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ITC563 IT Management Issues

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  • Course Code: ITC563
  • University: Charles Sturt University
  • Country: Australia


Assessment Title - Critique in Systems and Technology


Write a business report based on the following:

A new business, Globex Corporation has been created as the result of merging two large regional business, Riverina Precision Farming, and B T & Sons Farming Equipment. Globex Corp is primarily located in the Riverina Region of NSW and has three locations, Albury, Griffith and Wagga Wagga. Within Globex there are two arms to the business (Precision Farming & Farming Equipment), each of which is represented at each location.

The Globex Farming Equipment head office is located in Wagga Wagga, while the Globex Precision Farming head office is located in Griffith. Parts and Services for both arms as well as administration support are coordinated from the Albury office. 

Globex Corporation strives to supply agricultural solutions that achieve the following objectives:

  • Fulfill unmet market needs
  • Exceed the standards for quality, effectiveness and value of its competitors
  • Delivered on time
  • Supported with expert technical service and advice
  • Environmentally responsible and beneficial

Senior management has finalised on the following decisions:

1. Globex will retain all existing staff, stock and infrastructure from the merged businesses. B T & Sons aging systems are to be merged into the Riverina Precision Farming systems.

2. Globex have decided to invest in the development of an Online Sales Management System (OSMS), replacing all manual processes, allowing clients to order and pay for equipment online.

3. (intentionally left blank)
4. (intentionally left blank)

Write a business report outlining the above case, stating assumptions you make at the beginning of your report. Provide critique into the management decisions substantiating with reference to literature. In your report, make the difference between Information Systems (IS) and Information Technology (IT) issues and how it will affect customer choice, continued patronage, brand loyalty, and so on.

Suggest how to attract new customers (from competitors) and any other new business opportunities that may arise with such a set up. All these should be substantiated with references to IS and IT literature.




In the current aspect the Globex Corporation is a big organization in Australia which has been formed due to the merging of two large regional business which are B T & Sons Farming Equipment and Riverina Precision Farming. Currently, the Globex Corporation is located in three different locations, which are the Albury, Wagga Wagga and Griffith. The Globex Corporation currently handles two types of businesses which are the farming equipment business and precision farming business. Currently, the Globex Corporation is trying to deliver a complete agricultural solution and for that they are having several of business objectives. Fulfilling the current market needs and providing high quality solutions are two very important business objectives of the Globex Corporation. Related with this scenario, the management of the organization has also taken some important decision regarding the organisation. In this report, the current business situation of the Globex Corporation will be analysed and critique of the management’s decision will be provided.

Assumptions for this Project:

Considering the current management decision of the Globex Corporation there are several of assumptions needs to be taken for the project. In the following section some important assumptions for the current project of Globex Corporation is discussed in the following section.

Project Facts


The Globex Corporation needs to replace their existing manual system with a computer-based system.

Efficiency of the current manual system within the organization is very much poor and due to this, the performance of the organisation is not optimal.

Current project needs to properly identify all the existing staffs of the organization and their contribution and roles towards the organization.

The Globex Corporation will be requiring an efficient computer bases system to increase the productivity of the employees and the working efficiency of them.


Critique to Management Decision:

The first decision of the management of Globex Corporation is retaining the existing staffs, infrastructure and stocks of the organization. Also, they are planning to merge the system of both the previous organization which are the Riverina Precision Farming and B T & Sons. Now considering this current decision taken by the management, this is actually a good decision. Retaining the existing employees of the organization is a good decision in this context, but for this the Globex Corporation also needs to needs to ensure that all of those employees will be able to work perfectly without any type of issues in the new organization (Eisenberger et al., 2019). In this context, the Globex Corporation will be using an online sales management system. So, considering this it is important all the employees of the organization will be capable of using this system. For this reason, it is the responsibility of the Globex Corporation to provide appropriate training to the employees so that they can properly use these new systems (Dipboye & Dipboye, 2018). Also, the old stocks and the infrastructure will be retained in this context, so it is crucial to ensure that the old infrastructure of the organization will be complied with the new system of online sales management system.

Here, the Globex Corporation is looking to implement the online sales management system which will replace all types of manual process and through these clients will be able to pay to the organization using the online environment. This is another decision which has been taken by the management of the organization. This is quite a good decision that has been taken by the organization, but in this context the organisation also needs to ensure that customers are comfortable while using this system (Kasiri et al., 2017). It means the clients should be able to use this system without any type of issues. These are main criteria which needs to be followed by the Globex Corporation to implement this online sales management system within the organization.


Difference Between Information System and Information Technology Issues Regarding Affecting Important Aspects:

Issues in both type of information and the information technology can affect different types of aspects of an organization. These includes choice of the customers, brand loyalty, continued patronage and several of other factors. The main issues which are associated with the information system are the failure regarding strategize and meeting of the organizational needs (Kappelman et al., 2019). If the organization fails to meet its needs then it will definitely affect the choice of the customer, which will be negative in this context. The choices of the customers will be impacted in this case and they might go for a better option and the organization will fail to fulfil their own needs. Also, the brand loyalty will be impacted in this case from a negative perspective (Pappu & Quester, 2016). While the organization will not be able to fulfil their own needs, this will create a negative brand image for the customer and due to this reason, the brand loyalty will be reduced surely. The continued patronage will be also impacted in this case. Again, the information system issue will be the main reason due to which the continued patronage will be impacted. The customers will lose their believe in the organization if it fails to addresses its own need adequately and the overall patronage will be reduced in this context.

