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Jim And Bob Demonstrated Leadership Skill

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Discuss about the Jim And Bob Demonstrated Leadership Skill.


Project Management (PM) Leadership

In the case, both Jim and Bob demonstrated leadership skill in the case given. Bob More had been an exceptional proficient organizer in a large commercial construction for 25 years as mentioned in the case study. Bob demonstrated good leadership in his work and clients always wanted him to supervise their construction. Bob was also in charge of the $34 million dollar university classroom project and he ensured the project went smoothly before the spring and winter months brought a lot of rain. Jim Rains who was a newly hired demonstrated good leadership and he was learning and taking responsibilities in management as the project proceeded. Jim also was faced with a tough decision when Bob approached him on the issue of billing carpenters' working hours on the project. He demonstrated good leadership by talking to Bob and advised to stop billing hours carpenters worked in Bob's house on the project telling him it is unethical. As a good leader, one must follow protocol and he demonstrated this by talking to Bob instead of going directly to the project manager.

Project Management (PM) Execution

The execution of the project was going well and only the rain disrupted the smooth running of the project. The project was proceeding well and Jim was learning a lot of management skills every day. Bob also tried to keep the project going even during the rainy season by assigning carpenters other tasks such sweeping floors that were already on roof. The Carpenters were also had to work for 3 days in a week sometimes but Jim need not like to send them home for the fear of losing workers for the project. The alternative to the current process going on is to halt the project during the rainy season but this would negatively impact the project especially regarding the expected date of completion. The other alternative would be to pay the workers for the hours they have worked but this would really discourage the workers and they would not show up on the next workday.


Project Management (PM) Risk Analysis

Risk analysis is very important in project management since it helps project managers be aware of potential challenges in the project execution and alternative solutions to mitigate the risks.  The project plan should have identified risk scheduling risks in the project. Natural factors such as rain are expected during the winter and spring season, therefore, the plan should have considered this and come up with a solution prior to the commencing of the project [1]. The project mitigation plan to this risk of bad weather could be scheduling the project to take place during the season with low rain probability.

Ethics Assessment

The case brings up ethical concerns that are going against the law and the PMI code of conduct as well as Professional conduct. Bob was sending carpenters to work in his house on some of the rainy days and he wanted to bill this work on the project. This is against the PMI code of ethics as it violets the responsibility and honesty standards [3]. The code requires professional project majors not to use their position to influence the decisions of others for personal benefits. Bob was using his position to use carpenters to do his personal work at home and wanted to influence Jim to make the decision of siding with him. The honesty standards in PMI code of ethics requires project management profession to provide accurate information but Bob's intentions of paying carpenters for work done at his home using the project budget was going against this standard.

Ethics Alternatives

Bob had the alternative of giving the accurate information concerning the working of the carpenters. Not giving the accurate information would have made him lose his job and even ruin the reputation he had built for 25 years [3]. Giving accurate information would make him a good example to Jim who was new in the sector. Jim on his side had the alternative of reporting Bob to the project manager. This would be a demonstration of trustworthy but also it would ruin his relationship with Jim. This alternative would also not be taken well since Bob had established his reputation in the company.

Ethics Analysis

Jim made a decision of warning Bob against billing carpenters on the project budget instead of going to report directly to the office. According to PMI Ethical Decision Framework, he had all the facts about the ethical dilemma and he considered his alternatives before making the decision. He made a good decision of warning Bob since he had not committed the ethical misconduct yet and the warning could have changed his mind to follow PMI code of conduct.

Ethics Applications

The choice of reporting Bob to the project manager or the appropriate office would be for the greatest good since the company would save the unnecessary cost. Bob would also learn the importance of honesty and use his position responsibly [8]. The choice would be fair and beneficial to all the concerned. The choice would benefit Bob in ensuring he is responsible and also saves the company from unnecessary costs.

Ethics Action

I think Jim made a good decision of warning Bob instead of going to report him to the project manager. He applied the PMI framework for making decisions well since he analyzed all the alternative decisions after gathering his facts [6]. It is important to use the PMI ethical decision-making framework when we are faced with a dilemma in project management to ensure ethical conduct.



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