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Individual And Teamwork Performance Evaluation Report

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Discuss about the Individual and Teamwork Performance Evaluation Report.


Purpose and Scope of the report

The purpose of my report is to evaluate the issue of weaknesses brought about by the tendency to fully emphasize on individual performance within a work setting.  The report also seeks to point out some of the problems likely to be faced whenever there are changes in an organization`s human resource structure and consequently generate several recommendations likely to counter them.  The scope of the report is as follows; it seeks only to examine the setbacks associated with awarding too much attention to personal output and the gains of teamwork performance.  The report will not consider other management mechanisms attributed particularly to the control function of management.

The problem statement

The name of the case study is classical management in the Haier Group. The problem is linked to the controlling function of management. The great emphasis given to individual performance has proven to be remarkably beneficial and productive in both the short and long term run.  Haier prides itself as one of the respected and feared competitors in the electronics industry largely because of the use of the control function of management with great emphasis on individual output.  The approach carries along a major setback which is the absence of synergy or teamwork, and if it is there, it is normally at minimal levels.  I will elaborate on the need and benefits of giving keen attention and emphasis on teamwork in equal measures just like the one given to personal performance.


The two most evident perspectives in my research are: giving too much weight to individual performance lowers the chances for the presence of collaborative work and secondly embracing teamwork goes a long way in contributing to maximized individual and overall output. These are risks in themselves.  Risk and the manner it is managed has emerged as a key feature of organizational life involving both private and public sectors (Soin, 2013).

Perspective one

As vividly pointed out in the Haier Group case study, the emphasis is on individual work and incentives can greatly compromise teamwork within an organization.  The management approach that is, OEC-O was hugely inclined towards an individual`s performance rather than functioning as one unified team.  The human resource of the company elaborated the approach as that which implies that each worker has to complete the daily target work and this includes a one percent increase over the previous day`s work.  An administrative manager facilitates optimum productivity.  Strategic human resource management came up as an ascendant approach to human resource management policy within the previous thirty years (Robin, 2013). This implies that the two that is, personal and collaborative efforts are needful for an entity to realize full output and in an efficacious manner.

Sometimes the changes in the human resource motivations, commitment and attitude may contribute to certain unnoticed problems especially individualism.  The need for and centrality of fortified human resource development principles and practice is of an immense essence (Jon, 2014) .  For instance, for Haier, the new management steered by Zhang caused a commendable expansion of the firm.  However, the shake-up and change in the control management function led to the problem of teamwork absence or rather its trivialization.  This is essential because the employers were motivated by the need to accomplish their individual daily work as assigned and expected by the management.  As such, the lack of synergy in an organization may be detrimental.  We normally depend on teams to execute complex tasks especially in highly involving settings (Tripp, 2017). This means that the management ought to cultivate a tenacious attitude and desired conduct in the workforce especially about collaborative work rather than focusing on individual input only.  The way top-level managers work efficaciously as a team is vital to the success of a business and the varied backgrounds of top managers influence the efficiency of their teamwork (Li-Qun, 2012)

Additionally, the focus on personal input is closely tied or associated with new processes which permit for the perpetuation of individual incentives in most instances.  In most cases, the workers are promised extra earnings on completion of their individual daily tasks and such; this greatly hampers the general performance since each employee is only focused on accomplishing the day`s set tasks.  This means that there are little if any, chances for such workers to assist each other in case one needs a helping hand.  Team learning conduct was found to intercede the relationships or linkages between teamwork know-how and the team outcomes (Priyanko, 2015).

Another issue related to individual performance is arriving at intuition-based decisions.  Since each employee is heavily and solely working on his/her own, there exist high tendencies to make decisions founded on one`s intrinsic feelings, attitudes, and behaviors.  This means there are lowered possibilities if any, for individual workers to seek assistance or even consult their colleagues.  This is because, for most of them, it is a rush against time every other day.   Modally results indicated that worker perceptions of organizational error management culture impacts directly and negatively on their turnover intentions (Priyenko, 2016)  Sometimes, the focus on personal performance may cause regular frictions between the management and the employees.  This is particularly in cases where the worker(s) fails to achieve their designated duties and tasks due to some factors like time and personal domestic responsibilities.

As such, most of the time the employees execute their tasks with some degree of fear and anxiety, which is not suitable for productivity.  There is need to follow practical ways in evaluating demand and replacing needs and using productivity ratios to transform delivery units into human resource requirements and this call for steps in workforce planning (Andrew, 2015).


Perspective two

The second perspective is the essence of exercising teamwork for a holistic output.  In Haier, collaborative performance was vividly undermined at the expense of focus on personal output.  In the company, each employee is required to continuously improve their job skills and ensure that the one percent increase in daily production is achieved.  This translates into lower teamwork.  The capability of organizations to be skilled at teamwork and creating high-performance teams is a chief approach to competitive advantage and can as well determine the future prosperity or failure of many entities (Warrick, 2016).  He adds that teamwork can remarkably improve effectiveness, performance, efficiency, job satisfaction, morale, innovative thinking, quality, speedy work, communication and loyalty to a firm.

Some of the hidden gains of good team work include the fact that no one is indispensable (we need each other), personal weaknesses are masked, personal strengths are developed into full strengths, and one can think along with others.  This implies that every individual has his/her strengths and they collectively give rise to more power and synergy.   Team work assists in averting possible risks linked to reinforcing individual performance.  For instance, the risk of overall output being compromised.  Individuals may be structured to create a highly effective team competent of delivery much more compared to the total of its members (Margie, 2011)

The employment of teamwork approach promotes the actualization of a wholesome and full productivity.  Setting a rigorous team structure can assist in reducing instances of some team members not adequately giving input in the common undertakings. Encouraging a culture of teamwork is of immense significance to an entity.  Facilitating the development of a team is challenging, yet vital (Kirstin, 2016).  He further adds that team training is an efficacious strategy.  It is essential to efficaciously organize efforts in teamwork, have the ability to see things from other people`s perspectives like clients or even team members.


There should be an emphasis on a blend of both individual and teamwork performance for a wholesome and maximum output.


  Based on the above conclusion, I believe the following recommendations are suitable for the issue:

  1. Measures should be engineered to encourage voluntary teamwork
  2. Have regular review of the management strategies and approaches
  3. Employees` attitudes, conduct, and motivations should be matched with the company`s vision, value and mission statements
  4. The workers should fully understand their jobs and the need to genuinely embrace the objectives of the organization.
  5. Establishment of an appropriate reward and incentive system for the best performing team
  6. Setting unique and different goals for each department within the organization reflecting the overall goal of the entity.


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