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IT Resources OF Schaffer Corporation

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Discuss about the IT Resources OF Schaffer Corporation.


Background of the Company

The headquarters of Schaffer Corporation is in Vilonia. The corporation made satisfactory progress on 2002 where the annual sale of the organisation is around 2 billion dollars. The organisation comprises of three divisions that are autonomous. Reitzel division which is one of the three divisions of Schaffer contributes 80% of the total profit for the Schaffer. This division of Schaffer has the potential for most expansion other that any two divisions of Schaffer. In past three divisions of Schaffer has own IT departments for their different divisions. Past few years the company has integrated the IT departments of three divisions together. The corporation has centralised Information Technology systems. In 2002 the ambition as well as the vision had been established by managing director. This helped them to identify that the organisation’s IT department does not has the capability of meeting their demands in future. Therefore, a controversial problem exists in the organisation about the outsourcing.

Benefits Company will Achieved by Outsourcing

The management recommended that outsourcing of the IT resources will help in the developmental process in Schaeffer. The management also identified that outsourcing IT companies will help in increasing the efficiencies in IT field accompanied with minimizing the cost as well as achieving goals (Schwarz, 2014).

The management of the company has a firm trust that the organisation will receive many benefits once they achieve outsourcing. The management also identifies that the IT department within the organisation is unable to meet the requirements, which is significantly needed for the expansion of the organisation on the ground of innovative product lines as well as services. If the organisation is maintaining internal IT department it would be too expensive for them (González, Gascó & Llopis, 2016).  On outsourcing the resources of IT the organisation will gain control in expenses. Setting up IT department is too costly and have restrictions on the organisation. On outsourcing the IT resources the expense will also reduce for department of IT in the field of training cost and labour expense. The process of outsourcing will also help in increasing the flexibility of the organisation as well as management will also improve. The maintenance of IT infrastructures will led in increasing the burden of the organisation, which can be minimise with the help of outsourcing (Willcocks & Cullen, 2013). Outsourcing the resources of          IT will help in saving the capital expenditure and the fund required for supplying the software and hardware. Moreover, the corporation investment for purchasing software, training of employees and implementing new technologies will not be require if the resources are been outsourced. This will provide advantages to Schaffer on the long term basis by returning high returns (Pfaller et al., 2014).

One of the primary reasons for outsourcing the IT employees are the corporation needed skilled professionals. Since IT is not the core competency for the organisation it will permit them to concentrate on providing products of high quality. So IT outsourcing will help in transferring the burden of IT to the employees having more knowledge and expertise on the specialised field. Therefore, outsourcing the employees will help the company in saving time as well as funds for trainings of employees (Davy, 2014).

Schaffer will have the capability of operating as tier 1 provider of services on outsourcing excellent quality of providers of service. Outsourcing is a significant consideration as it helps the company in achieving their goal by getting services of high end.


Steps Taken for developing RFP

In order for developing the request for proposal on IT services needs depth knowledge on the requirement of the organization on the basis of resources as well as infrastructures. The corporation required to hire outside consultant for helping in research as well as developing the request for proposal along with the management (Venter, 2016). This permits better understanding of the requirement of Schaffer. The above process is not short as the time taken by consultant for collecting data as well as information on the type of infrastructure required by Schaffer in the field of IT for operating at strategic level is around one year. In formulating RFP it is required for fully detailing the specific infrastructures of IT as well as the commitment that will be fulfilled by outsource company. In developing the RFP it is also needed for providing the cost for each activity along with the current and expected estimated cost (Blanco,  García-Peñalvo & Sein-Echaluce, 2013). The expected cost needed to be compared with the current cost for determining whether it would be advantageous for the corporation to outsource IT. These steps are needed for the issuing of RFP, which has a response time for 2 months for the contract company (St & Nam, 2015).

Role of Outside Consultant

The workforce of Schaffer had restricted knowledge on selecting the potential vendors for the process of outsourcing IT departments (Ashrafi et al., 2014). The outside consultant Gartner assisted them in identifying and spotting the IT services they needed and the outsourcing companies that has the capabilities in meeting their international requirements (Howlett & Migone, 2013). The outsourcing companies helps in equipment locating, adjudging the roles of employees, processes of IT knowledge and identification of services required by Schaffer in order to outsource for achieving the goals of future (Sabri et al., 2014). After collection of information and computing them the companies recommended by Gartner are ABC and DEF, which have the capacity for meeting the specific requirements in future to support their global growth. Gartner also warn the task force of corporate that the process of outsourcing might not be the efficient decision for cost savings (Gunter & Mills, 2017).

Disadvantages of Outsourcing raised by managers

According to the divisional managers of Schaffer there are some disadvantages for outsourcing IT department. The department of IT plays a significant role for the success of the company as information and data are considered to be the heart of the company. It is significant to take consideration carefully regarding the decisions of IT department (Dinu, 2015). The concern exists that if the relationship fails with ABC Company then the company can take the procedure of understaffing and the ABC service level will reduce the quality.

