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Internet Technology And Internet Security Add in library

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Describe about the Internet Technology and Internet Security ?


Report Layout

Chapter 1: Introduction

1.1 Outline of the thesis

As the internet technology is rising in a very fast way and with this speed of rising of internet the internet devices is also get affected through viruses, worms, Trojan, etc on a rapid way so the internet security is now a day’s become very important. Internet Security (Kirkby, 2001) is one of the parts of the very vast issue of computer security which is related to the internet. It in most of the cases contains the browser security which is applied to protect the computer systems and data while browsing from the viruses which attacks online and also involves the network security which provides the unauthorized access of data from network . ('Internet Safety', 2009) Through internet security we can protect the devices from the unauthorized access, hacking (Lee, 2014) and most importantly from viruses and for this we take some major steps as like as antivirus, firewalls, limited uses of JavaScript, etc. This report will be analyzing all about that internet security which includes how it causes the ill-effect and also what to take the major steps to reduce these attacks and to keep it safe for the users(Westra, 2002).

1.2 Problem Statement

With this increase of the internet usage, various problems are arising regarding the security and the protection. In this report, it will be discussed about why and how of the problem and also what the necessity steps to take to control this kind of attacks on the daily basis.

1.3 Research Questions

  • Why having the internet security is important?
  • How the internet can be secured and what are the best possible ways?
  • What are the main reasons for which we have to maintain the security of internet?

1.4 Structure of the report

1st Chapter: Introduction: In this part the introduction of the internet security and the problems regarding with this and the measure of the protection which should be taken are discussed in a brief structure so that it can give the brief overview of the whole study which will be done later on.

2nd Chapter: Literature Review: This chapter is discussed about the theories and the concepts which are used to understand the topic in a detailed manner and the critical issues are also described in an elaborate way. This also includes the advantages and the disadvantages of the topic which are discussed and also the requirement of the internet security and the necessity steps which are required to follow are also described.

3nd Chapter: Research Methodology: In this chapter, the collection of data, research approach which will be used, design, philosophy which helped in the analysis of the topic is discussed in a procedural way and also gives the brief description of these methods which will be used to carry the analysis of the study (Velasco, Herrero & Prieto, 2014).

4th Chapter: Results and Findings: This chapter deals with the results and the findings of the data which are collected and analyzed on the previous chapter and which will help to understand the topic in a better manner according the more practical users response.

5th Chapter: Discussion and Analysis: The collected data and the findings which we get from the previous chapter are discussed and analyzed through the various techniques and charts so that it will help in a better way to gain the sufficient quantitative knowledge regarding the topic (Gionis, 2013).

6th Chapter:  Conclusion: Now day’s internet security becomes the most essential part and this chapter tells about the summary of those chapters which are already discussed earlier in which the topic is tried to be researched. In this part we also get to know the ultimate outcome which I get form the above discuss (Merkow & Breithaupt, 2000).


Chapter 2:  Literature Review

2.1 Introduction

About 10 years ago, the internet was only the topic about which it was only talked about. It was a vast source which gives the information but the accessing users were less in number. But in today’s life the internet becomes the vital part of our lives through which we can remain connect throughout whole world in a very easy way ('Firewall for ‘always on’ connections', 2000). Through internet we can also do most of the work just of as access our bank account, paying of bills and taxes and to send mail to others. But as we all know that everything which has well sides and also has the bad sides. As the good side is discussed above and in bad sides it allows the harmful threats to attack our computers. So the internet security is become a very important issues ('Internet Safety', 2009). This part will deals with the types of internet threats, security, protection etc through which we can secure the internet (Householder, Houle & Dougherty, 2002) .

