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Build an argument in relation to the following statement: This is the beginning of your study, so start thinking about ways you (as a manager) in an organisation can use knowledge from this course in order to do better than the competition. Develop your argument in terms of managing the organisation or team in a complex and dynamic environment, with the aim of achieving improved performance outcomes.




This is a start of a manager-in-progress. So we all need to think as a manager. Here it is given as a topic of argument that managing the organization or team in a complex and dynamic environment, with the aim of achieving improved performance outcomes. Managers mean leaders who can achieve extra ordinary things from a common people. From the several fundamental characteristics the Effective team performance can be derived. First, the members of the team want to productively combine their individual proceedings. They have some definite and exclusive tasks, where the concert of each task supplies to collective the desired achievement. It means that the sources of a group breakdown can exist in not only in member’s inability, but also in their collective failure to coordinate or bring together and synchronize or match their individual contributions. The processes become a critical determinant of any team performance and it often arbitrates the authorities of the nearly all additional exogenous variables. Secondly, teams are more and more necessary to make in multifaceted and active atmospheres (Stewart and Others, 2006). This kind of characteristic apply particularly the directorial groups and particularly to the top administration groups. The present functioning ambiance of today’s directorial groups facial appearance the numerous stakeholders with incompatible agendas sometimes, load of high information, contingency of dynamic situation and the increased tempo of change. The advancement of announcement have prepared the utilize of practical team that is the members of a team whose are not collected physically, are much more sensible and high up in the production.


These necessities of performance intensify or amplify the need for coordination member. Further the team members have to work more adaptively since of the larger modify in tempo in today’s world when organize the events. Team management corresponds to a third characteristic of effective team performance. Most of the team contains a certain number of persons who are responsible chiefly for expressing the objectives of team and to develop and construction the team to get done these missions. This kind of role exists even in the self managing team also (Darses, 2004). However the progress or achievement of the team manager in important or crucial group instructions and systematize the group to make the most of development beside with such instructions provisions appreciably to group efficacy. We should know the little things concerning how the influential generate and administer successful team or group, even with the ubiquity of the management authority on the managerial group routine and even with the great literatures on together the leaderships and group or team dynamics. Past leadership theories have tended to meeting point or connection on how the influential authority the anthology secondary lacking attendance or meeting to how management promote the incorporation or addition of the nature lesser actions that is how the selected highlighted the group process. For example, Path goal theory promoted an outstanding model of the management influence on minor results. Most the management hypothesis that is mentioned team processes treat them as arbitrator that specify that what management behaviors are the majority suitable or effectual in exacting situation.

The term Complex environment is the one where the requirements more than one have to be taken care of. The decisions need to be made on the subject of what processes can be implemented to make sure that neither person is disadvantaged and the appropriate support is given that make certain both individuals and holistic needs are acknowledged and supported under these circumstances. The additional room of the process outlined in the white paper to other care groups like long term condition or learning disabilities will as you might expect increase the frequency of the complex environments being came across. Therefore it is important that this area is saw the sights and had room for within the current SAP processes. There is an assortment of options for including multifaceted environment within SAP. And it is to be familiar with that none of these will exclusively be the right come within reach of and each stage or step of the described process will need to be bendable enough to carter for the discrepancy that these circumstances will be created (Glenny and Roaf, 2008). Business does exist in a complex, shifting environment. In present more and more active and complex production world, it is very much significant to choose whether to use and confidence in planning tools or if one should discard them because they are through for more steady surroundings. It is very much difficult to lead a team or group in a dynamic and complex environment because in this case so many factor or aspect started change.


This time the leader or manager needs to think carefully and take the decisions correctly and it will lead the team or the organization to success. World is changing every moment. So the leader or manager needs to learn how to work or take decision in this situation. Otherwise company or team’s performance may decrease. So it would be very important to lead or manage the team or organization properly in this kind of situation with the aim of achieving improved performance outcomes. 


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