The disadvantages of outsourcing the services of IT are it involves high costs as well as risks. The other divisional management got panic as they think that the decision are been taken naively without understanding fully the cost that the company will be going to pay for outsourcing on a long term (Betz & Tidona, 2015). The outsourcing expense is exactly the same as in-house cost of IT that is around 20 million dollars on the basis of the bid taken place. There is also a chance that ABC Company, in future may not continue in meeting the needs of the company and that will be a huge loss for the company. Moreover the transactional volume may also not be predicted by Schaffer and ABC. It may yields in causing unexpected cost as well as future uncertainties (Li & Wan, 2014).


It was also been discussed that ABC will primarily concentrates on the division Reitzel as it has the potential of growth among the three divisions that Schaffer have. The other two divisions may also feel that they are not been given the priorities that can adversely affected the sales as well as growth.

The above disadvantages confronted by the divisional managers regarding Schaffer’s outsourcing the services of IT are quite obvious. There lie tremendous uncertainties as well as high risks with outsourcing, therefore before implementing it thorough analysis is needed (Ahmed, Perera & IllanNoon, 2015).

Some managers have suggested a third alternative: outsource the IT infrastructure for the specific division only. Which alternative do you think they should choose, and why

On the field of outsourcing in Schaffer corporation the Gartner Consulting Group presented two options in front of the management. The two options presented by Gartner are maintain the IT sourcing currently present within the organisation or Outsourcing IT department to ABC Corporation. The third option presented by the vice president of Colbert Division is to outsource the IT department to ABC Corporation only for the division of Reitzel and maintaining internal It source for the division of Kinzer and Colbert. The management of Schaffer can take the best decision by outsourcing the full requirements of IT to ABC.

If the organisation decides for maintain the in-house of sourcing of IT at the same level they will only be capable of maintaining the current production level and will not be able in attaining new goals for further expansion as well as acquirement in Europe. In the current department of IT Schaffer has only 7 employees. Therefore the process of recruitment will take a large amount of time. It will also not be a cost effective process for hiring the employees that is needed for the growth of the project (Teo & Bhattacharjee, 2014). The management estimated that for developing the requirements of IT they will require a budget of around 200 million dollars.

The second option is outsourcing the full IT department to the outsourcing company ABC Corporation that will help the company in gaining more flexibility. On outsourcing this specific department the tedious work of hiring employees according to the requirements. The outsourcing will make ABC Corporation be liable for the full IT department regarding hiring, procuring equipment as well as training (Xi, Xu & Todo, 2013). This helps the organisation in reallocating the resource for development and growth and not worrying about the department of IT. In the field of IT ABC Corporation will have the access of skilful employees with higher knowledge in technical subjects and highly efficient workers (Brinkkemper & Jansen, 2016). Reitzel division’s vice president Mr. Charles Gibbs has also exhibited the problems of the ongoing system that will be alleviating by ABC Corporation. He also stated that the dissatisfaction of the customers on their current structures of health desk will be reduced once the department of IT is been outsourced. The outsourcing will help in increasing the level of quality of the customer service as the support area provided by ABC Corporation will be much efficient as they have skilful workers.

However, despite the fact that there are lot of advantages related on outsourcing to ABC, some portion of the Schaeffer administration had a few ditherings with this choice. Vivian Johnson, the VP of IT for Kinzer division, trusted that by completely outsourcing the department of IT to the ABC would be excessively solid of relation with outside source, particularly a substantial source like ABC who has different customers and needs. While the present organization functioned admirably with Schaeffer, a dread exists that as staff turnovers happen inside ABC, Schaeffer would turn into a less vital piece of that association. Additionally she was worried that with the immense move in the IT office will alter the way of life of the association, and make vulnerability inside their reliable representative base, as this bearing would prompt enormous cutbacks (Chan & Ng, 2015. Likewise, Vivian noticed that an added expenses to the understanding, as ABC felt extra assets ought to be included; Schaeffer would need to pay to achieve those advantages as opposed to getting them. Carlol Hanna, the VP of finance of the Colbert division, additionally did not feel completely great with this assertion. She guarantees that the hazard and the advantages don't adjust for the entire association, particularly since the cost of outsourcing was equal to that of keeping up the IT office in house (Hassanain et al., 2015). Her principle delays lay in the way that just a single office would completely profit by this move, and that if Schaeffer somehow happened to outsource it ought to just do as such for the Reitzel division.


The third and the last option that was been stated was to outsource the IT department of Reitzel division. This will ensure that some of the in-house IT expertise will be there in Schaffer. This option will not allow Schaffer to pass all the IT expertise To ABC Corporation. The main issue is that on outsourcing Schaffer will require in reducing their departments of IT as well as resources. This will not only make the organisation to lost the trust as well as loyal employees but it will also led the organisation to lose all the controls of IT department to an outsource company. The other two division of Schaffer namely Kinzer and Colbert feel the IT department of their division should be kept intact. The manager of the other two divisions thinks that if the relation with the outsourcing company defoliate then the division will be bound to start up the recruiting and retraining process and this will add extra amount of fund to their divisions (Schneiderjans, Schneiderjans & Schneiderjans, 2015). If the division of Reitzel are implementing the outsourcing option in their IT department the organisation will be in a great position to start as the other two divisions will have their internal IT departments. This option will impose more costs on the company as the scale of economies is been losing as they divide the departments of IT in separate entities.