2.2 Internet Security and Internet Safety

Internet security (Merkow & Breithaupt, 2000)and internet safety ('Internet Safety', 2009) is mostly two related terms which discuss and tells about the same thing in a different manner in more detailed manner. Internet safety deals with the ideas how to increase the safety of the user’s personal data. Some common threats regarding internet safety includes spam, phishing, cyber stalking, malware ('Internet Safety', 2009) etc. As argued by Stephenson (2004), internet security is the big issues in these days of modern technologies. There are majority of people who passed most of time in internet in order to access illegal information from the computer user. Cyber crime is one of the most popular name and hacking methodology in internet security area. In order to make safe in internet technology are, implementation of anti-virus software, firewall activation in computer system, etc. On the other sides, internet security deals with both the network security and the browser security. So to avoid the attacks of the threats and the redundancy of data loss both the internet security and internet safety is needed to be maintained (Kirkby, 2001).

2.3 Types of Internet attacks

Virus attack – Viruses is actually a malware program which is coded in such a way that it can automatically install mainly through the internet and also increased by a number through the every access of the file. It replicates in such a way and in such a rapid manner that in short span of time it acquires most of the spaces of the hard disk which results to the crash of the hard disk and sometimes also results in the deletion of the important documents from the hard disk. Virus is actually a man-made program which is made by coding a computer program and then distributed it to the internet by attaching to the other files. Viruses attack can be of two types- parasitic and boot. In parasitic attack the virus replicates in number and acquire the hard disk space on the other hand in boot attack the virus directly affects the booting system of the computer. Some of the examples of the virus are concept virus, Melissa virus, etc   (Stephenson, 2004). In order to protect virus attack in computer system, user has to install antivirus software with up to date version.

Worm attack – Worm is a self-sufficient malware program which also of viruses automatically without the host files and spread through the internet. It attacks the computer in such a way that it copies the computer important file without the notice of the user through the internet which results the failure in case of security. They mainly attack the bandwidth of the network more than the corruption of the file. It has the capability to penetrate the firewall and most of the internet security and then crash the windows Operating System fully which results to failure of the full system. Some of the examples of the strong computer worm which affects the systems are Jerusalem which is also known as black box, Michelangelo, storm worm etc   (Stephenson, 2004).

Trojan attack – Trojan are also malicious in nature which claims to be useful in nature and acquires the user’s permission to access but actually the virus which deletes, copies, blocks, modify the data itself and also change the format of the data in its own manner as it gets the full control of the computer. Trojan cannot replicate by their own but behave in such a way that users itself give the permission to access and they cannot understand also what type destruction it already causes to the computer’s system. Some of the notable Trojan horses are Zero Access, Beast, and Zesus etc  (Boyle, 2001) .

Spyware attack and Adware attack – Spyware is also one type viruses which allow the hackers to consume the user’s personal information such as password and other important information without the user’s knowledge. This type of viruses are linked with the download sites and when the user open this sites to download something this virus automatically installed to the user’s computer and acquire the information. Some of the examples of the computer spyware are try media, nuvens and live PC care, etc  (Householder, Houle & Dougherty, 2002) . On other hand, adware is also the application program which runs through the advertisement package when some of the program is running   (Householder, Houle & Dougherty, 2002). This type of viruses is also known as freeware. One of the perfect examples of the adware is Desk Ad.

2.4 Requirement of Internet Security

Internet security in now days is one of the most important requirement of the computer user’s and have the security of the internet from the threats. The technology and the internet advancement are growing now days in such a rapid way that also the attacks of the threats are also increasing in a competitive manner of the advancement of the internet  (Kirkby, 2001). So to develop the protection of the viruses of the computers, laptops, mobile phones from the malware, threats, viruses, Trojan horse etc we have to secure the internet first. To avoid the redundancy and the leakage of the data from the computer the internet security is essential. If there is no security there is the high chance of the corruption of the software, hard disk and also the misuse of the data through the internet by hacking (Basu, 2010). The safest method to provide the internet security is to install good powerful security software which immediately removes the virus from the computer and identify the damaged files and software so that it can immediately be scanned and remove from the computer and also tell if any intruders are trying to harm and changes to the computer (Kirkby, 2001).

