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You are hired as a consultant and are assigned a company to work on. You are to evaluate a company’s/organization’s performance and quality systems and provide your critique and suggestions as to how it can improve its practices and performance. To do so, make sure to address all the followings:

1- Provide a background analysis on the company/organization.

  1. What the company is doing?
  2. Write about its product/service, its financial stability, recent news about the company/organization that you find in the news, etc.
  3. Who are its customers and stakeholders? (Note: there is a difference between customers and stakeholders)
  4. Evaluate the company’s mission and vision statements. If none is found, then, suggest such statements.

2- In terms of quality assessment:

  1. Is it certified? If yes, what are they? If not, what certification(s) would you recommend and why? (NOTE: remember a company may apply to more than one certificate)
  2. What quality measures would you propose to be used to assess its performance and why? (if they have already mentioned their measures, then, critic them first). For this you should refer to similar cases that you have found in your literature review and online search to support your recommendations. If you already found them in the company’s website, evaluate them individually and suggest modification, if any.
  3. Whether the company already has quality measures or not (so you would suggest  yours), how do you think these are connected to its mission and vision statements? Critic it.

3- Do a literature review on the concept of benchmarking and how it should be conducted.  In a similar way, conduct a benchmarking for the assigned company/organization and explain your rationale.

4- The last section of your paper should be a conclusion where you s and provide your recommendations for the company/organization. ummarize your finding

Background Analysis

DePuy Synthes, Inc., through its auxiliaries, plans and makes orthopedic and neurological gadgets and supplies for medical experts, patients, and parental figures around the world. The organization offers joint reconstruction. Remedies for hip, knee, and shoulder substitution; injury gadgets for both interior and outer  compulsion; installs and instruments used for surgical treatment of cracks, distortion, and tumor ailments of long bones, for example, those of the arms and legs; and spinal nurture thoracolumbar, cervical, maturing spine, interbody combination, arthroplasty, and insignificantly obtrusive surgery. It offers trauma programs and insignificantly intrusive solutions, including sports medicine [1]

DePuy Synthes Craniomaxillofacial - The organization’s Craniomaxillofacial frameworks give an entire exhibit of inserts and instruments for the treatment of facial mischief, tumor resection, and redirection. Their inspiration is on giving an assortment of treatment choices in the mandibular and maxillofacial skeleton. The  Neuro products combine minor structures, instinctive supports, and particular patient inserts [3]. Furthermore, their service integrates treatment answers for complex thoracic techniques.

Sports Medicine- they are purposed and motivated to getting patients back to their enthusiasm. As a worldwide pioneer in orthopedic sports medication, they develop and advance insignificantly obtrusive gadgets and non-surgical products utilized as a part of the treatment of joint injuries identified with games and physical movement, and degenerative tissue conditions[8].

Trauma-Injury is the pioneer in orthopedic injury gadgets for interior and outer obsession. The company’s implants and instruments are utilized for the surgical treatment of fractures, disfigurements and tumor infections of long bones, for example, those of the arms and legs. It also offers injury implants for the shoulder, hand, pelvis, hip, condyles and foot. Which intend to guarantee both reliable working systems and quick recuperation[10].

DePuy Synthes Power Tools-DePuy Synthes Power Tools offers a precise scope of air, electric, and battery driven concentrated and low-speed instrument structures, reamers, and saws to meet the clinical prerequisites for orthopedics, traumatology, neurosurgery, neurotology, spinal procedures, otolaryngology, and craniofacial surgery. Contingent upon inclinations and the kind of surgery performed, both measured and devoted power frameworks are accessible. Our instruments give constant power and smooth execution for even the most requesting applications, guaranteeing unparalleled performance and dependability.

DePuy Synthes Spine-DePuy Synthes Spine offers a far-reaching arrangement of spinal care over the treatment of the easiest to the most complex spine issue utilizing conventional and insignificantly intrusive procedures.

DePuy Synthes Joint Reconstruction-It markets orthopedic gadgets, recommendation, treatment and supplies for hip, knee, and reconstruction, notwithstanding concrete and operation products. The neglected needs in orthopedic and neurological care are noteworthy. With bits of knowledge from patients, doctors, suppliers and policymakers to guide the company This puts it in a position to meet these requirements and convey groundbreaking restorative advancement.

Depuy Synthes is one of the financial giants in its field, being part of the Johnson and Johnson family which is a fortune five hundred company. Today, DePuy Synthes has over 30,000 employees crosswise over 60 nations and produces billions in yearly sales. In particular, its deep and expansive portfolio bolsters about one million orthopedic and neuro strategies overall every year.

Products and Services

For the last quarter of 2015, DePuy Synthes sold almost $760 million of hip and knee inserts, instruments and similar products—which was around 1% higher than the $751 million sold toward the finish of 2014.The greater part of these deals was in different monetary standards. Conforming for cash impacts and, stunningly, hip/knee incomes ascended around 6%. This implies that DePuy finished 2015 with a blast.  Spine and Trauma revenue experienced losses more troublesome. For the last quarter of the year, DePuy Synthes sold about $1.7 billion of spine and injury items, which was around 1% lower than a similar quarter in 2014.

