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IT Management And Implications In Hotel

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Discuss about the IT Management and Implications in Hotel.



Hotel and hospitality business forms a crucial part of the business scenario since it has an important impact on both the national economy and the people who use hotels as an accommodation site. As per Anderson, Wipfel & Golan, the proper and effective planning of hotel chains is vital to ensure the proper functioning and favorable productivity of the business. This report mainly focuses on the scenario where a number of hotel businesses merge to form a single chain.

This strategy and change in management process is crucial for the business since it can determine its existence in the industry (Anderson, Wipfel & Golan, 2013). Another vital aspect that has been focused is the proper and effective use of information systems and information technology in different work processes of a business organization since it can help a business to gain a competitive position in the market. It is also of critical importance to understand the various technological issues that arise in the management process due to the use of latest and updated technology. Since technology plays a vital role in any business environment, it is vital to understand the technology which needs to be adopted into a business model (Chuang, Liao & Lin, 2013). The current scenario covered in the particular report helps to understand how the management needs to adapt to the changing working situations in order to continue the business in a productive manner.

Objective of the report

The objective of this report is to create a constructive criticism of the existing technological framework in the form of the information system and information technology in the domain of hotel management and hospitality in the situation given. In order to objectify the notion of the utility of the information systems and information technology in an organization, focus has been laid on the creation of the desired management framework for the same (Cobanoglu, et al., 2013).



According to Dhanesh, in the business scenario given, the case depicts that the management of ten hotel chains have taken the decisions to merge their businesses in order to become more profitable in a bid to become low priced hotel accommodation all over the country. The new chain resulting from the merger of the ten businesses would be called StayTogtheer and would allow the management to gain a foresight with regard to the current market dynamics in the hotel management and hospitality business (Dhanesh, 2014).

This merger would allow each of the hotel business to enhance their productivity by channelizing their resources such the information technology and systems that are used for customer acquisition and retention and also ensure that the collective image of this new entity is in line with respect to the demands of the present day.

In terms of the functional business requirements, the management of the respective participant hotel chains has decided to combat the market pressure for low priced, affordable accommodations by bringing in a slew of changes in different directions. The management has decided to implement a loyalty scheme to enhance the reward program for regular customers who use the accommodation services provided by the chain of hotels that includes over a thousand hotels all over the country (Elliott, et al., 2014).

The segregation of the services in terms of the quality of accommodation and the services that are included would be sharp as it would include from low priced services such as those for the backpackers to the luxury suites for the corporate professionals. The inclusion of the various value added services in the hotel room services has also been furnished. It has been decided that the establishments that have kitchen and standard restaurants within the premise shall include the same in the hotel room cost that is charged to the customer, whereas those with exclusive restaurants onsite would charge extra for the same services (Holtshouse, 2013).

This would help the consumers to select the services better as per their budget and preferences as they bring more accountability and transparency as for what are included in the services.


The management, in order to enhance its popularity among the business and frequent travelers has decided to include a special scheme for those who would be using a certain airline for traveling. The credit points and the rebates are expected to bring in more customers in the long run. Finally, it was also decided that the management after the merger would be donating to a charity program of its choice by allowing the corporate customers to choose to contribute 1 percent of the bill amount to the CSR program.

The evaluation of the establishment and merging of the hotels into a single entity would also incorporate the changes in the accommodation of the hotel right form making a reservation. The ability and strategies of the hotel to make the guests to make them feel acknowledged, welcome and appreciated is a good and effective to provide high quality service to the tourists and other visitors. The ease with which the hotel establishment is located or reached by telephone or over the internet is effective as it is very far from the access of all the people from different places across the world (Khanam, Siddiqui & Talib, 2016).

The reservation process is made easier through the amalgamation into a single application or site which makes it easy and more convenient for the tourists and guests across the world. The ability of determination of the special requirements and needs is very good by taking reviews   from the guests and the tourists. The value added services regarding the transportation of the tourists and the guests such as the rebates while travelling through selected airlines is an effort and strategy worth appreciation. This effort enhances the business association of the hotel with the selected airlines which definitely enhances sales as it will attract more guests and visitors (Kowal & Roztocki, 2013).

