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Improving Academic And Social Behavioral

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Discuss about the Improving Academic and Social Behavioral.



The assignment helps in understanding about my experience in being the Pre School Principal in ABC Preschool and working in this particular industry for the last 15 years. The assignment will help in making the readers understand about the different issues that are faced by me in the current Pre School wherein I am working as the principal and there are few changes that I want to get it incorporated in the Montessori school regarding the numeracy & literacy education in the playgroup.

The assignment will be based on my experiences in the last 15 years as the Pre School Teacher and it will include the different methods with the medium of playing as to incorporate proper learning of literacy as well as numeracy. The main purpose of the assignment is to implement the different strategies in the school by conducting the hands on activities to teach the concept related to the conducting proper lessons.

This will be a reflective essay that will be based on my experiences as the Pre School Principal and the different strategies that are required to be implemented by them in order to change the techniques of learning with paying methods.

I was the principal of Pre School for the last 15 years wherein I facilitated teaching as well as learning in proper inclusive as well as integrated program of preschool. There were different duties that were performed by me as it is essential to perform the duties as the children are the main concerns of the school and proper health and safety is required to be maintained in the school. The entire responsibility of taking proper care of the children in the Pre School is of the teachers and the other members as they are the toddlers and they are the ones who are just of 18 months to 2 years old. I introduced different strategies in the previous school wherein the children were taught about the different concepts, rhymes as well as other lessons with the proper medium of playing technique. This has helped me in making the students aware about the different rhymes by making them do it practically by introducing different procedures of teaching as they are just toddlers. I feel I have a proper understanding about the different needs of the children that has to be properly addresses and this will help us in focusing on the different requirements of the students making them learn different activities that are different from the academic fields.

I have worked with different Montessori schools wherein I felt the main requirement of the children are not the academic requirements but the teachers of the Montessori schools has to properly focus on the encouragement as well as respecting the individual differences of the different children. I have personally trained the teachers who had been appointed to take care and learn the children about the different issues that cannot be expressed by them, the duty of the teachers of the schools were to nurture proper environment in order to properly teach emotional skills as well as create proper social interaction as well. According to me, the development of the child takes place in different stages that are unique in nature and that requires a strategy of teaching that will be slightly different from the normal teaching strategy. The different stages of the infants are when the child starts differentiating between self and the other students in the classroom, when there is a development of ego in the children wherein there is a feeling that they have knowledge and interest about different things than the other students of their age and when the toddlers start performing activities by watching the others perform such kind of activities.

According to me, the children of such age should not be instructed with lecture notes or worksheets or by providing lessons as this will not be helpful in nature to teach the students who are just the toddlers, but there should be proper requirements of the learning that will be based on acting as well as through making the children explore about the different things such as toys or other interesting things that can attract them. This will help the teachers as well as the children to grasp the different kinds of concepts with the help of teaching them with the help of proper feel or touch of such things. I feel that the Montessori schooling has to be done in such way that it will help in understanding the requirements of the different toddlers as they are only 18 months to maximum of 2 years old and they do not have any understanding about the different kinds of teaching that are taught to the children or the students who are grown up.

I feel the workshops have to be organized properly by the schools for the individuals who are interested in becoming and pursuing the course of being a teacher in the Pre School. The workshops and the programs of training will help in making the individuals aware about the different issues and challenges that will be faced by them in this particular field and then select the candidates who can pass all the challenges and they are the ones who have the proper capacity to handle the kids properly in the schools. Previously, I have worked with different preschool institutions wherein I myself created workshops with other experienced individuals as this helped me in providing the individuals training in handling the kids of the school and this helped the entire school to get educated individuals who have lost of patience along with the courage to handle the kids whose behavior is different from one another.


My concept of teaching toddlers

According to me, I feel that the teaching in Montessori schools should be different from the normal class lectures and there should be different activities wherein the children can be made participated and making them perform the things practically as well. This will help in changing the style of the teaching that has been continuing for years and without creating workbooks and other lectures, this will help in managing the children easily as well. I have seen in different schools that there are different processes of teaching the toddlers, but I personally feel that there should not be any kind of concept known as “teaching” as this will create burden on the students and this will never have any kind of positive impact on the toddlers as there will be no understanding in them about such kind of technique of learning. The Montessori teaching method in the Pre School will help the students along with the teachers to focus mainly on the practical approaches in making the students learn about the different processes of learning different concepts that are new to them and they will feel interested about such concept as well.

