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Issues with Connecting the Employees

Discuss About The Internal Communication Employee Engagement?

Workplace communication is an integral part of developing teamwork. According to Coombs (2015), it is essential to identify the underlying breakdowns in the communication process at the workplace. This identification of the issues would be helpful enough in rectifying the problems and betterment of the communicational transparency within the organisation. Restoring the communication lines is much beneficial in improving the productivity and maintaining cohesiveness among the employees (Men 2014). The study thus focuses on some of the specific issues occur within an organisational context related to the communicational aspects. The report would be presented based on the issues in connecting employees at ABC Limited. Based on the identified issues, some of the preferable recommendations would also be presented in this study.

Working in a corporate setting demands for the formal attributes and appropriate communicational methods. Employees need to maintain the appropriate communicational attributes to develop the cohesiveness and accomplish the business goals. In most of the cases, it has been observed that the workplace communication issues become the major obstacle in maintaining the sequential pace of organisational functionalities (Shockley-Zalabak 2014). Lack of two-way communication is quite problematic for an organisational setting. While maintaining the autocratic leadership, the leaders tend to present their concerns without consulting with other employees. If the messages are not conveyed appropriately with the stakeholders, it would affect the profitability level of the company.

While working within an organisation, the employees also seek benefits and motivations. The business leaders are responsible for generating such sense of job satisfaction among these employees by establishing the communicational transparency. When the employees receive the comfort level to communicate properly with the business leaders to present their concerns, it generates the sense of reliability. Furthermore, as explained by Bratu (2016), the business leaders also require conveying or sharing messages through effective communication, which would help in managing the organisational functionalities in a systematic way. This process would help in connecting the employees much significantly.

In addition to this, the employees even seek their personal and professional growth within an organisation. The establishment of the effective communication would help these employees to develop these skills and perform in a productive way. The company, in return, would be benefitted with the effective performance parameter. When the company realizes the necessity of improving the communicational process, it is essential to recognize the best medium to conveying the messages and ensure the message is understandable (Mishra, Boynton and Mishra 2014). The following strategies can be used for connecting the employees widely by developing the internal communication. These issues are quite recognizable within an organisation. In order to mitigate such observable communicational problems, it is necessary to implement the appropriate communicational strategies.

  • Ineffective Maintenance of the Weekly Correspondence to the Employees

Strategies for Improving Internal Communication

The employees need to receive the proper mails from the managerial section informing about the workplace functionalities, which is the quite considerable issue at ABC Limited. It is essential for the business leaders to make the employees aware of the organisational goals and objectives at the initial stage. Sharing vision with these employees would be much beneficial to accomplish the business goals. The business leaders need to send the weekly mails to the employees for informing or keeping track of the progress regarding the organisational functions (Eisenberg, Johnson and Pieterson 2015). This communication type is quite helpful for serving opportunities to connect and engage the associated workforce.

  • Lack of transparent communication and Interpersonal Relationship

The business leaders lack the vision of look beyond the opportunities that can lead the business towards success at ABC Limited. In order to fulfill such objectives, they need to engage more efficient employees. It is necessary for them to build up the communication transparency and effective interpersonal relationships with the employees in order to make them comfortable enough to present their concerns (Men 2015). They can easily share their concerns if they find comfort in communicating with the business leaders. This process would help them to improvise their performance parameter and make the positive movement towards achieving success. In fact, with the help of such process, they can even generate the sense of reliability and appreciation to work in a better way.

  • Concerns with weekly meeting arrangements

The business leaders need to arrange the face-to–face discussion meeting with the employees at least once in a week. The company is not frequent in arranging such face-to-face meeting. This face-to-face conversation is important to observe the body language while they are communicating with the leaders. Moreover, this meeting can be effective one when the employees would share their concerns personally and face-to-face with the managers. Furthermore, this conversation can bring some innovative ideas for leading the organisation in a unique way. This conversation meeting serves as one of the most helpful processes of engaging the employees in a group discussion and developing their personal and professional skills.

  • Issues in Responding back to every employee’s mail

The employees need to be recognized for their efforts, which is a significant issue in ABC Limited. Therefore, when any employee sends mail to the leaders by raising any concern, they do not receive the proper acknowledgement. The business managers or leaders need to respond back to the mail within a stipulated time. It would generate the sense of existence among the employees that would motivate them to perform in a better way. They often feel appreciated and heard that makes differences in their performance level.

  • Emergence of information barrier

Employee Engagement and its Importance

The business leaders need to take hands-on approach to convey the information to the employees. Majority of the employees do not receive the necessary information about the organisational functionalities at ABC Limited. The employees are always required to be updated with the necessary information. When the employees are connected with the business functionalities, it is necessary for them to receive the adequate information about the organisational functionalities. The leaders need to take the responsibility of breaking the barriers of information and provide the necessary updates through transparent communications. This method is much significant in engaging the employees in a corporate cultural setting. It is even noted that when the employees are updated about the necessary information, they can provide their best efforts to accomplish the goals.

  • Lack of personal and professional growth

Employee engagement depends on the extensive motivation provided by the business leaders. Every employee seeks the personal and professional growth when they are associated with the corporate scenario. The company lacks such opportunity for the associated employees. The business leaders need to create such opportunity to make the employees engaged. The leaders need to provide the employees enough opportunity to make the positive move towards their professional and personal growth. It would be helpful if the leaders can directly communicate with the employees to understand the strengths and weakness. Providing them the fruitful feedback would also be effective in such context.  The employees accordingly would sense their values within the organisation that would make them engaged in a corporate setting.

  • Lack of Continuous monitoring of the performance and providing feedback

It is essential for the business leaders to monitor the performance of the employees frequently. The business leaders at ABC Limited do not provide such feedback to the employees. When the business leaders can provide the necessary feedback to these employees, it would make them understand their drawbacks. They can easily work on these gaps and make improvements on their performance parameter. It develops the understanding about the job responsibility and engages the employees accordingly.

  • Inappropriate Use of Social media to connect the employees

According to Dawson (2017), the realization of employee engagement values is leading the organisation to undertake the most preferred way of increasing knowledge sharing and encouraging teamwork. Social media is thus selected for improving the internal communication with the employees at ABC Limited. The social media use within the company is not so much effective. The company can establish a social media platform for the internal workforce. The employees can engage into productive discussion rough such platform and can allow the communication flow (Jin, Liu and Austin 2014). Especially, in case of the internationalized company, it helps in connecting corporate environments worldwide to derive the insightful knowledge about the innovative work practices.

  • Lack of Employee Rewards and Recognition

Monitoring Employee Performance

The business leaders can make the employees connected with the organisational functionalities by recognizing their value. The company needs to pay more attention on this context more specifically. The development of the internal communication helps in understanding the employee value that would be more effective for the future prospects. When the employees would sense the fruitfulness of their contribution, it would help them to work in a better way. It would even increase the overall productivity by engaging them widely.

The above discussion presents the method of connecting employees within the organisation. It is to be stated that the use of the better communicational flow is much effective to connect the employees widely and generate the sense of satisfaction for the betterment of the future performance. The leaders need to take active participation in fulfilling such requirements.


The study describes the issues associated with the internal scenario of ABC Limited in connecting employees. It is noticed that every workplace sometimes experience challenges in establishing the communicational transparency. Communication is quite open to interpretation. However, some associated workers tend to interpret the actual message incorrectly due to which the information is not conveyed properly. It reflects the necessity of keeping the employees updated about the organisational process, which enables the improvised performance parameter of the associated workforce. Accordingly, the employees need to stay connected to the organisation to ensure future success by improving the internal communication.


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