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Describe about the Importance of Social Interactions ?


Norms as well as the beliefs of the society and the cultures often influences the people. Often these influences can be more personal and even intimae to the people. it can even affect a wide number of people. Though there are certain differences between the two aspects, both are necessary for the understanding of the social life.

Social structure

There are certain elements on which the social structures are based. They are social class, the role groups, culture and social status. The social structure often guides the behavior of the people (Social Structure and Social Interaction, 2015). The location of the person in the social structure which includes the class, status, culture etc, defines the perception, behavior and attitude of the people. The people try to act according to the place in the social structure in which the person is. It must be noted that the social structure is not stagnant, as it is seen that it responds to the change in the priorities and needs as well as cultural and economical conditions.


Social interaction

The social interactions are the way people behave with each other in the society. There is a particular reference group and it affects the preferences of the individual whether to interact with the people. The reference group is the family, friends, neighbors as well as the colleagues of the people. It was seen that the people are surrounded by the people that they try to protect by managing the space, eye contact etc. the social interaction are the forces that binds the social systems (Importance of Social Interactions, 2015).

Contrast and Analysis

Social structured and interactions are the foundations on which the life is based. People need to interact continuously with other person to survive in the society. The society at large is divided into two aspects- the Macro sociology and the Micro sociology (Mayes, 2005).

The macro sociology is based on the broader aspect of the society and the goals are to find the influence of the society at large, whereas the micro sociology deals with the face to face interactions of the people in the society. It is more of a symbolic interaction.

It must be kept in the mind that the social structures provide a limit to our actions and our behaviours. We behave in a certain manner not because of our genes or biological factors but by the situation in which the people is, or the social structure.

From the above it can be seen that the social interaction is more important though the structure cannot be denied. It is due to the structure that the people interact with each other. The culture determines the way the people behaves the values within the people, and the upbringing of the person (Stauder, 2014). Moreover the income, occupation and the education of the people determines how the person will behave with the people and the attitude he has towards the others. The status of the person is the position the person occupy in the society, his respect in the society and the way people perceives are important aspects of the social structure. The people see the roles as important factors in their lives and often find that they are happy if the people are given important roles to play in the society. There are certain other factors which are important for the people in the society which are parts or the divisions of the social structure. The behavior of the people changes in response to the change in the values and the norms of the society and the place in which the person belongs.

Social interaction is the most essential part which holds the society together. It is by this that the people in the society share social bonds as well as values (Scheinkman, 2015). There is little diversity in the way the people behave in the society unless it for the way people interacts with each other. The people often use symbolic interactions. It is by the interactions that the people are able to understand and perceive the attitude, and behavior of the people. There are various ways by which the people interact like verbally, eye contact, touching, and stereotyping. The first impression of the people set the base for the interactions of the people.

People are social beings, and they cannot survive in the society without socializing with the other people (, 2015). Moreover interaction develops the personality of the person right from the childhood. The more the people interact with others the more the self esteem of the people develops. Throughout the life of the people they interact with each other to sustain in the society with continuous learning at each steps of life. Thus it is seen that the people find interaction with others of more importance than the culture, status, roles.



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