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Discuss the fit of the standard with knowledge based service industries. How will the standard fit the business environment of the future. Will it continue to be an important business standard? Explain


The ISO 9000 has many important aspects of good quality management and it contains some of the ISO’s best classes. That classes provides guidance and tools for the enterprises and whole organisation who has to ensure the need of the customers by giving then good quality products

The quality standard was firstly followed in 1987by the International organisational of Standards (ISO) in Hopes. Establishing an International definition of characteristics and languages of the system of all the businesses .It was often used by the big companies .In mid of 90’sincreasing of small and moderate size companies had fall ISO 9000 too.Infact the small and the moderate size companies shows growth in ISO 9000 over last several years. The total number of ISO 9000 registration in united states increased from more than 2,200in 1993 to more than 17000 in 1998.for new 17000 registrations 60% were held by the company on;y with the annual sale of $to more than 17, 000 in 1998, for those 17, 000 registrations  million or little less.

The increased involvement of small and the moderate firms in reaching ISO 9000 registrations is generally attributed to several factors.Many small companies ready to seek ISO 9000 registration because of the corporate customers who thinks that their suppliers are give concentration to the quality of tthe quality of the products. Other many small businesses owned ISO 9000 to secure their companies by increasing the chances of securing new business by improving the quality of the products. The pressure of the companies by owing ISO 9000 is increasing by time to time .this change is company to small companies also to adapt ISO 9000.

The importance of the ISO 9000 is of its quality.Many companies offers it products and services  but it those companies who gives the best quality to their products and services to their people .ISO 9000 is an organisation which can identify the root of problem suffered y the company and conclude by find out the solution of it.By improving its quality and improving its efficiency of work profitcan be maximized at hgh level.


As a wide range of companies they implement the ISO 9000 standards a supply chain with integrity created. Each company that participated in process of developing manufacturing and marketing a product must know that it is a main part of an internationally known reliable system.

ISO 9000 not only do businesses organisation but also has some importances also.the customer must realizes the importance of the quality And because the customer is the most important factor to a company ISO 9000 makes the customer its main focus.

When the problem is solving it is very important to find the main cause of the problem in order to develop a quick solution. Sometimes, the obvious cause is not the right cause of it. This is why only ISO 9000 stresses the importance of finding the main root cause of a problem. There may be multiple  reasons that why a process isn’t working correctly and finding the actually cause will lead the company one step closer to the solution and implementation of the corrective actions.

The goal of finding the root causes is to improve the way that problems are managed. Becoming adaptable in recognizing the root causes of the problem will lead to reduced impact, a containment of the error and the prevention of the recurrence. Identifying and correcting the root causes will also lead to the reduction of the unnecessary efforts which in turns will lower the cost of the maintaining quality. As many more corrective actions are taken then processes will become more stable and the continual improvement will face the less interruptions.



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