Depuy Synthes purchases interventional spine's expandable enclosure. Interventional Spine's scalable confine innovation, as indicated by the organization, gives "ideal material criticism" for the specialist, and components a consistently loose outline that permits the expert to tweak the gadget stature to the patient's life systems. The inserts are to augment bone join contact and regulation, which advances bone development and combination. DePuy Synthes will fundamentally extend access to this innovation by utilizing its worldwide deals arrange.

 It recent collaborated with Pacira Pharmaceuticals to advertise and advance the utilization of EXPAREL for orthopedic techniques in the US market. It will also incorporate orthopedic episode of care approach, a comprehensive offering for health systems and surgeons.

DePuy Synthes introduced knee arthroscopy platform, for ACL and meniscal repair. March 16, 2017 – DePuy Synthes Mitek Sports Medicine propelled another suite of knee arthroscopy solution for efficiency in working room proficiency and meniscus repair, and make these surgeries more reproducible. The new platform grows the organization's authority in products and instruments for knee arthroscopy by consolidating execution with a simple to-utilize answer for each progression of the system.

Affiliations address their destinations in mission and vision verbalizations. Both of these fill novel requirements for an association, which are frequently mixed up for each other.  a mission statement delineates what an association needs to do now, a vision plots what an association should be later on. The following are  mission and vision articulation of Depuy Synthes;Mission- provides one of the most comprehensive portfolios of orthopedic and neurological solutions in the world

Vision- the organization vision is for each individual to utilize their one of a kind encounters and foundations, together – to spark solutions  that make a superior, healthier world

This is an evaluation of the degree to which a trial's outline and administration are probably going to have counteracted mistakes and predispositions. Varieties in class regularly clarify different outcomes in trials asking a similar question, when inspected under the regular audit Being a device manufacturer and a global health care provider, the company has various quality assessment certification that has applied to and maintained it highest standards it can achieve[7,8].

OHSAS 18001:2007 this is a standard of prerequisites against which DePuy Synthes Health and Safety Management System assessment. It is required to recognize the Health and Safety risks related to its operations and alleviate their effect. By accomplishing Certification to the OHSAS 18001:2007 Standard, the organization will be adequately demonstrating its capacity to distinguish chances and decrease them to its best.

Financial Analysis

ISO 9001:2015 is a level of requirement against which an organization's Quality Management System assessed. It is versatile and non-prescriptive permitting it to apply to business. .By showing and checking consistency to the prerequisites of ISO 9001:2015, the organization is publicizing its dedication to quality, meeting client necessities and constant change. This is good criteria in persuading potential customers to use items and administrations advertised. ISO 9001:2015 advances the improvement of nonstop change, risk reductions, consumer loyalty and traceability through the usage of different management framework forms

ISO 27001:2013 is a standard of prerequisites, which manage all parts of data security in the organization. This can fluctuate from physical to scholarly to electronic security. It will build up what is basic to the business and proper channels for controlling and monitoring the data. Robust execution of an Information Security Management System will guarantee Depuy Synthes to project the risk of an information security break and in a case of a rupture to set up an arrangement to recover your business up and running with as little effect as would be prudent. By meeting the prerequisites of the ISO 27001:Depuy Synthes fulfill 2013 Standard, the customers in the learning that the organizations operate a Management System that will attempt to secure data provided by them and oversaw.

They are used in this case to compare and assess the quality of healthcare services being offered by Depuy sythes. They are classified into three; structure, process and outcome measures

Structural Measures-they give consumers a feeling of a medicinal services supplier's ability, frameworks, and procedures to give great care [1]. This could be used to assess, for example, the number of patients compared to the employees, advancement of technology utilized in the systems, the number of certified personnel in the organization. This method will address the quality of the company

Outcome Measures-This depicts the effects of health care services or interventions on the status of the patients receiving treatment in the enterprise[3,2]. If the number of successfully discharged patients is higher, it means that Depuy Synthes has a quality outcome measure. It utilizes therapeutic results as a quality measure, the company should compute rates of accurate results for various outcomes of patients since results are dictated by many variables, and therefore one, for the most part, evaluates whether the likelihood of death, for instance, is higher or bring down for one gathering contrasted with another. It could likewise create express from the earlier criteria to figure out if they watched after effects of care are steady with the result anticipated by an approved model on the premise of logical confirmation [ 2].

Process Measures-Process measures demonstrate what a supplier does to keep up or enhance wellbeing, either for sound individuals or for those determined to have a therapeutic services condition. These actions ordinarily reflect broadly acknowledged suggestions for medical practice and innovations. For instance, Prepare measures can illuminate clients about the medicinalcare they may hope to get for a given condition or malady and can contribute toward enhancing wellbeing results.

