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Jail Reformation Laws

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Pennsylvania was the leader in sentencing and correctional reform in the early history of the United States. Discuss what groups were associated with this reform.Why did they want the reform?Examine whether it was successful and if the reform brought forth further changes.What influences does the system have on the correctional system today?What influences have changed? Why?



Jail reformation Laws

Prison society for Pennsylvania was formed in the year 1787. It was formed in Philadelphia, and the prime objective was to improve the condition of the prisons and provide human treatment to the inmates of the prison. It was also intended to reduce the induction of the corporal punishment that was provided to the inmates of the prisons. This was done through the reframe or reformat act that was introduced to improve the condition of the inmates. The correction or the reformation act was quite essential to be introduced as the fiscal challenges faced by the jail authorities had impacted d the quality of services that was introduced for the sake of improving the conditions of the inmates. In the case of projection the impact of the economic recovery was also analysed by the experts. This was done with an intention of providing better facilities to the inmates who were penalised for various reasons. Full recovery wasn’t possible for the members, as this had majorly affected the performance of the inmates and other members of the jail. The reformation act has been introduced with an intention of improving the economic position of the jail and the same has been planned to be used in an effective manner. This will be done by adopting effective approach that will be useful in handling the challenges that can affect the plan that has been prepared by the authorities. In this case, the practices that is associated with the corrections and sentencing needs to be analysed and effective steps needs to be taken for controlling the expenses (Egan, 2011).


Most of the prison that were formed at the 18th century had operated on the congregate standards for living. In this system, the inmates were provided with an effective workshop system through which the changes or reformation program were followed. However, the members of the Pennsylvania Prions Society though that the congregation method for living in the prisons were stated to the schools for crime. In other words, the convicts who were criminally sophisticated had recruited the younger ones to conduct the criminal exploitations. The authorities from this jail believed that God had the Ultimate power to reform the individuals and help them in overpowering the criminal offenses that had impacted their lives and had endangered the society (Freskos, 2011).

During the end of the 19th century, the system for Philadelphia had drafted plans for separating and solitary imprisonment or confinement that had actually congregated with the other system that existed with the penal approach. There were different types of approaches that were adopted by the system and it was considered to be essential for improving the management system. In this process, the congregation system was analysed as it had become quite popular. Besides this, the steps for amending the efforts for creating better enterprises for the industry were also analysed. This was done with an intention of introducing better humanities reform methods that was considered to be necessary for introducing the changes. Apart from this, such a method became quite an important factor that was used for the purpose of discipline the recalcitrant convicts or imprisoners. This was done in lieu of the corporal punishment that was imposed on the members (Hawken and Kleiman, 2009).

The Pennsylvania Prison Society follows one of the improved and effective systems through which the necessary changes in terms of the reforms and other factors were introduced by the management system. This was also done with the help of the programs that was meant to help the prisoners to overpower the issues that was faced by the prisoners or their family members.   In this method, the management had introduced better systems for the prisoners and their family members. With the help of the programs the offenders were reintegrated back into the community. This was done, with an intention of bringing in the changes that was considered to be necessary for the inmates. Such steps were also followed with an intention of improving the quality of live that is expected to be lived after the execution process. The prisoners are entitled to lead a normal life, just like others are entitled. This is what is being practiced by the jail authorities. The members are entrusted with the sense of reasonability that will help in reducing the crime rate that usually affects the lives of the individual inmates. The Prison Society of Pennsylvania has introduced different range of educational programs that is meant to improve the quality of lives that is being organized for improving the quality of lives of the people (Porter, 2011).

Reformation program

The campaigns and the programs organized by the jail authorities for the inmates have been quite useful and effective in helping the inmates to quit the criminal life. Management of jail has to be quit effective, as a failure in the method can risk the community. This is one of the reasons, the rules for the jailers were amended and the corrective steps were taken to introduce the necessary changes that would help the inmates to lead a normal life. The programs that were developed for the inmates were meant to help the members to tackle with the challenges that included implementing the reformat programs that was considered to be necessary for making the changes. However, the debate held to find the impact of different programs that has been conducted by the jail or other NGOs for the welfare of the members. It was necessary to ensure that the drafted benefits were provided to the members, or else the benefits that were designed for the members wouldn’t have been possible to be provided. Apart from this, the type of programs that was developed for the people had to be evaluated. This was done with an intention to find the benefits that was associated with the system. Unless the required changes were not planned, it wasn’t possible to implement the changes that were necessary for improving the qualities of life of the individual. The challenges involved in the process of introducing plan that will prevent the inmates from indulging into the criminal activities can be implemented (Freskos, 2011).  



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Porter N, 2011. “On the Chopping Block: State Prison Closings,” The Sentencing Project, Washington, DC: September 2011, 2. delivers assignment help to millions of students of USA. We have in-house teams of assignment writers who are experts on wide ranges of subjects. We have appointed teams of native writers who provide assignment help to students in New York City and all over the USA. They are skilled assignment writers who successfully cater to search terms like’ do my assignment in the USA' and readily entertain queries related to write my assignments.

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