I feel that there should be different facilities of first aid as well as other facilities that are related to the safety of the children in the preschools. There should be availability of different emergency kits and other facilities that are related to making the toddlers understand the different learning techniques by valuing the different children with the help of different styles of learning. I feel that it is the sole responsibility of the teachers in the preschools to take care as well as develop proper concentration, coordination as well as independence among the children as this will help them in supporting self regulation among the students. The students should be made active speakers in the learning as this will help them in enjoying freedom while learning about different new concepts as well.

The proper self assessment as well as self correction is an integral part of the Montessori class approach as this will allow the students in the Montessori schools to look critically into different aspects of learning new things and this will help them in being adopting and working collaboratively as well in the class. There are different kinds of students in classroom of the Montessori schools wherein the children or the toddlers has to properly be supported with active learning technique as this will help them in knowing different concepts of the different things that are new to them. I worked with the Montessori schools wherein I provided proper caring community is essential in nature and I provided such environment to the toddlers as well as I feel that will help the toddlers in grasping the different knowledge about the different concepts with the help of toys or other items that can be touched and felt by them as well. It is very essential in nature for the teachers of the Montessori schools to be active listener as the students are the ones who are toddlers and they have different views on different things that have to be properly understood by the teachers as well. The toddlers or the children who are of 18 months to 2 years old has to be properly handled as they are the innocent kids who are just viewing the world from our perspectives and they will be grasping the knowledge that will be taught by us to them.

Present experience in Preschool

Presently, the preschool wherein I am working as the principal of the Montessori school, therein the techniques of the teaching has to be changed properly and I want to change it as the technique that is used is improper and this will not help in providing the kind of knowledge that has will help the toddlers as well. The school wherein I am working presently the teachers directly teaches the students with the help of worksheets and this is entirely theoretical kind of knowledge and this will never the toddlers in gaining any kind of practical knowledge in their childhood. Personally, I prefer incorporating the different knowledge into the toddlers with the help of playing as well as by conducting proper hands on activities as well. Personally I do not prefer working in the Montessori schools with the usage of the lecture notes as well as other means that cannot be made understood to the toddlers in the school.

The Montessori school wherein I am working presently is not teaching the toddlers with the help of practical teaching or experiences and this is not effective in nature as this will not provide the students the training that is essential to be provided and the actual training that is required as well. I want to inhibit the theoretical training process that is adopted by the teachers presently in the school and execute the practical training courses as this will help in proper development of the children in the schools. I feel that the students in the Montessori school are just the toddlers and the numeracy as well as literacy has to be properly followed in terms of practical training that will help in maintaining proper efficiency and effectiveness in the techniques of the procedures of learning (Ansari & Winsler, 2014). There can be different training techniques that can be adopted by the school wherein I am working and this technique can help me along with the other teachers in the school to learn about the specific kind of technique that will help in providing practical training and teaching technique to the teachers along with the toddlers in understanding them in playing with different toys and understanding the concepts such as colors as well as other alphabets that will be properly made understood to the toddlers management.

According to me, there are two techniques that can be implemented by us in our school that are Hands on training technique and Interactive training technique (Abbey, 2016)


These are the two techniques I want to implement in the respective school wherein I am working as this will provide the teachers of the school different techniques such as coaching that will be based on experiencing the concepts that can be practically made understood to the students in the school with making them play, making them touch different objects that will provide them the practical experience. The hands on training technique are the apt technique that can be applied by us in order to gain proper knowledge about the different coaching and serve as the coach for the toddlers.

Furthermore, the interactive session training has to be implemented and applied by the school to the teachers with the help of different quizzes as well as role playing techniques in order to understand the exact concept that will help them in providing such training to the students as well. This is the most effective technique of training as this will help in making the children participate in different kinds of activities in school that will help them in learning different alphabets along with color as well. I want that all the teachers in my school should have proper interpersonal kind of relationship along with one another as this will help in implementing proper training programs as well as provide learning to the toddlers in the school. The literacy as well as numeracy is provided to the toddlers in a unique way as this will help them in attracting the toddlers towards the different approaches of learning and providing proper training as well.

I want to implement the approach that has been applied by Dr. Maria Montessori who was child centered in nature and it helped her in understanding the social, emotional as well as cognitive behaviors of the toddlers as well (Black, Kinney & Farfsing, 2016). The child centered educational approach can help me and my entire school in understanding the mentality of the toddlers as they are the ones who can be built up according to the things that are taught by us. They are innocent and they do not have such knowledge on the theoretical front and this will have no impact on the students as well. My main motive is to make the toddlers understand the different approaches through practical training such as:

The child development approaches wherein the infants or the toddlers who are studying in my preschool are generally characterized with the help of sensitive periods or absorbent minds (Brown, 2016). These are the different periods or phases of life wherein the infants learn through the different senses and they learn through proper touch of different objects that can be felt by them

During this toddler or infant age, they are the ones who are of unconscious mind of absorbent and the children of such age will learn through hands on the experience. The learning will properly take place when the things will be performed by them with the proper experience. I will be applying different techniques as this will help in developing proper collaboration as well as teamwork. The peer groups are the excellent source as the proper information as well as the techniques of problem solving as well.