2.5 Ways of Internet Security

As the internet attacks are increasing in a rapid manner so to neutralize the attack of the internet threat the advancement of the internet security are also increasing which are discussed below-

Usage of the Email security- Email security is known as electronic privacy which prevents the email form the unauthorized access and also the automatic download of the attachment of the email which sometimes may also be the viruses and also protect from the spam download, the email data leakage and also saves the bandwidth costs and also limit the usage of the JavaScript in the web browser. Email security (Sunner, 2005)  also helps to avoid the junk folder and also provide the authenticity of the recipients and the senders and also scan the attachments prior to the downloading  (Sunner, 2005) .

Encryption – Encryption is actually the encoding of the data and information in such a manner that only the users who are authorized to do that can decode or read the messages. This type is also one of the process through which we can prevent the user’s computer from the internet attack. The encrypted text is known as cipher text (Sree Vivek, 2012) . In encryption there are two types where one is asymmetric encryption which is also known as public-key encryption and another is symmetric encryption  ('Simple Steps to Data Encryption', 2013) .

Firewalls – Firewall ('Firewall for ‘always on’ connections', 2000) is the other method to secure the internet from the attacks of the threats. It actually detects and prevents the unauthorized access from the network. It is also a computer software program which is actually acts as wall between the internet world and the computer. In it some of the basic rules are set which are follows to all the incoming and the outgoing data to and from the computer  ('Firewall protects home PCs', 2000) .

Secured web browsing – The tendency of browsing of the internet user is the most common thing and through browsing many of the viruses’ attacks the user’s computer without the users acknowledge   (Fourie & Bothma, 2007). So to prevent the computer from this attack we can enable the browser security from the settings of the browser and also deactivate the tracking of the IP addresses of the sites so that the virus and the worm attack are reduced through which we can do the safer internet surfing ('Web security under threat', 2011) .

2.6 Summary

In the above section the different types of the internet attacks and the different ways how to protect the computer from these attacks are introduced and explained and also how to secure the internet. In short, the necessity of the internet security is described and also tells about the better knowledge of the internet security and how to improve and up to date the internet security(Kirkby, 2001).


Chapter 3: Research Methodology

3.1 Introduction

Research methodology is the way by which we can draw the effective business decision from the collected information and data (Velasco, Herrero & Prieto, 2014) . In research methodology the surveys, interviews and many other techniques which will be helpful for doing the research are introduced. It also helps in better understanding and undertaking the methods which will be helpful for completing the project in a better way  (anon, 2012) .

3.2 Research Design

In one word research design is also known as the blue print of the study. Research design is of three types as- exploratory, descriptive and explanatory. In this study the researcher select the descriptive type of research designing. In descriptive research design, the whole phenomenon is being analyzed and the results are discussed on the basis statistical measure. The observation, survey and also many other types of analyze are included in this descriptive type of design (anon, 2012)  .

3.3 Data collection Methods

Actually data are mainly of two types. First is primary data which is collected through surveys, observations, questionnaire and the direct contact with the respondent etc. this type of data are actually needed for the descriptive analysis of data and there are another types of data which is secondary data which is already some other reports where the collected data are also been analyzed and the source of this types of data are generally the reports, journals and magazines, etc(McGee, 2007).

3.4 Hypothesis

To carry this research in a successful manner some of the 140 internet users are considered and their security problems are studied in a elaborate way. Among them 60 of the users responded which helps the researcher to carry out the study and to reach in an effective conclusion.

3.5 Summary

In this chapter we discussed whole above the research design, collection of data methods and the hypothesis through which we can elaborate the collected data and discuss with the help of the step by step approach of research methodology which will be useful to the researcher and also tell in short about the research methodology (anon, 2012).

Chapter4: Results and Findings

4.1 Introduction

Through this chapter we deal with the collected data and also analyze the data which will help in the better understanding of the topic internet security. The collected data will be used and analyzed in an elaborate way to get the better understanding of the research work.

