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Prepare a detailed design document for the user interface for your project. Your design document should be based on your Project Requirements and Scope document and your Project Design proposal. Your design document should include the following sections, as a minimum:
1.      Design overview;
2.      Project scope;
3.      Business and User requirements;
4.      Key assumptions;
5.      Design process to be used;

Design Overview

This project mainly focuses on designing interface for an online travel and tourism business “Eco Tours & Travels Pvt Ltd.”. The aim of design is to attract more numbers of client and users with initiating an online presence. The design of the interface will help to provide information about the business as well as inquire about their services. The interface design for the business website will facilitate attracting customers to generate more revenue streams. The tour and travel industry is a booming industry in which the organizations need to provide appropriate attention to retain the competition in the market. There are various competitors in the field of Travel and Tourism all over Australia so Eco Tours and Travels Pvt Ltd. website interface design has been undertaken in this project to retain their competition in the market.  

The design is aimed to give UI of the site of Eco Tours and Travels Pvt Ltd. The points of the outline are arranged such that it will offer the clients viable availability to great scans for spots and visits. For example, utilization of headings, sub heading and different pictures substance inside the outline will pull in and indicate the clients about their quests. This venture is focusing on the clients from everywhere throughout the world. This venture is focusing on the clients from everywhere throughout the world and this is done as the site gives widespread openness of data. There may be alternatives accessible with destinations for overseeing understanding the sitemaps and imperative territories for going to visit there. In this manner, the alluring planning examples will pull in the clients for hunting down visits and bundles on their sites.

The project is focused on planning one UI for one travel and tourism site with the assistance of which the clients can undoubtedly get data about their visits and voyaging related actualities. The interface configuration will comprehend the genuine perspective of the site that must be created for Eco Tours and Travels Pvt Ltd. The interface configuration will be useful to elevate the business procedure of the association. The significant result worried with this venture is one educational site that will essentially offer similarity of running inside totally extraordinary web programs. Furthermore, another normal result of this venture is that this venture will offer helpful outlining ideas that will make the Eco visits and travel organization more prominent among clients. Also there will be some other outlining norms that will pull in the clients all the more, for example, intriguing headings taken after by present day planning examples and procedures and following quest design for making the pursuit of the clients simple. The consummation of any undertaking will open one fly up window that will demonstrate "Assignment Completed" to educate the client about the fulfilment of the errand.

The interface design is mainly targeted towards the residents of Australia as they can easily plan for their trips with the help of their website. The users who will be using the website interface are mainly travellers, expeditors as well surveyors groups. The interface will help the users to select from a wide variety of services being provided by the organization.

Project Scope

The specific user requirements in context to the designing of website interface are provided as below:

  • To make the search of user linked with the Google Maps
  • To make successful booking possible with respect to tour packages after successful verification
  • To provide the good user experience related tour booking perspectives
  • To provide the user data security within the websites
  • To provide the users impactful packages and offers about tours.

The assumptions that have been determined for this project to design the user interface of Eco Tours & Travels Pvt Ltd. website are presented as below:

  • The design is user friendly and interactive.
  • The components being used in the design are easily identifiable.
  • The user have the functionality of login and registration.
  • The users can easily book their tours by searching location.

The designing of the user interface for Eco Tours and Travels Pvt Ltd. website has been prepared by following the user interface design principles as below:

Visual Appeal: The interface must be aesthetically and visually appealing. The interface design should provide meaningful contrast between screen elements. The visual appearance of the interface is enhanced with the use of colours effectively but simply.

Clarity: The design must be clear in terms of visibility, conceptuality and linguistically. The visual elements being used in the design are easy to recognize and have relevance with practical world.

Compatibility: The design must be compatible and should meet the user requirements to perform the determined functions. The interface design that has been designed for Eco tours and travels Pvt ltd is compatible and has been done according to the user requirements.     

Comprehensibility: The user interface been designed is easily understandable for the users. The design has been done with determining the proper flow of actions, responses and information has been placed in a sensible order.

Configurability: The interface of Eco tours and travels Pvt ltd website has been designed such that it permits easy personalisation and configuration.

Efficiency: The interface has been designed with short navigation paths and the user desired requirements has been anticipated.

Responsiveness: The interface has been designed such that the system is able to rapidly respond to the requests of the users.

Transparency: The interface has been designed considering that it permits the user to focus on the task or job, without concern for the mechanics of the interface.  

