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Language And Learning For Discipline : Appropriate Learning Structure

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Question: Describe about the Language and learning for Discipline for Appropriate Learning Structure.   Answer: Introduction: A proper and an appropriate learning structure is created by the learning plan which provides the platform for achieving the basics objective of learning. The preparation of the report is intended to make an evaluation of the learning experience and development. The various objectives of learning specifies the skills, new knowledge that a learner accomplish after he or she has undertaken the learning experience. The learning plan helps in achieving the overall objectives of the learning (Benson, 2013). The learning needs that would help in enhancing my academic writing and improving my time management, skills of critical thinking and growth mindset development. The learning requirement has been discussed with reference to the goals, the resources, strategies and the identified constraints. The above listed elements are the components of academic writing which concentrates specifically on the language learning. Improving my Academic Writing: Academic writing is nothing but putting forth the research and the scholar’s ideas to the academic peers and is usually confined to the academic crop of people who are domain specific. In order to put the work efficiently, the academic writers needs to get adapted to observing certain etiquettes and strong academic rhetoric. The content of the writing needs to be ably framed so that the users must not face the hassles. The colloquial phrases, language verbosity and the run on sentences needs to be avoided. The content of the writing should be in line with the established facts and has to be well founded (Freedman et al, 2014). The characteristics of a good academic writing are as follows: Precision- The facts and figures in the academic writing has to be given precisely Accuracy- the vocabulary should be used accurately as most of the subjects have words that are of narrow meaning and the linguistics make the distinction between the ‘phonemics and phonetics’. Complexity- The written language involves more complex language and has longer words and consist of varies vocabulary and make use of the noun based phrases and the written texts has more complexity of grammar. It also include passives and subordinate clauses. Objectivity- language written in the writing form has a fewer words that is referred to the reader or the writer and therefore the information contained in the writing should emphasize on the main content and the arguments you want to make. Formality- this feature of the writing indicates that the writing should avoid the use of expressions and colloquial words. Responsibility- the writer should be responsible enough to provide the justification and proper evidence for the claim made in the writing and should demonstrate the understanding of the text used in the writing. Learn to reference in APA 6th edition: The referencing in APA is used for the citation of the various sources and is commonly used in the social sciences and the style uses the method of author date citation. There is direct and indirect quotation used in the APA. The APA format is one of the format for writing used for publication, essays and books. The style is established by the American Psychological association and it’s begin with the title and is followed by the name in the next line and the name of the organization or school. After the basic information has been provided the inclusion of the author note is optional. Running head is also included in the APA style (Richards & Rodgers, 2014). The necessary part of the APA style is Citation which depicts the users the source of research and ideas. The direct quotation from the original work should not be used in order to avoid the plagiarism. The paraphrasing should be done in accordance with the necessary citation and the references used are the magazines, journals, books, newspaper and websites and various genuine resources. Recognizing the plagiarism is the main objective of the report presented here and the plagiarism in the report has been avoided by making the reference to the APA 6th edition style. I was not having clear idea about the way of writing but most of the doubts and misconception about is got resolved and I was able to rectify my prior mistakes. This also provided me the platform to learn much about the academic integrity and the hesitation while referencing was removed as I was well equipped with the knowledge of referencing using this particular style.        I also came across several other styles of references used in the academic writing and learned about them also. The plagiarism would be prevented if at the end of the assignment, the various aspects of the source should be provided in the reference list as reference and this would include using the quotation marks and APA style of formatting along with the in text citation . The in text citation would consist of page number, year of publication and the name of authors. Doing this would reflect the original content of the source of writing from where it has taken from (Sharan & Shachar, H. 2012). Learning outcomes is the description of what I have learned while writing and demonstrating the skills and the knowledge acquired. I was not well acquainted with the citation method and the plagiarism and therefore I enhanced my knowledge in this regard by attending the lectures and reviewing the tutorials and study guide guided me to gain the knowledge. The software which assisted me in detecting the plagiarism is the use of the Turnitin and turnitin is such technology which has heled me in improving my writing and it closed the loop of feedback between me and the instructors. It engaged me throughout my process of learning with the targeted feedback. The originality of the documented presented by me was checked using the turnitin and checked my work for the citation that may not be proper. The software make the comparison with the academic database for checking the potential plagiarism. It also allowed me to view my original format which I used to submit and my original texting, formatting was easily viewed by the instructors (Smith & Candlin, 2014).   Developing a Growth Mindset: The thoughts that is the thinking ability of the researchers are extremely vital for the success develop a Growth Mindset. The growth mindset is basically the belief of the people that the basic abilities of the people is developed through the hard work and dedication that is talent and brain of the people is the starting point. This forms the basis of learning and is essential for the accomplishment and the growth mindset shapes the understanding of the learning. The students having the planned program would be able to enhance their skills and help them in performing better. The growth mindset helps the student in taking the challenges and gaining the knowledges from them and it helps them in achieving and increasing their abilities. The hard work and the efforts cultivates the growth mindset. Dr Dweck discovery of growth mindset helps in shaping the understanding of the learning. The growth mindset of the students is promoted through the learning plan and helps in reaping the profits. Dweck found that the growth mind

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