industries:

Job analysis defines the proper way to perform a job. It tell about all the activities, attribute that are likely to be conducted. Job analysis is different for both the sectors; service as well as manufacturing, because service includes a lot of brain and behavior. This may mean differences in their procedure. The observations of job tasks may are not as useful using a standardized form or interviewing in the service jobs like the Position Analysis Questionnaire. Recruitment and selection practices in the services sector varies with the types of positions in this sector. However, it can need creative and stronger recruitment practices (Torrington, 2011). As said before during the economic recession there may be many jobs that can grow as the number of available jobs are few (Peck, 2005). During strong economic conditions, the areas like day care, health care, amusement and recreation may have difficulty recruiting job applicants, and they have to be very innovative in their approach. This may lead us to mean that the industry would find a lack of suitable candidates; this is suppose to change the selection criteria, such that some skills would be trained by the organization and not trained upon hire. Service sector jobs include a lot of technological knowhow these days so a proficient knowledge of computers is mandatory. Even retail jobs make use of computer technology for inventory and sales, and the ability to use these machines is critical (TUC, 2015). Moreover, customer-service skills are a crucial training need in many service industry jobs; hence to make the employees be proficient on the technological side, the management has to do a lot to train the employees in the service sector.


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