The major components that have been identified for the designing of interface of Eco tours and travels Pvt ltd are Search button, Home icon and list of tourist destinations, about the website, special packages are the considered major components of the tourism website being implemented within the project. The users can easily make interaction with this interface by clicking on it and by going ahead with their search items.

Both the font and body colours are managed by colour psychology. The background colour is denotes class, excellence and formality. The text colour is managed with respect to the background colour of the site as per visibility. And the button colour also follows the same standards as the text colours.

The interface has been incorporated with help functions beside almost every button to ensure that the users are able to determine the usability of the icon or button. The design of the interface has been implemented with additional help page as “Inquire Now” so that the users can acquire information about their queries in case they need specific help or assistance to use the services of the website.    

The icons have been designed with resemblance to the real world so that the users do not get confused about the usability of a particular icon. The icons in the interface have been designed to give an elegant look and feel to the website so that more customers are attracted towards the website.

Business and User requirements

The navigation bar has been provided in each page of the design as a master page to ensure that users can easily navigate through the modules of the website. The navigation bar mainly consists of the navigational facilities however in context to this design interface it also functions as a menu bar for the website. Each button in the navigation bar consists of drop down list that contains the various categories under each menu.

User requirement and Objectives



Searching facility

Search bar

The design has been embedded with a search bar in each page so that the users can search for particular items as per their choice.

Login and Registration

Login page and Registration page

The two pages have been designed separately for the ease of users so that they can easily login to use the services. And if they are new to the website they can register with their personal basic information.

Tour search

Luxury Tours drop down button

The users can view various tours being provided by the business and location they cover according to country.

Plan Trip

Trip request page / Inquire Now

This functionality of the website offers the users with suitability to plan their trip by providing details as per their convenience like number of members, date and time, budget, etc.

Reputation of the business

Travel reviews

This page of the interface design comprises of reviews on various tours being conducted by the business. The reviews are being provided by genuine customers associated with the business. 

The success criteria are imperative for guaranteeing the framework viability as for different client necessities and different outcomes required inside any exploration procedure.

Experience of Users: The client encounters are one shape that aides in recognizing the viability of the framework outline as for various site planning examples and measures.

Accomplishment of activities: Completion of errands inside a particular course of events is another measure of the achievement criteria that offers the framework viability concerning the client encounters and functionalities of the site.

Achievement of client audits on sites: Attainment of the clients of the client surveys on the sites is another phase for guaranteeing the viability of the site as for different patterns and developing in fact propelled choices of site outlining designs.

The aim of the evaluation is to test the usability of the interface design in terms of design, working and acceptance of users. The evaluation focuses on determining the extent to which users will accept the proposed design. The evaluation of the designed interface will also help to assess the website in context to the determined objectives and user requirements. The usability is an important aspect in designing of interfaces so that it ensures proper working of the system.

The evaluation methodology that has been determined for this particular designing of the interface is mainly focused on Visual aesthetics. The methods that have been prepared for evaluation of the designed interface are provided as below:

Screen Layout: The objective aesthetic measures mainly the balance, sequence, ordering of the components and simplicity of the designed interface.

Counts-based Method: In this method, a numerical description in context to simplicity and diversity of an interface is evaluated by counting of the various elements being used for design. These comprises mainly objects that are visible on the screen, number of images being incorporated in the design.

Colouring system: This method determines whether the colour schema being developed for the screen layout is aesthetically pleasing to the users.

Measuring of users psychological reactions: This method is useful as it involves capturing of the users reaction upon using the interface.

The audience that has been selected for consisted of five person out of which three of them from were friends and two were random users. The selected user group mainly consisted of 25 -30 years and 31 – 35 years age group. The test audience were selected according to their knowledge in usability engineering and coding.

The ethical consideration that was taken into account during the evaluation process was that the information of the users will be kept anonymous and the feedback from them will be reviewed only by the evaluator.

Key Assumptions

The evaluation in context to the interface design for the Eco tours and travels Pvt ltd was mainly conducted with the help of structured questionnaires and online survey. 

The analysis method that has been determined for the analysis of results was statistical analysis after the results were achieved from the survey. The descriptive statistics help to acquire appropriate and perfect outcomes from the gathered results. This analysis procedure helped to determine the issues with design, usability and colour schema being implemented in the design. 

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