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Write a Report on OXFAM Shop.




OXFAM Shop is a totally had reinforcement of OXFAM Australia, working in the extremely engaged Australian retail environment as a non-advantage affiliation. OXFAM Australia began as Community Aid Abroad more than 50 years earlier. Today OXFAM appreciates the Fairtrade Labeling Organization saw far and wide. The OXFAM Shop is a multi-channel retail business incorporated an online business web page, standard mail program, and stores. It is enrolled as a Fair Trade Organization by the World Fair Trade Association. Sensible trade draws in troubled gatherings in making countries by paying them reasonable and stable expenses for their work, helping them to get the aptitudes they need to develop their business, and giving them access to world markets. OXFAM Shop buys these stock at a reasonable cost and offers them in Australia so gatherings may be helped in their fight for a robust life. OXFAM Shop works under an affiliation, OXFAM Australia. The going with are OXFAM Australia vision, qualities, and destinations. Their new thing should be fitted in the association's rationale. The courageous and optimistic neon bracelet is one of the present product accessible at OXFAM shop fair trade online shop. And WAKAMI is a brand developed producer partner.

Industry Analysis

Australia is one of the major developed countries in the world. Depending on the financial reports of Australia, the country is going to be one of the largest business hubs in the world. However, there are many industries who are competing among each other. The non-profit organizations are making a great impact in the Australian economy in these days. Nowadays, it is very remarkable in Australia that, the competitiveness of the non-profit organizations are getting tougher (Caro-Lopez, 2012). Depending on the fact, the Australian government has decided to give more priority to the organization like OXFAM who has taken a great initiative in the Australian market. The market is very much dependable on the customer’s preference. It is visible that the Australian people are more likely to believe that, product quality should be higher and the price should be reasonable for them. Depending on that, many organization no matter if it is profit making or non-profit organizations they are taking a great initiative to meet the customer’s expectations from the bottom of their production. In this way, the market is very much tough for any organization.


Another great part of the Australian market is a fashion trend. People are motivated towards the fashion trends in the world. They are gripped with the globalization and the trends that globalization has brought. OXFAM in this segment is going to introduce a bracelet which will be a mark of peace in peoples' lives. However, the market is burst with the fashionable bracelets and other stuff which will be a trend of fashion. Thus, the industry of fashion wear is very tough in the country. In this way, OXFAM should understand the customer's desires and their expectations about the fashion trends. However, the supply of raw materials is very fluent in the country (Caro-Lopez, 2012). Thus, the production will be very much influenced if the products are getting a high position in the market. According to a porter," The collective strength of these forces determines the ultimate profit potential in the industry, where profit potential is measured regarding long-term return on invested capital." It means the company has to understand the industry force in the market of fashion trends. Thus, they can perform in the Australian market with the best outcome (Dorsey, 2002).

Current Marketing Strategy

OXFAM is one of the successful non-profit organization in the Australia. However, they are laughing their new product in the market which is a bracelet product. The product is customized with poly thread silver plated brass beads, Zamak metal. The fashion jewelry market in the Australia is very high in the recent era (Guthrie and Callahan, 2016). However, to perform proper marketing practice, the organization is following some key steps to make the marketing successful. The steps are as follow:


OXFAM has taken an initiative to advertise their product in the market with the help of television and radio. Depending on that, they have launched their paid ads in the television channels.

Relationship Marketing:

Hiring people for marketing is one of the greatest ideas. The OXFAM has hired people who will reach customers and will sell the product and also convince the customers to purchase the product. However, it is also not avoidable that, the company has trained the employees to give understanding to the customers about the product that they are selling. A live demonstration is also a part of this process.

Internet Marketing:

Internet marketing is now a trend for every organization. Producing the products and the description on the internet and advertise the product in the social media is also a part of OXFAM's internet marketing. However, it is also visible that, the Google advertisement have taken place in the marketing campaign of OXFAM (Skorping, 2005).


These are the most common interest of marketing that OXFAM has taken for the product marketing. Depending on the marketing process, they can get more customers. On the other hand, it is also visible that, the company has to work on their social media activities to make people aware of their products. On the other hand, many companies have their paid advertisements. Thus, OXFAM has to understand the advertisement quality and the specified product description that will be uploaded on the internet (Holliday, 2000). Another great option for the company is to make a banner for the promotion and advertisement of the bracelet. 

Competitor Analysis

Profit making organizations are always yielding to seek a good return from the market.In the same way, there are many companies in the Australia who are specialized in the retail marketing industry. Thus, it is obvious for the nonprofit organizations to face many competitors in the market. Depending on that, the main competitor of OXFAM is the Amazon. This supermarket comes e-commerce market has a great influence in the Australia. There are some key factors that can make the competition harder for OXFAM. The factors are:

  • The brand equality is one of the most important factors. The product that OXFAM is going to launch, that might be launched by the competitor or are willing to launch. Thus, making the product dissimilar than others is most important.
  • Access to suppliers means the relationship between the organization and the suppliers. However, getting raw materials is the main factor that can be differentiated by the suppliers. Thus, making good supply chain management will make a competitive advantage for the OXFAM.
  • Making better cost for the product will help OXFAM to bring more customers in the stores. The product price should be affordable and competitively less than competitors (Holliday, 2000).

Customer Analysis

Customers are the base of any organization. However, understanding of the customers' needs and the behavior is very much important. The reason for understanding the customers are:

  1. Customers are following the global trends. Thus, by understanding the customers, OXFAM can redesign the bracelet to meet the trend needs.
  2. The activities of customers on the product are important to understanding. Thus, the company can gather a better understanding of product's lacks and improvements.