The communication skills and the behavior of the staff would be enhanced due to the merging of the hotels into StayTogther hotel as the exchange of information and knowledge would take place among the employees of all the 10 hotels. The service regarding the maintenance, cleanliness, and level of service that would be offered to the guests would be very high as the experience and the quality of the service of all the hotels would be integrated (Lin, 2014).


Management processes and correlation of emerging technologies

In the various business domains, the contribution of the information technology in the form of various function-specific information systems has been tremendous. Studies have shown that the various widely adopted technological framework alongside the preexisting management framework in an organization.

Information systems can be defined as the tangible application of various information technologies for enabling and enhancing the processes in the business domain. As the organizations and businesses target for being more lucrative in their business undertakings and dealings, use of the information technology in the form of the various information systems add to the profitability of the organization profoundly (Luftman, et al., 2013).

According to (Oztaysi, 2014), the strategic use of the IT in the hotel management sector has lead to the change in the fundamental structure of the industry and the society at large. By increasing the operational efficiency as well as the scale of operations and reach-out to the prospective customer base, information systems and the application of the information technology has lead to the wider, more concretized and sustainable development of organizations.

As per (Luftman, et al., 2013), the purchases and transactions that are conducted on the online platform, the customers undergo a five stage decisions making process  which includes the need recognition, information seeking and searching, evaluation of alternatives available , purchase decision and post purchase behavior. For the effectiveness of the information system that would be in place after the merger of the hotel chains, ample gravity would be provided for the information searching and evaluation of the alternatives from the consumer point of view.

From the marketing point of view, the information system implementation dedicated for the StayTogather chain, along with the premeditated mobile application would serve as a veritably visible contributor to the second and third stages of the five stage decision making process (Schwalbe, 2015).  

Information system is concerned with the quality of information that will be stored in StayTogtheer. The manner of storage of the data and information of the hotel related to the guests, management and organization of the data, the retrieval and transmission of the data by the appropriate methods and means will be death by the information system of the management for the hotel.  Efficient information system of the hotel would lead to obtaining of clear and updated information regarding the guests which will help the hotel to provide better services in timely fashion (Steenbruggen, Nijkamp & van der Vlist, 2014).


It will help to create a brand image of StayTogtheer. Guest definitely are attracted towards the hotel that has better brand image which eventually creates an impression regarding the hotel about the types and quality for the services that it would be providing.  However, StayTogtheer needs to implement this considering the context and nature of the hotel that they must draw out.  Having effective information system and technology would enhance thee communications which would act as a proverbial being and coordinator between the department of technology and the hospitality management of StayTogtheer.  The integration of the technological aspect such as information technology and information system would ensure the internal infrastructure of StayTogtheer to be functional efficiently and the being competitive in regards to innovation as well.  The first impression in any hotel is created by the way to hotel lets its guests to check in (Vasilev & Akhmetshin, 2014).

Incorporating this technology into the management of the hotel creates a lasting effect on the guerts and they would find the good quality of service right from the moment they enter and check in the hotel. This would be reflected with the manner of execution of operation of business and service to the guests.  The business of StayTogtheer would be boosted up once the guests are satisfied and impressed with the service of the hotel (Yoo, 2013).

Enabling an effective information system as well as information technology into the management system of the hotel would lead to effective and systematic storage, maintenance and dissemination of the records of the guests that can be identified and considered to be an essential part of the hotel. The management of StayTogther can both manage and improve the utilization of the resources and capital and manage the performance of the business along with monitoring the effectiveness of the service it is providing to its guests through the incorporation of the information system and information technology in its overall business operations (Kowal & Roztocki, 2013).


Through this report, the evaluation of the effectiveness and feasibility of the merging of ten hotels into a single hotel entity named StayTogtheer is analyzed. The management decisions are critically reviewed for better analysis of the hospitality management. The implications of the management decision on the sales and business of the hotel has been reflected upon. The correlation of the emerging technology in the management of the hotel is been illustrated. All the findings that have been derived and appeared in the assignment is very effective and good in approach.


It is recommended to the management of StayTohtheer to increase the campaign of advertisements regarding the customer loyalty scheme through various modes and means so as to increase the sales.  The tourists and the guests have to be given better impression regarding enhanced services by increasing the corporate social initiatives. However, provision of high quality hospitality service to the customers along with taking good care of them by maintain the luxury as well as comfort at the same time would attract more customers to StayTogtheer.



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