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ITECH 5500 Professional Research And Communication

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  • Course Code: ITECH 5500
  • University: Federation University
  • Country: Australia



The purpose of the early intervention task is to make sure that you are engaging and on track to pass the course.

This task consists of a series of questions that go over the material that we covered in weeks one to four. They require you to think carefully about the material and tell me YOUR thoughts on what the answers should be and justify your answers where necessary.

This is an individual assignment that you are expected to complete by yourself. All outside sources of information must be acknowledged.

Question 1 – requires you to understand the nature of data collected using a Likert scale. You will need to understand the limitations of data collected in this way in order to be able to explain why the manipulation in the question is not valid. You will need to think of a better way to summarise the data that takes these limitations into account (you will need to be a little creative with this). You will require

A response that takes addresses all of the above concerns and shows depth of understanding of the concepts will attract the full 2 marks. Marks deducted for explanations that are not clear or which show misunderstandings.

Question 2 – you will need to be a little creative with this one. You will need to consider whether the people answering the survey are an accurate representation of all voters and explain (carefully) why or why not. You will need to think of situations in which you might consider the data more reliable.

A response that takes addresses all of the above concerns and shows depth of understanding of the concepts will attract the full 2 marks. Marks deducted for explanations that are not clear or which show misunderstandings.

Question 3 – Is a little more straightforward. For each sub-question you need to think about what the nature of the data is and which categorization suits it best. You must explain why you have chosen the category to get the mark for each.

Question 4 – You will need to think about the requirements for each type of quantitative study. Think of how the hypothesis might be tested in each of these three ways.



Professional research and communication

Answer One  

From the calculations in order to obtain a single score for the survey conducted using the Likert Scale, the obtained value is not a valid value to sum up the results of the entire survey. This is because, for instance, the number five on the scale, which represents strongly agree, is a qualitative data and not quantitative. This applies to all the range of numbers on the scale as qualitative data, therefore, it will be inappropriate to multiply these numbers by the frequencies of the number of customers to give a percentage as a summary of the total.

In order to obtain a more accurate single score from the ordinal scale, the 1st and 2nd scores should be summed into a single value (strongly disagree and disagree entries) while the 4th and 5th value summed into another single value (agree and strongly agree entries) and a mean score calculated from the two values. These would result in

However, the best way to present the data from the survey would be through the bar graph. This would provide a more appealing visual presentation of the data as shown below.

Answer Two

The data collected from this survey for predicting the reflection of the general election can be nearly accurate if the elections are to be held in the capital city and not the entire parts of the country or the respective state. The accuracy of the data collected will also depend on the distribution of the employees in the city. Such a survey can be subjected to a series of biases if the employees are constantly collecting data from the same street corners every day. Considering that the elections are restricted to the city, and the employees are evenly distributed across the city with the change of street corners where the data is collected, could likely give a true reflection of the outcomes of the elections.

However, if the elections to be conducted are for the entire state or country, restricting the survey to the capital city is likely to give a false projection of the outcome of the election. This is because there are chances that the city in which the survey is being conducted could be dominated by a certain political party, which could not be the similar case in the other parts of the state/country. For the data to provide an accurate projection in this scenario, the survey has to be distributed to the other parts of the country to obtain a wider range of data distribution.


Answer Thre: Types of quantitative data

  1. Number of cars

This is an interval type of data because of its numerical nature.

  1. Kelvin thermometers

   These are the interval types of data/scales. This is because they are of a numerical nature and the exact order and difference between the values are known. For example, the difference between -20 Kelvin and -25 Kelvin is 5 Kelvin, which is a known value.

  1. Fahrenheit thermometers

This is an interval type of data since we can obtain the difference between the values. The data is also of a numerical nature.

  1. Types of mobile phones

These are the nominal data types. This is because the items on this scale have no numerical significance and are mutually exclusive of each other (no overlap).

  1. A person's height

This is a ratio scale because it tells us about the order and an exact value between the units. The value is also obtained from multiplication of other units making it a ratio scale. However, the data can also be an interval data as we can obtain the difference between the values, which are of a numeric nature.

Answer Four

  1. A descriptive non-experimental study

In this type of study, the researcher is not in a position to alter, manipulate or control the subjects, which are the students in this case. However, the research relies on the personal observations, interpretations, and interactions with the subjects in order to draw conclusions for the research (Ferraro and Paul, 2014, pp.344-365). Concisely, this implies that the research would rely on the correlations, case studies, and surveys to cause and effect relationships.

  1. A quasi-experimental research study

A quasi-experimental study is an experimental research, which is used to give an estimation of the causal impact on the target population divide without assigning the subjects or variables randomly.

  1. An experimental study

According to (Cheon, Sung, and Johnmarshall,  2018, pp.74-88), in an experimental research, the research has the ability to alter and manipulate the subjects or the variables for them to cause-and-effect relationships between the subjects. This implies that the research will be conducted in two groups where one group will be placed in an experimental group, which would be manipulated or altered while the other group will be placed in a placebo group or the non-manipulated group.

To obtain the firmest evidence, the experimental study method would be preferred to test the hypothesis, as it would give two distinct results for students attending the lectures and those viewing lecture recordings. This method would give an accurate outcome compared to non-experimental and quasi-experimental studies.



Cheon, S. H., Reeve, J., and Ntoumanis, N. (2018). A needs-supportive intervention to help PE teachers enhance students' prosocial behavior and diminish antisocial behavior. Psychology of Sport and Exercise, 35, 74-88.

Ferraro, P. J., and Miranda, J. (2014). The performance of non-experimental designs in the evaluation of environmental programs: A design-replication study using a large-scale randomized experiment as a benchmark. Journal of Economic Behavior & Organization, 107, 344-365.

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