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(1) Describe and explain Janzekovic's position on "Humanitarianism". Comment on his argumentation: To what extent do you agree/disagree with Janzekovic's statements?
(2) How does your placement organization integrate concepts of community work/humanitarianism/humanitarian principles/human rights in its work ethics?




1. Janzekovic's position on "Humanitarianism” explains that humanitarianism is all about demonstrating compassion, tolerance and perception to support a moral and free society, which politely cares for human while looking for the improvement of the satiations of the needy people and also their wellbeing (McLaughlin, 2010). Janzekovic also stated that the action associated with humanitarianism should be depend on human rights and should not be guided by other external organizations. According to him while managing the human disasters, the international community is discriminating (Janzekovic, 2006).  He also stated that with no basic compassion for fellow human, humanitarianism will probably discarded as an optimistic thought. Humanitarianism is considered as assumptions. The basic assumptions are human values, which are significant, how human care for each other is significant and certain human behaviors are present which are supposed to be suitable and others supposed to be inapt (Jin, 2008).

I agree with Janzekovic's argumentation that unselfishness is considered as the key value of humanitarianism (Janzekovic, 2006). Nevertheless, I also agree that his argument is too simple about humanitarianism. Good intents are not a reasonable source for action, not even the wish to act good or good intentions to perform good means individual is actually assisting (Orgad and Seu, 2014). Janzekovic’s argumentation fell short to discover the irony at the center of humanitarianism action. The author Terry listed examples like Afghan camps in Pakistan where the help was introduced into fragmented stated, increased violence was initiated more willingly than reducing suffering of the common people.
2. Global Humanitarian Assistance of Australia offered almost US$357 million for different humanitarian emergencies (Global Humanitarian Assistance, 2015). It places a well-built importance on the implementation of early recuperation with enduring development and humanitarian action. Early recuperation is considered as a main element of humanitarian action and offers a stage on which feasible expansion can continue. The great majority of humanitarian funding was in the structure of urgent food aid. Almost half of the percentage of humanitarian aid was spent on the prevention of disaster and vigilance between the year 2005 and 2009.
In spite of the evidentially low level of humanitarian adversity risk diminution investment, mom-humanitarian assistance flows were also used to dealing with the basic reasons of humanitarian requirements to a noteworthy extent. Hence, the assistance associated with humanitarianism should be measured in this broader context of assistance investments in the impact and cause of the humanitarian crisis. Global Humanitarian Assistance is said to be the growth initiative program which obtains grant funding from Canada, the Netherlands, Sweden, the United Kingdom and Denmark governments for its constant analysis of assistance flows to individuals existing in humanitarian crises (Global Humanitarian Assistance, 2015). Humanitarian aids are commonly accepted to represent the help and action aimed to alleviate suffering, save lives, protect individual dignity and maintain human wellbeing and in the consequences of natural disasters and human-made crises, plus  to strengthen and prevent the vigilance for the incidence of such circumstances.




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