However, though it is risky decision to undertake but Schaffer must take the decision of outsourcing the department of IT since the outsourcing company has the ability to meet the growing demand of Schaffer.

Why do you think so many disadvantages were raised after the task force recommendation had been developed

Schaeffer has an exceptionally extraordinary business circumstance as its diverse divisions have altogether different necessities, business capacities (fabricating/circulation for deals and monetary administrations), and benefit and development openings. Reitzel division works on a bigger scale with more noteworthy open doors for deals development and profitability (Maley et al., 2015).

Once the team built up the strategy for success they introduced to Schaeffer's top administration, portraying their arrangements of outsourcing the IT divisions yet keeping all frameworks improvement in house. It was evident from their portrayal that the thinking behind the outsourcing was fundamentally because of the substantial scale objectives of Reitzel division. Case study analysis demonstrates the vital development objectives of acquisitions and topographical extensions would be unfulfilled still they had higher quality and adaptable IT assets. However, these objectives are equipped towards the Reitzel division. The team stresses that when they have procurement the interest for IT spike. Likewise, in their worldwide markets, for example, Europe the developments will require more noteworthy assets. At last, the team underlines how ABC has broad preparing, an information base and a bigger staff that has the capacity to support the operation of Schaffer.

There were numerous responses to the proposition of outsourcing to ABC as well as the inconveniences of outsourcing stemmed when the team suggested it since it was not profiting for Schaeffer. It was an answer straightforwardly for the IT division of Reitzel to use. Other divisions examined the proposition as well as visualise the opportunities that ABC is providing is not necessary. They additionally had an opportunity to examine it through a non - one-sided point of view. Since other two divisions were not as reliant on the department of IT outsourcing requires they could examine the circumstance all the more reasonably.


The division of Kinzer raised the disadvantages that indicated worries with their reliance on ABC. They specify the unrecognized danger of depending on ABC as well as considers conceivable outcomes that the team is ignoring, for example, cutbacks, or if surprising issues emerge. The general dread was the smaller divisions will have to bear more expenses than advantage for outsourcing the department of IT. The other division chiefs perceive how Reitzel would profit by this change, and feel as if the choice needs to take a gander at the way that the smaller divisions don't have an indistinguishable development opening as that of Reitzel and in this manner won't profit by the heaviness of the additional expenses of outsourcing department of IT. This change states that smaller divisions are in need to modify their financial plans to suit the higher expenses, and may bring about littler rewards.

The finance of Colbert division indicates concerns in regards to risk and cost. They are giving a budgetary point of view and are thinking about the costs all the more reasonably as they are'nt as reliant on the IT division. Their viewpoint demonstrates that it is not worth the expenses, and the expenses of the outsourcing are never a set cost but rather a developing expense (Vaxevanou & Konstantopoulos, 2015). This disadvantage been exhibited after taskforce team made the proposition since they could examine the expenses and offset the advantages and the costs. As they find the advantages it conveys to the Reitzel division will prompt extra expenses for two other divisions. In any case, the Reitzel IT division energetically underpins the decision since it helps in the development of division.

How could this controversy have been avoided

The task force that made the proposal carries disadvantages for the other two divisions as they will not be benefited by the outsourcing decisions like as Reitzel division will achieve. The situation could have been avoided if they worked together with the heads of all division, and experienced the advantages and detriments of outsourcing collaborately. Encourage by teaching each divisions completely on how outsourcing will profit every division separately would have intensely diminished the discussion level required in deciding of outsourcing. They also could have chosen another arrangement, to isolate up the organization and outsourcing requirements. The avoiding of controversy could have been achieved if the organization has been considered overall regarding this choice as opposed to concentrating on the objectives of only one division. Schaeffer having three individual divisions, with various capacities, gainfulness' and objectives, yet they were settling on choices because of one objective. Along these lines in the event that they had teamed up and analysed each divisions needs together they could have had a more practical way to deal with the outsourcing choice. Since they trust that outsourcing for only one division is excessively costly for ABC they ought to consider outsourcing on small scaled organization. Consequently the whole Schaeffer Corporation ought to outsource its IT division to an organization that can redo its administrations to suit Schaeffer's particular needs, including great client benefit and also solid IT administrations. They ought not to outsource for only one division on the grounds that with various working frameworks it would be troublesome for Harding to keep request and control as the data can't be arranged effortlessly. He would be in risk of disregarding the Sarbanes-Oxley Act. Facilitate, by guaranteeing all divisions are all on system Harding will expand the estimation of Schaeffer's system framework, which concurs with Metcalfe law.



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