4.2 Quantitative Analysis (For Users)

1. For how long do you use internet?


No of respondents

Total respondents

Response %

1-2 years




3-5 years




6-10 years




11-15 years




More than 15 years




Table 1: Users usage of internet

Figure 1: Users usage of internet

This is seen that 15% of the users use the internet for 1-2 years, 50% of the users’ uses for 3-5 years, 25% for 6-10 years, 35% for 11-15 years, and for more than 15 years only 25% of the users use it.

2. What are the devices you use for internet?


No of respondents

Total respondents


















Table 2: Devices where internet are used

Figure 2: Devices where internet are used

50% of the total users use the internet from the computers, 37.5% are uses from the laptops, 25% of total uses from the tablets and through phones 37.5% are using internet.

3. How much you are concerned about the internet security?


No of respondents

Total respondents

Response %

Most likely
















Very less




Table 3: Concern about the internet security

Figure 3: Concern about internet security

From whole 50% and 37.5% of the users are most likely and likely concerned about the internet security, 25% of them are neutral and at the end 17.5% and 20% less and very much less about the internet.


Chapter 5: Discussion

1. It is noticed that more numbers of the users using the internet about 6-10 years and now days the usage of internet increased in rapid rate and also get very much popular because now everything is getting possible through the internet connection.
2. Most of the users are accessing the internet from their phones and laptops since these two devices are very much comfortable among the users and they can access the internet from anywhere as it is easy to accommodate in every situation.
3. As the hacking, virus attacks are increasing in rapid rate in today’s date, the internet users are also getting concerned about the security of the internet usage and they are also taking the important steps to avoid the internet attack and to keep safe.

Chapter 6: Conclusion

All through this research, it is become cleared that internet security is one of the rising concern for the internet users. It is needed to protect the data and information of the users so that the leakage and the corruption of the user’s personal information are avoided. So the rate of protection from the internet threats is also increasing to maintain the speed of the increasing number of the internet attack.


Reflective Report

According to my study, the internet security is one of the most important issues of concern of today’s world. As now every things are becoming computerized through the internet so generally the usage of the internet is also increasing in a rapid pace. With this increase of internet usage the threats attacks are also increased and to safe the computer system from this type of threat attack the internet security is introduced. As I go through the different types of journals and magazines it shows how hackers use the different types of internet hacking through which they can access the user’s personal information and also corrupt the hard disk of the computers and also introduced the dangerous malicious viruses. This type of internet hacking and the breaking down of the security of the internet is done with the help of the viruses, Trojan horse, malware, adware etc through web browsing, email, CDs, DVDs or external hard disks. I also noticed that the viruses also attacks the computer in which it replicates in number and destroy the space of the computer’s memory, also tracks the IP address or the Email address of the users through which they can also leak the important mail of the user’s. Since, with the advancement of the internet technology and the internet usage, the issues of the security of the computer systems are also increased in a considerable rate.

After this whole study I have learned that the internet security is not be so easy and also cannot be reduced in a full manner. But then also we take some of the measure so that we can reduce the rate of the attack of the viruses by using firewalls, encryption of data, securing web browsing and secure emailing. Through the encryption and the decryption method of data, only users who are sending the data and to whom they are sending are only can accessed which decrease the redundancy, misuse or loss of the data. Through the firewall we can also check all the data which are going from the computer and also the data which are coming to computer. And through secured email process and secured web browsing method, the rate of getting effected of the computer system will be reduced in some extent.

For getting the successful outcomes from this research work, I prepared a questionnaire for all the internet user about their experience of the internet. I distributed this questionnaire among the 150 users among them 60 of the users are responded. Through this, I concluded that that maximum of the users are comfortable with the internet usage and also very much concerned about the internet security. I also noticed that the users are also take the suitable steps to control the data redundancy which helps in data security and also maintain the data integration.


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