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Introduction To Law

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Question 1

Question 2

Question 3

Question 1 -Over the first nine weeks of the course, reflecting on what you have written in your journal about what were the really interesting things we have covered together and why?

Answer 1

The first nine weeks of the course has been extremely enlightening with the opportunity to learn a number of interesting things. Primarily we learned the fundamental concepts of law. This included the basic questions relating to law such as what it is, how it is organized and why it is so necessary. We also dealt with the philosophical queries relating to law on whether it is just a set of rules or based on standards of justice and morality. This part of the teaching was extremely significant as it made us understand the basics very clearly. It also explained the principle values of justice and ethical practice by lawyers.


The next part that was extremely interesting and important was the study on the Australian legal system. This part gave us an idea about the contemporary and complex system of law existing in Australia. It further examines the various constitutions giving us a comparative view and it also discusses in details the two sources of law, that is, legislation and case law. Additionally the history of Australian law was also interesting as it gave a detailed analysis of how the present law in Australia had generated and it also stressed on the indigenous laws. One more part of the study that made students exercise their research skills and was hence interesting was the process to formulate legal reasoning and critical thinking.

Question 2 -What was less interesting or perhaps not likely to be of much use to you and why?

Answer 2



There were some parts of the course study that comparatively generated less interested in me. Firstly the part relating to interpretation skills were not very interesting as in this part the understanding and the rules relating to interpretation were complex and not easily understandable. However once the interpretation rules were clear the study became much simple. Another part of the studies that was complicated was the practical skills where the students were to analyse the communication and collaboration skills. The study and practical application of the collaboration skills was complicated to some extent and hence this part was the one that took some time to understand.

Question 3 -How did you collaborate with your student colleagues during the course? Be specific about what worked for you (the forum, the blog, peer wise etc) and what did not work for you?

Answer 3

During the course of study I also had the opportunity to interact with the other fellow students and this interaction was in itself a separate learning experience for me. While studying the fundamentals of law when we students interacted in most times we solved each other’s doubts and also cleared our own ambiguities in different sections of the legal study. For the student collaboration the most useful was the forum rather than the blog. In cases of any doubts the forum was the right place to put forward any query during the times when the instructor was not accessible. In the forum generally fellow students either assisted us in clearing the doubts or sometimes agreed with us in the same context.


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