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Information And Communication Technology Security Add in library

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Security issues in information and communication technology has become very serious problems for the users. This can be source of theft of personal information as well as various crimes. Due to these security issues users lose their trust in the information and communication technology. Thus, this report discusses various security issues present in the current market and how those security issues work on the system of user.

Argument mapping diagram for Security Issues

         Figure: Argument mapping diagram for Security issues in ICT system

Current Issues

Information and communication technology system has become a very essential part of any company, organization or for personal use. Currently, it contains all the data related to the organization. Communication of the messages or data is also performed from ICT system. Thus, it is very important for organizations to keep information and technology system secure and safe. Currently, there are a lot of security issues present in an information and communication technology. There are various risks associated with the security issues in ICT system. The main risk factors related to the security issues are hacking of information, loss of information, shuffling of information, use of system for unauthorised users etc. These are various security issues related to the ICT system of an organization. The current issues in the security of ICT systems are Virus Contamination, denial of services, Privacy and information fraud, Non authorised use of computer, theft of information, torjan horses, non- authorised access and changes to information of computer and non-authorised access and changes to application and system (Hilty, 2002). The above are various issues in ICT system.

Virus contamination

Viruses are very serious of current time. Virus contaminated and security issue programmes can be in any programme or website on internet. Thus, it is very necessary to take care of Virus issue. There are various types of viruses present in the ICT market. These viruses affect our system and files in various ways. Internet is not only the source of viruses, the virus can be spread from various devices also like pen drive, hard disks etc. Viruses when contacted with computer itself creates its copy in the computer. Viruses are nothing but computer programmes that make changes in the files or information present in the computer and make various types of changes in other computer programmes which results in various changes in the computer programmes.


Denial of Services

This is another security issue present in the ICT system. Various services are not appropriate for computer systems or after sometimes they deny providing services to the users due to various factors present in the computer system. Denial of services causes various problems for the users. These problems affect the work of the users in various ways. The users first performs his work with some programme but due to some reasons it denies to provide its services but users are unable to perform their work in another programme as the first work was performed in some other format which may not work in another formats. The other denial of services issue that is present in ICT system are that on internet. Some times for any service, the provider takes payment and doesn’t provide the appropriate services according to the contract or deny to provide the services (Forumit, 2010).

Privacy and information fraud

Privacy issue and information fraud is a very big issue in the ICT market, various websites present on the internet may ask for various information online from the user for providing better services to the user but there are various programmes present on the internet which may use those information for their self-purpose, those information can be used for various fraud purposes (Lioy, 2009). The programme may break their privacy statement by various means and shuffling of words or they may change their privacy statement. One example of these types of frauds are the spreading of email address. These email addresses may be used for marketing purposes and fraud.

Non-authorised use of computer

Non-authorised use of computer may also be harmful or may be a risk for the user. Various types of cookies are saved in the computer which stores the password and username information in the computer system which may be accessed by anyone who is using the system. Thus, non- authorized use of computer may result in various disclosure of information to an unauthorised user.

Theft of information

Theft of information is a very serious problem related to the ICT system. Hacking has become a very serious issue for today’s world. Use of cookies or interruption in the transmission during the sending and receiving the information, anyone can hack the private information, if capable. Hacking may be a very big problem for any one. Someone may even hack the online bank account of users and may perform unwanted transaction from those accounts or someone may hack someone’s social media id and use it or can steal the personal information. People can even hack the high secured servers of the companies which may cause various problems for the organizations (Coppettes, 2012).


Trojan horses

Trojan horses are various programs which can be used to access the computer of any one or they can be used to send the personal information from the computers. Trojan horses are the mostly used criminal methods. This can be used to infect the computer of the user. This also can be used to take the personal information from the computer. Thus, these programs really needs to be cared as these may become a problem for the users. These programs come with some utility programs in the computer from various downloads from the computer (Computer hope, 2012).


This report indicates various security problems present in today’s ICT system. There are various laws and regulations related to these security information. Thus, this report is essential for the users to ensure the proper use of the ICT system so they can secure their system and information from the malicious programmes.

Integration of above discussion

The above discussed security topics are very much essential to consider as these security issues may create various problems for the users. These may result in various disclosing of the personal information or damage of the important file in the computer. There are various laws and regulations related to these security issues but users should also take care of these systems. There are various security programmes available in the market for safety of the computer which prevents the attacks of various viruses and Trojan horses and malicious programmes and keep the computer safe. Users should also notify the cybercrime department if they become a victim of any of the security issues (Bequiri, 2010). Thus, ICT system is very useful for the users but the users should keep various precautions while using these services.


The above report is the result of various research and study. Information and communication technology is the most used techniques to store data as well as transmit data for various purposes but it has various security issues also which may create problems for the users. These problems may result in the disclosing of personal information and various other problems which can threaten the computer system as well as information of the user. Thus, it is very essential for a user to take different precautions before using these programmes.



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