The demographic understanding of the customers is very much needed for any organization. By understanding the age, gender, and ethnicity, the company can produce products to meet the cultural appropriateness (Huber and O'Gorman, 2008).

SWOT Analysis of Product

OXFAM shop is a holding association that works through its reinforcement associations. The organization's first assistant is a non-advantage affiliation (Salaman, 2001). The stock offerings join outline pearls, timepieces, sterling flatware, china, precious stone, stationery, smells, and decoration. OXFAM has gotten different direct transport channels. This system has engaged the Association to ascend as a visible player in the shape decorations and specialty retailer parcel. In any case, as fake trade manufacturers, the organization stands to lose its picture esteem. Moreover, it may in like manner realize customer disillusionment, which will in like manner be hindering for the association's photo. The going with SWOT analysis gets the essential qualities and deficiencies inside the association and depicts the open entryways and threats defying contemporary driving their new thing Bracelet.


  • Unique diagrams and improvement methodologies.
  • A Strong relationship with suppliers furthermore shows.
  • The flexibility to give custom pieces.


  • A sweeping piece of the target showcase that is unaware of Contemporary OXFAM new moving Bracelet things.
  • Limited time and spending plan to showcase the association to the administered target masses.
  • The fight to dependably make new arrangements (Huber and O'Gorman, 2008).


  • A creating business segment that, to a significant degree, is oblivious to Contemporary OXFAM new pushing Bracelet diagrams.
  • The believability to build up the degree of the association, so affiliation's part and pioneers is contributing his vitality making and allowing others to deal with the administrative purposes of intrigue.
  • The mixture of fresh, inventive layouts in a to some degree stagnant industry.


  • A lessening of availability of rough materials in light of enthusiasm from various undertakings.
  • Artistic copycats that enter the market and duplicate OXFAM's arrangements.
  • A break in the economy that will have a lessening on individual's discretionary wage.

Target Market Segmentation

OXFAM is based on the business to customer market. In this market, the target market is segmented among demography, lifestyle, and behavior. For OXFAM, the market is segmented in the same manner (Huber and O'Gorman, 2008).


Demography: this segment is based on the population, similar group, and interest people. The company will identify the people with the desire of purchasing the product with interest.

Lifestyle: in Australia, people are very much adopted with the global trends. Thus, the lifestyle of people is very modern. In this way, the company can produce the bracelet with modernized innovations.

Behavior: the understanding of customer behavior is critical for companies. With the best idea of customer behavior, companies can reshape the product according to the customers' need.


The main objective of OXFAM is to make the world with no poverty. However, it is their motive to produce products and sell them within a low budget which will help people to purchase their needs. It is also their objective to provide the justice to poor in case of availing the services. With the product, they can achieve their goals. The main goal of the company is to bring a positive change in the poor lives who are living in poverty (McFarland, Senn and Childress, 2007).

Marketing Mix Strategies

The promoting frameworks and organizing join some large segments, for instance, 4P's. Besides, this present 4P's joins seven novel factors, for example, thing, esteem, progression, put, people, psychical verification, and process. Each and every segment of publicizing 4p's will be analyzed underneath:

Product- this is one of the essential components of 4p's model, and with the help of this element, the organization of OXFAM shop can pull in their customers. Moreover, especially, OXFAM should exhibit an inventive thing, for example, another beginning Bracelet which fuses additional segments. Also, OXFAM must offer another Bracelet which has the latest and a new frame that attracts more customers (Orridge, 2009).

Promotion- the restricted time activities is realized by a different relationship to attract the customers. On the other hand, OXFAM needs to offer continuously additional segments with the things. Other than that, OXFAM can give a markdown to their new Bracelet which is an appealing methodology used by numerous associations (McFarland, Senn and Childress, 2007).

Price- the cost of things is one of the fundamental parts which measured by the organization. Toward the day's end, most of the customers are esteem fragile, and they require more supportive things and organization at a reasonable cost. Moreover, to complete the cost of the thing (Upcoming Bracelet), OXFAM must inspect current monetary circumstance and requirements of the customers.


Place- this is the great degree necessary time of this present 4P's model because due to this variable, OXFAM can deal with and organize their advancing frameworks. For example, OXFAM needs to pick a particular range which contains potential customers who augment the advantage of the affiliation.

Monitoring and Control

Control, execution, and evaluation are the three sponsorships of an advancing game plan. At, in any case, OXFAM should make a showcasing game plan for their new moving Bracelet which will fuse all philosophies to beat the adversaries close by the money related quality. Some agents working in a particular part is managed and controlled by the chief of the association. After the course of action has been chalked out, OXFAM should associate with themselves in propelling the dispatch of the thing like Bracelets. The restricted time development fuses running of advancements or driving locales and sending direct messages. It is the execution arrange (Murphy, 2002). The utilization time of the association's showcasing game plan ensures that the advancing activities happens wrong time for accomplishment. Next, the appraisal wonder of OXFAM's promoting game plan is concerned with the examination of subjective and quantitative estimations related to the method and execution. At last, control is fundamental for appraisal organize (Nelson, 2008).


At first, this paper highlighted in current marketing strategy for OXFAM organization and also provide a competitor analysis. This report figures out their customer and their proper analysis to this segment. SWOT analysis is one of most important part in this report. So, SWOT analysis also describe in this paper. To understand the Australian market, a proper marketing strategy has been developed to bring ideas of the sector. Monitoring and controlling in this report is very significance part and most valuable for this report. This part highlights a how OXFAM organization control and monitoring their customers.



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