The teachers has to be properly trained in my school as these teachers have a role that is different from the old classical methods and the teachers in the Montessori school has to provide proper focus on the process of learning of the toddlers. The teachers will decide about the different materials that will be helpful in providing proper training to the toddlers.

I feel the teacher who will be teaching and making the infants explore different variety of things and objects in the preschool, and then she has to be active observer as well as assessing the nature of the children whenever they are sensitive in nature and this will help in introducing other concepts that are new and will be useful in making the children learn about the different concepts as well. I have seen in many Western Montessori schools that there are grouping of age of the children in the Montessori schools and the children are segregated on the basis of the age and this will help the teachers as well in learning different techniques to teach the different age group students differently. I will conduct workshop for the teachers who will be dealing with the infants such as 8 months to 1 year toddlers and this will help in helping the infants in analyzing the different alphabets.


Critical Discussion on developing child’s skills of critical thinking

I feel it is essential in nature to provide different kinds of opportunities to the toddlers in the play school as this will help in providing them the scope to explore their own knowledge as well as skills in the different scopes of life. I feel the toddlers need some proper attention of the teachers as well as the parents wherein this will be helpful in teaching as well as guiding the children in the school as well as in the house. I feel and I will arrange proper opportunities to the toddlers in the play school as this will help in helping the children develop different hypothesis.

I will develop strategies in the school wherein I will not allow the teachers to intervene immediately as this will not be helpful in nature to teach the students as they are the toddlers and they do not have so much theoretical knowledge and they will understand the practical knowledge and the skills that will help in encourage the toddlers in developing proper critical thinking and this will have proper emphasis on the growth of the development of the children as well. The teachers and the parents need to properly use the fluency of the different information and this will help us in making the toddlers aware about the different things as well as objects near them. The proper utilization of the peer group is essential for making the toddlers well averse about the different new objects that can be taught to them through medium of playing.

I will be implementing role playing techniques as well in the school of mine wherein I am working as the principal as I feel proper role playing techniques will help in teaching the toddlers easily as this will help them in learning different characters and objects that they are not aware of and by using such technique this will help me in making them aware of the different things as well as objects. I will be training the teachers of my school with different sketches and drawings that will help in making the students learn about the different objects and this will be fun as well. It will help in making the toddlers think using different mental skills and this will help in teaching them different things as this is a great learning technique.

I feel the role play and the sketch technique will help me in making the students learn about the different objects and they will feel energetic and they will be having fun as well in using such techniques for proper learning in the school. I want to make and develop learning skills that will help me and my students to learn about different things in less time and this will be fun as well. According to me, I feel that the technique of teaching has to be such that this will help my toddlers in learning through practical skills as they will never understand the theoretical skills at this age.


I will arrange different other techniques such as by arranging refrigerator magnets that will help in attaching the alphabets in the refrigerator and making them feel that with hands, making them enjoy different festivals by performing different activities related to the festival as well  (Ambusaidi, Al-Yahyai & Taylor, 2015). The songs and rhymes can be used by the teachers in making the toddlers understand about the understanding of the knowledge of the alphabet (Bunn et al., 2016). This will help in making the toddlers and infants learn about the rhymes and this will help in generating meaningful connections with the students as well (Andrew, 2014). I feel the particular technique of performing songs as well as rhymes help in building proper knowledge about the different alphabets. The puzzle related to the alphabets can be used as well in making the infants learn about the construction of words and this will help in generating interest among the toddlers. I will use proper music as well as rhyme throughout the day in the school wherein the rhymes will be played continuously and this will help in making the toddlers understand about the rhymes and challenge her that that the infant has to pick up the different toys of some respective color until the song is finished.

I can entertain the little ones in my school with games and other sensory experience as well wherein I can make proper use of the wood or foam letters and I will choose the letter she is having proper knowledge about and the toddlers can make proper letter sound connections as well. The toddlers’ loves in using different senses as this will help in discovering the entire world around them and get familiar to it as well. The edibles can be used as well by my school teachers as well as by me as this will help us in providing the toddlers the sense of different food items such as biscuits, chocolates and make them learn about the alphabets such as when they are having cake they can use the word bake and the students can understand about such concepts easily without much difficulty.



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