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How does the “internet of things” affect the mining industry?





Internet of things is considered as computing concept that helps in explaining future where regular physical element can be connected with the internet. The IoT is effective in increasing the link between people and things and huge opportunity is provided by it. Therefore, business or industry can be benefited from the internet of things. The assignment will be dealing with the affect of internet of things with reference to mining industry.


Affect of Internet of Things on Mining Industry

Makes Mining Safer:

The Internet of Things (IoT) is effective in improving the safety. The machines used in mining sector are normally big and powerful that is difficult for the workers to handle them in efficient manner (Wang and Zhang, 2012). Therefore, in order to avoid accidents, location or proximity sensors can be incorporated in heavy equipment. On the other hand, warning technology such as RF locating devices, radar, video and GPS can be useful in ensuring safety regarding mining and construction (Andreev et al.  2012). Thus, IoT could be useful for protecting workers and doing mining work in safer way.

Autonomous Operation:

 The autonomous, self driving mining trucks can be useful for the transportation of product that can decrease the chances of being getting hurt to humans. The trucks can be lased with sensors, GPS and radar direction system that can help the trucks in navigating routes and reaching to destination in quick time (Han, 2014). On the other hand, the Autonomous Hauling System can be valuable to improve the operational efficiency. Therefore, the trucks can be connected wirelessly and controlled by a person sitting at other place. Thus, IoT can connect the people with the trucks without physical movement and carrying the work in productive manner (Hersent et al. 2012).

Remove Driver Fatigue:

The internet of things can be effective in eliminating the fatigue of the driver by incorporating the driverless mining trucks. Moreover, it can provide safety to the employees and also it can also decrease the number of humans from the mining site. Therefore, autonomous trucks can be useful for optimizing operation without making any shift changes or requirement of lunch breaks (Jia and Gao, 2013). Therefore, it can be considered that internet of things can be valuable for the driver to remain healthy and safe and also free from work pressure.

Increase production:

The internet of things can enhance the production of mining industry and operational efficiency. The supervisors through the use of IoT, they can monitor the shift changes, location of miners, status of vehicle and total amount of buckets filled and transported. Therefore, it can be effective in knowing the position of vehicle so that instant message can be sent to the driver in order to adjust with the route so that more ore or other materials can be picked up (Jianjun and Mingxing, 2013). The vehicles can be utilized hundred percent that can increase the production level and that too in safest manner.

Efficient processes:

The mining industry with the employment of real time operational insights can make effective decisions and can also be successful in decreasing the costs of operation. The sensors and actuators can be useful in providing the real time data regarding the work process or activities that can help in monitoring and enhancing the process efficiency (Liu, Yan and Yang, 2015). On the other hand, the human intervention can be reduced that could be effective in doing the work in systematic and productive way.


Control over resource utilization:

The operation manger of the mining industry can monitor the utilization of equipment to the fullest through the internet of things. On the other hand, through the use of connected sensors, the manager can control inventory management or can ensure efficient utilization of expensive equipment or machinery (Michahelles et al. 2012). Therefore, the sensors would be useful for the manager to check the work of machinery and its utilization by the workers.

Asset Utilization:

The internet of things can be helpful in promoting before the service vehicle could break down or can lead to interruption in the production. The vehicles could be connected with the network that can send telemetry data over the wireless channel such as pressure of tire, oil and engine temperature, total buckets dumped, etc (Ning and Hu, 2012). Therefore, if the data is out of range then the vehicle can be send for repair and on the other hand, if the vehicle I not ready as per the schedule then a notification is sent to supervisor and the supervisor can ask for other vehicle. Thus, internet of things can help in improving the asset utilization that can increase the operation process (Qiao and Wang, 2012).

Cost Savings:

As the internet of things is useful for improving asset utilization then it is effective in reducing the cost of operations. The mining industry can be benefited from internet of things. For instance, smart meters can be effective in eliminating manual readings. On the other hand, service can also be improved, for example remote monitoring of employees. Apart from that, internet of things can improve the telecommunications and business intelligence that can help in savings operating costs. For example, a Dundee Precious metal was able to save $2.5 million in operating costs. Moreover, it helped in increasing their productivity from 500000 to 2 million tons.

Industry Transformation:

The internet of things can herald transformation in the mining industry. The IoT can be useful for the industry in utilizing the business asset or infrastructure in most innovative ways that can be valuable in generating additional revenue and large attraction of ore and in safest way. On the other hand, the supply chain can be improved by employing real time tracking of raw materials or parts. Therefore, internet of things could be useful in decreasing the working capital requirements and disruption in the manufacturing can be avoided.


It can be concluded from the whole assignment that internet of things is useful for the mining industry in increasing their productivity and operational efficiency. The internet of things provides new means in the industry that lower down the workloads and interaction between the people and things is effective. The mining industry is able to coordinate their employees and equipments that help in decreasing operating costs and consumption of fuel. 



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