In the similar way the issues of information technology will also have a major impact in this case. The main issues which are associated with the information technology are the security related issues, usability related issues and optimisation related issues. All of these issues can be decisive for influencing the customer choice. This issues in the information system will also negatively impact the choices of the customer. It has been assessed that issues in the information technology can also create issues regarding satisfaction of the customer (Currie & Lagoarde-Segot, 2017). This is one of the crucial reasons that which will surely influence the choices of the customers. Also, with the issues in the information technology, the ease of accessing the info will be also reduced in this context and this will again influence the choices of the customer and this will be impacted negatively in this context. Due to all of these issues the other factors which are the continued patronage and brand loyalty will be also impacted negatively in this context.


Suggestion for Attracting new Customers:

While the Globex Corporation will be implementing new system, it is also important for them to attract new customers to improve their overall business. The best way for attracting the new customers is directly attracting them from the competitor. In this way, the Globex Corporation will able to achieve a high growth in business. Among these improving the brand loyalty is one of the important factors to attract the new customers (Ruzeviciute & Kamleitner, 2017). Therefore, the Globex Corporation must ensure appropriate brand loyalty to attract the new customers. In this case information technology can be used for ensuring brand loyalty where an important option is live chat. Another important way for attracting the new customers is supporting the customers through ensuring the satisfaction for them. In this way, by giving proper support to the customers new customers from the competitor can be attracted easily (Sherif, 2016). Here, by using the information system the actual requirement of the customers can be analysed and those can be established, and this will help to achieve the customer satisfaction. Lastly, providing appropriate and required services to the customers will surely help the Globex Corporation for attracting new customers. To provide appropriate and required services to the customers information technology can be used. In this aspect online sales management system is one important option which will be already implemented by the Globex Corporation management. Similar type of information technology solution can be also used to attract new customers by providing appropriate required services to the customers. In this way, the Globex Corporation will be able to achieve the business solution of managing and serving a high number of customers.

Business Solution to Enhance the Current Model:

In present aspect, the initiated business solution for the Globex Corporation is the OSMS or the online sales management system. Through, this system the users will be able to order their service and products online and through this they will be also able to pay for the product online. In this aspect, some enhancement can be also done in this OSMS system by using appropriate business solution. In this case some important business solution needs to be followed which will help to improve the current business model of the Globex Corporation. Here, the Globex Corporation requires appropriate invoicing solution for the customers for enhancing the current business model of them (Matus et al., 2017). Lastly, proper shipping solution is also required for the current business model of the Globex Corporation. In the present aspect, the Globex Corporation will be implementing an online sales management system for their customers, through which the customers will be able to pay and order the equipment online. While the customers are ordering the equipment and making the purchase online, they will be requiring appropriate invoice against the product. Due to this reason, the Globex Corporation requires proper invoicing solution. Also, while the order is placed by the customers through the OSMS system, it is also important that the equipment is perfectly reached to the customers. For this reason, appropriate shipping solution is also required for the Globex Corporation (Shamsuzzoha et al., 2016). These are the main reason for adopting the above-mentioned business solution for the Globex Corporation.


Social Media for Promoting OSMS:

For the Globex Corporation it is also crucial to promote the online sales management system so that the customers of them become aware about this solution. In this aspect, for the promotion of the online sales management system, social media can be a great option for the Globex Corporation. Firstly, there are different types of social medias are available and those are used by different types of users. Here, the organization can use these different types of social media to reach vast majority of the peoples about the OSMS solution. In this way, the social media will be helping regarding promoting the OSMS (Safdar et al., 2018). Social media also allows to share specific content on their platform, which will again help regarding the promotion of OSMS to the customers. Through the social media platform, the Globex Corporation can also run the paid social ads through which it will be promoted to the maximum number of users. Also, by using the social media the Globex Corporation will be able to target some specific groups or communities for the promotion related purposes, which might be more interested in this OSMS solution (Cabrera et al., 2018). In this way, specific marketing can be done for the promotion of OSMS. In this way, proper utilization of the social media can play a vital role regarding the promotion of online sales management system. Effective promotion of the OSMS can be also achieved by using the social media as a promotion platform for OSMS.


From the above discussion it can be concluded that online sales management system will be highly beneficial for the current organization of Globex Corporation. In this report it has been assessed that the Globex Corporation has been formed by merging of two other organization which are the B T & Sons Farming Equipment and Riverina Precision Farming. After the merging process, the management of the Globex Corporation has taken some vital decision regarding the organization, which has been discussed within the organization a critique has been provided of this decision taken by the management. Following that, in this report, how the issues of information technology and the information system can affect the choice of the customer has been evaluated. In this aspect, also how the issues will affect the continued patronage and the brand loyalty has been evaluated. In the following section, suggestion has been given for Globex Corporation so that they can attract new customers. This report has also discussed two very much important business solution which can be utilised for enhancing the current business model of the Globex Corporation. Lastly, suggestion has been provided for regarding how the social media can play an important role for the promotion of OSMS to the customers.



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