Recent News on DePuy Synthes

Depuy Synthes quality measure and mission statement are  interconnected with a motivation behind giving therapeutic care of the most noteworthy standard, Offering frameworks that give an entire cluster of inserts and instruments for the treatment of facial injury, tumor resection and reconstruction[10]. This is conceivable by giving an expansive scope of answers for the finding and treatment of neurological issue while concentrating on neurovascular, neurosurgery and neuromodulation solutions. By also delivering a comprehensive range of power instrument systems, reamers and saws to meet a broad spectrum of clinical needs and Using advanced technology to provide alternatives to conventional surgical treatments to provide surgeons with a wide range of therapy options in trauma, spine and maxillofacial surgery.

Benchmarking is a technique of expanding an organization's execution by distinguishing, comprehension and adjusting to unique practices in both interior and outer condition of the association. Benchmarking of business strategies is done with top performing associations in other industry parts. This is conceivable in light of the fact that various business frameworks are the same from portion to an area [9]. Benchmarking centers around the change of any given business as opposed to only measuring the best execution.

The benchmarking procedure includes contrasting of the firm’s performance of an arrangement of quantifiable parameters of fundamental significance against that of firms' known to have accomplished best execution on those pointers. Advancement of benchmarks is an Iterative and progressing process that is probably going to include offering data to different associations working with them towards a pleasant metrology[9]. Benchmarking should be looked upon as an instrument for advancement in a more impressive degree of customer focused change activities and should be driven by customer and company's affiliation needs. Benchmarking is the demonstration of being adequately unassuming to surrender that individuals are better at something and adequately astute to make sense of how to arrange and even outflank them at it.

Competitive benchmarking- benchmarking is performed where a company analysis its competitors in the market and try to determine a superior advantage over them.

Internal benchmarking- it applies to organizations that have several units of administration where units that perform well tend to uplift others groups by training program and mentorship

Process benchmarking –observations are made on organizations that are different but have similar methods of catering to their clients.

Generic benchmarking- the study of agencies that have implemented and adopted technological advancement and how they are faring in the market.

There are five stages of conducting a benchmark

Planning –company chooses which process is to benchmarked against another organization in the same field or different field.

 Analysis- using the data acquired a performance gap analysis is determined. The origin of the performance gap is linked to the source.

Integration – this is the preparation for implementation of the determined source of the performance difference.

Action- this is the stage where the activities are actualized inside the beneficiary association.

Maturity - this includes consistent checking of the procedure, empowers long lasting learning, and gives contribution to constant change inside the beneficiary association.

Stryker cooperation is a Fortune 500 therapeutic advancements firm Just as Depuy Synthes parent company. Stryker's products incorporate inserts that are utilized as a part of joint substitution and injury surgeries; surgical tools and operational route frameworks; endoscopic and interchanges frameworks; crisis restorative gear; neurosurgical, neurovascular and spinal gadgets; and also other therapeutic device items utilized as a part of an assortment of therapeutic strengths[8].

This shows that they have similar products and Stryker in surpassed process but Depuy Synthes annual revenue by over five hundred million dollars in 2016. The annual income for Stryker was 9.9billion dollars while Depuy Synthes was 9.3 Billion dollars which are intriguing since Depuy Occupies around 60% of the global market share

Stage 1 planning

Depuy Synthes is faced with a huge problem when advancing and implementing technologies in their market. This has resulted in the company facing over ten thousand lawsuits most of which are patent or faulty hip replacement[3]. This issue plays a role in the losses experienced by the corporation since resources will be used to fight this cases, How can his be prevented or curbed like Stryker Inc which has few such situations.

Stage 2 analysis

A minimal number of lawsuits Stryker has compared to Depuy sythes suggests that it has implemented methods that have curbed such outcomes. This probably resulted in Depuy sythes clients to turn to its competitors hence reducing its annual sales by 8%.Depuy should ee

Stage 3intergration

Depuy should design systems that will audit their services and products internally and provide countermeasures to curb any potential outcome. These systems will also verify the uniqueness of their innovations and bench any setbacks for easier amendments[4]. However, there should be incorporation of mentorship programs to create awareness on the issue while disciplinary actions for members on fault

Stage 4 action

The company will initiate these systems and training programs with the aim of prevents and control such incidents in the future

Stage 5 maturity

This includes constant checking of the procedure and projects started by the organization, which, empowers long lasting learning, and gives contribution to ceaseless change inside the Depuy Synthes [5].


Depuy Synthes is an outstanding company and crucial to the advancement of technology in healthcare administration, it has raised the bar for its competitors who met the giant in the business. This has led to increased affordability of advanced healthcare leading to increased life span and immune systems, thanks to its variety of products and services that were once seemed impossible to conquer or provide solutions. Its investments in research have constantly paid off with but are drawn back with current lawsuits that hinder trust of their advancements by their consumers. Its main strategic tactic of acquiring and forging relations with its competitors and its goal  in placing patients at the centre of its healthcare advancements will prolong its dominance for decades to come in the market share, which has largely seen rise you new competitors.


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