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Just in Time Delivery

The method of Just in Time Delivery makes the material movement to a location that is specific at particular required time. The required time is the time which is just before when the material is required in the process of manufacturing (Battini, Boysen & Emde, 2013). The technique of Just in Delivery method works only if all the operations that are to be carried out are synchronized closely with subsequent operations so make the operation a successful one. For controlling the inventory of an organization to bring all the materials to production process, customers and warehouses just in time when it is to be used is done by a method known as Just in Time Delivery. This process reduces the storing process at excessive level of material in the storerooms.

The total amount of inventory that is needed throughout the supply chain is reduced by the help of JIT method of inventory control and manufacturing. This method is used as a cost saving methodology in an organization because it helps to cut the cost of inventory. To execute the method of Just in Time Delivery, all the processes and operations in manufacturing or supply chain need to be synchronized and the demand of customer are to be forecasted accurately in all operations that are needed.

E-Commerce is the electronic commerce that is used in transaction process of businesses. Electronic commerce is a process in which consumers and businesses can sell and buy goods and also services via electronic medium. The emergence of electronic commerce happened in 1990s and use of it is increasing rapidly (Wang, Wang & Liu, 2016). Maximum companies in these present days do their work online. It has become necessary for all the businesses and companies to conduct their services and businesses online via internet. Using internet for conducting businesses has become necessity. Everything from clothes and food, furniture and entertainment are purchased online via internet. Two most common examples of electronic commerce are Amazon and eBay. These companies allow their customers to buy services and goods online from companies and other consumers. They also host functions that are online. Customers get benefited by theses services that are provided online because they get much payment options and delivery options in those online sites.

The process of delivering applications via internet is done by Software as a Service. These services are provided with the help of internet in which applications are delivered. This process does not need the headache of installing software or maintaining software (Sezer et al., 2013). Simply they are transmitted via internet without any hardware and software management. Other names of SaaS are Web-Based Software, hosted software and on-demand software. The servers of SaaS provider run the applications of SaaS. The SaaS provider manages the access of application that includes performance, availability and security.

The Service as a Software model can be better understood by taking an example of a bank. The bank protects the privacy of all the customers by giving them secure and reliable services. The financial technologies and systems that are used by customers are used without any worries of being their personal data getting hacked.


The process in which all the documents of an organization are done systematically so that the organization gets all the work done and can take key decisions is known as strategic planning (Wolf & Floyd, 2017). Strategic planning is set of statements that are used to describe the ethical conduct and purpose of the business along with all the specific strategies that are designed so that they can achieve the target that they want to achieve.

Managing the network that are related to all the activities and processes which involves procurement of all raw materials, manufacturing of goods and distributing the finished goods is known as Supply Chain Management (Stadtler, 2015). The art of managing to provide right product, at right time and also at right place and right cost is also included in Supply Chain Management. The backbone of Business Organizations is the strategies of Supply Chain Management. The supply of products and effective coverage of market at specific locations helps to recognize the revenue that depends on the SCM effectiveness. The supply chain system includes the full process when the product is firstly introduced in market and then advertised to the process till customers buys and takes the delivery of the product.

A specified class of information that is computerized which supports the organizational and business activities of decision making is the Decision Support System (DSS). The Decision Support System if is properly designed is a system of software  based that is interactive and is intended to provide help to the decision makers that compiles useful data from documents, raw data, business models and personal knowledge that are used to solve problems and identify them and also make decisions accordingly (Miller et al., 2015). The system of decision support is an information system that is computerized which is used to give support to the process of decision making in a business and organization. Decision Support System uses massive data reams and through user sifts and also compiles information which is used for solving problems and takes better decisions. The benefits that are provided by DSS provides decision making that are more informed, solves problem timely and also improves the efficiency that deals with the problems that changes the variables rapidly.

Virtual Infrastructure that gets delivers and accesses through internet or network is known as cloud infrastructure. The cloud infrastructure is a on demand services and products that are delivered via a model which is known as Infrastructure as a Service. This is a basic model f delivery that is related to cloud computing (Almorsy, Grundy & Müller, 2016). All the computing resources get complemented with networking and storage services that are provided by all the users. The users get access to an information technology infrastructure that is used by them only. The users do not have to pay for the construction of cloud infrastructure. The components and virtual machines that are included in a cloud infrastructure are: virtual servers, virtual switches, routers and hubs, virtual memory, virtual cluster storage and virtual PCs.


Web 2 is known as the second generation of World Wide Web.  This was first introduced in the year 2004. The 2.0 denotes the new version of the web that is used by the world. New functionality and features are included in the new generation of the World Wide Web. The Web 2.0 consists of technological improvements in series (Brake, 2014). An interaction of level user is provided by World Wide Web 2.0. The websites are more interconnected and dynamic that produces communities that are online and make the sharing of information in an easy way. The features that are provided by Web 2 are free services which include sites like Wikipedia, Facebook that are growing faster.

