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Language And Learning: Children And Adults

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Discuss about the Language and Learning for Children and Adults.




The advent of technology can be felt in every aspect of life. Starting from kid to an adult, technology makes its presence felt in very individual. The video game is one such phenomenon that have affected the children and adults. Starting from common games, there are serious once for the adults. Thus, it has become necessary to evaluate the effect of the video games in the minds of the people. While some feel that the video games are having adverse effect, some believe that the effects cannot be that much adverse. The argument of various authors will be helpful in throwing some light on the fact that whether the games have negative or positive effects.

Adachi and Willoughby discusses the negative effects if video games in the lives of the children (Adachi and Willoughby 2011). However, while discussing about the negative effects, they did not talked about the factors like increase in competitiveness and spontaneity among the children. However, the authors mentioned the general aggression model that was introduced by Bushman and Anderson. The model talks about the fact there is a cyclical relationship between the environment and the individual. If a child or a teenager is constantly exposed to video games, then even if he or she bumps into anyone will get angry thinking that the bump was intentional. The authors especially pointed out on the discrepancy of judging the video games in the basis of violent or non-violent. According to the authors, video games, violent or non-violent should be equated based on competitiveness rather than just judging the video games on non-violent or violent content. Authors further suggest that if violent and non-violent video games produce equal level of aggression among the players as far as the competitiveness, action level of difficulty is concerned, then it should be concluded that violence in the video games has increased with the aggressiveness among the individuals.

The author, Craig A. Anderson carried out a study in the level of aggression based on the video games. Anderson discussed that the video games itself yielded a different kind of aggression among the children who are playing them (Anderson  2004). Thus, the author believed that if the kids were more prone to video games with violent content, then they level of aggression would rise accordingly.


When a lot has been written on the adverse effects of video games, the authors, Osswald and Greitemeyer believe that prosocial video games can reduce the aggressive nature of the child. A child may develop the urge to donate to charity by relating to the fact that the negative things in the society should be stopped (Greitemeyer and Osswald 2009). In addition this, the child may develop the need to that he should protect himself or herself from any danger as shown  in the video games

Tobias Greitemeyer supported this idea of prosocial media. The author believed that if the children is expended to prosocial media like songs and music, their behavior will change accordingly (Greitemeyer 2009). Thus, if any video games come with good music will help in changing the behavior of the person who is playing it. Nowadays game come with good music and hence it will help in changing the attitude of the individual.

The authors, Anderson and Swing believe that video games can be used as a teaching tool to the people who are playing it. It can be a method of holding the attention for the player. The player will learn about maintaining clear objective whenever, he or she is handling other activities (Swing and Anderson 2008). Moreover, the video games can act as motivation both intrinsic and extrinsic. The extrinsic motivation is in the form of the pint sands the intrinsic motivation is the level of competition. The person who is playing the video games will be able to understand the motivations in real life as well.

The changes in the behaviour of the individual were further supported by Bruce D. Bartholow and Marc A. Sestir based on the short-term, and long–term effect. The study suggested that an individual might show an aggressive behavior when exposed to violent video games but that behavior will be short-term (Sestir and Bartholow 2010). However, the similar person might not show the similar effect when he or she is studied after a period when the person has played the violent video in the past. Thus, the time of studying the person varies according to the time when the person is being studied.

Isabela Granic, Adam Lobel, and Rutger C. M. E. Engels talked about the benefits of paying video games and their argument cannot be overlooked. The video games build self-confidence in the individual and that he or she will be able to complete challenge (Granic, Lobel and Engels 2014). Most of the video games come with a challenge that the player has to fulfill. Once a person the video games regularly, the person will develop this feeling that or she can carry out any job in real life. Thus, when the person will be introduced to real life challenges, he might relate to the video games and accept the challenge. Chances are high hat these individual will be benefited by such actions. It is up to the psychology of a person on how he or she makes use of the video games. It is not always necessary that the video games will negatively affect the person (Fischer, Kastenmüller and Greitemeyer 2010).

After critically reviewing various perspectives of the individuals, it can be said that th positive effect of the video games has been overlooked for long. In addition to this, the type of the character of an individual is hugely responsible for the effect of the games. The wrong side of the games will affect a person who does not have a control over self. On the contrary, a strong-willed person will be able to judge the difference between the virtual and the real world. A person might get aggressive violence in the games. On the contrary, it can help in building self-confidence and motivation. 



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