Private virtual space is known as extranet that is used to collaborate securely, share the information and integrate operations with the teams that are travelling, suppliers, partners, customers and vendors (Moussa, 2016). Examples of extranet are order forms of sales extranet, sales team client directories, customer portal and an extranet of partner which enables the joint task management that are needed when collaboration on specific documents are done by the clients.  Security and also privacy are to be provided by extranet. The privacy and security includes server management of firewall, use of digital certificates and user authentication, message encryption and also use VPN (Virtual Private Networks) in public network.

The analysis of big data gives users of data scientists and other users to calculate very large volume of data transaction and also other sources of data that are used for business systems that are traditional which are unable to handle (Hashem et al, 2015). Big data analysis helps all keep secure all the information of an organization which the traditional system cannot analyze. Big data works with large volumes of data and synchronize them for the organization that needs to store all their data and information.

The key elements of data mining are:

  1. Apply data mining and statistics for the database: The qualities of data that are achieved from data mining and statistical analysis are related directly to the completeness and quality of data that are underlined (Turban, Volonino & Wood, 2014). If applications that are used cannot access the data that are needed to build model then mathematical model leads to most complex model which leads to incorrect results.
  2. Architecture of plug and play for function of custom analytical: An architecture that is extensible and open are done by organizations that creates a function to analyze the custom and also embed them in any of the analysis and report to make the system simple for the people. This is a user friendly system and the user do not have to learn much for using the tools of data mining to achieve their goals.
  3. Data mining tools with seamless integration: To discover algorithms and patterns are the main purposes of data mining that exits in data for future predictions. Analysis techniques that are included in data mining are clustering, forecasting, segmentation and regression. When users need predictive functionality that is sophisticated they need developer that is highly skilled with the use of data mining tool.
  4. Collaborative Technology: The technology of collaboration is a multi-step intelligent and interaction process that gives answers to all the queries which cannot be answered by only database. These include groupings that are user defined, consolidations and custom groups and also some other functions that are analytical which do not have the support of database.
  5. Multi-pass SQL: Multi-pass SQL is needed for answering questions that are very complicated in the analysis of data base. These questions include decisions of dynamic pricing or problems related to logistics optimization. There are many business questions as well which difficult to ask without the help of multi-pass SQL.

Reserve Stock Level of Enterprise Resource Planning is very important for system performance because it is not possible to assume the amount of total stock that is needed for manufacturing and the amount of stock that is available at that time (Turban, Volonino & Wood, 2014). The industries needs reserve stock so that they can predict the amount of resource they need to manufacture a particular product. Demand is always variable which are affected by some other seasonal effects, new customers, old customers and shock events. Predictions can be made on behalf of businesses that are possible accurately.

The total amounts of the inventory that are kept by businesses are described as the safety stock of the business. This helps to give protection to the events that are unforeseen like supply or demand shortages. Minimum levels of stock are already employed by most of the businesses. The main goal of the reserve safety stock gives assurance that there is most sufficient amount of product that is available to the customers. The prediction for the stock that is to be needed by the company cannot be predicted at advance. The suppliers have their personal problems in supplying the requirements that are needed by the company. For this uncertainty, having stocks in reserve are needed by a company in an enterprise resource planning.

  • The business of Liberty Wines expanded, the servers that existed in the Liberty Wines did not have all the capacity to handle the volume of data that has been increased and also was unavailable to maintain the system of information system between two members (Turban, Volonino & Wood, 2014). The systems that existed in the company was very slow and was not available to response the employees as it was expected.
  • The information technology of Liberty Wines incorporated a solution of visualized server of Windows Server 2008 R2. The 10 servers that Liberty Wines had were all replaced by 3 servers that were physical, 10 running virtual servers. For the purpose of backup an additional server was used for improving the resilience and also the stability. The cost of air condition and power use were cut down to 60 percent than before by using less number of server from 10 to 4. The carbon footprint of Liberty Wines was also reduced showing good cause for environment.
  • The server visualization helped the Liberty Wines by cutting the cost of hardware replacement by an amount of $45,000. This helped the company to enhance the stability with backup system. The applications of the company ran faster than before giving the employees to serve the customer in an improved way to increase their productivity. To support the business growth, virtual servers could be added easily and quickly.
  • The mission that FinCEN provided was to give safeguard to financial system of FinCEN which faced crimes that were related to financial sectors (Turban, Volonino & Wood, 2014). The problems that they faced was to fight against the financial crime that had issues in collecting the data, analyze them and also in delivering them to all the users at effective time.
  • The Internet Technology upgrade that was done by FinCEN was to give a protection to the sector of money laundering that held in FinCEN and also mitigated the threats that came from national securities. To achieve their mission, their second attempt was to increase the financial intelligence sharing between their partners that were domestic and as well as foreign and also to the government industries. The BSA (Bank Secrecy Act) was launched by FinCEN to upgrade its own capabilities.
  • The intelligence of financial of FinCEN depends on how the data is collected, analyzed and how all the data is kept secure from the outsiders so that they do not get breached and protect them from hackers.
  • The process of relationships ad patterns that are critical to national security has given a greater speed and also provides the ability to help to find the money launderers.
  • FinCEN was not capable of gathering data, analyze their data and deliver them to their users. The company was suffering from lack of standardization and lack of validation and they suffered from quality of data that were inconsistent.


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