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Leadership And Management In Health Care: Leadership Add in library

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Describing the differing approaches of nursing leaders and managers to issues in practice?


According to Welding (2015) retention of nurses is being more difficult for health care organizations although the number of students in nursing schools is increasing rapidly. Spence et al. (2012) sates that the tendency of leaving   an   organization is observed more among newly appointed nurses. However ,this tendency of newly graduated nurses  not only leads  to  shortage in  workforce  of a  hospital , but also  causes  financial losses. Most of the nurse leaves organization due to lack of job satisfaction, high work pressure and emotional stress. According to Schilpzand et al. (2014) arranging of only orientation programs in   health care organizations is not sufficient for retaining nurses, nature of management also impacts on   turnover of nurses. The current essay deals with analysis on the impact of leadership and management styles on nurse turnover rates. On basis of this analysis, the best fitted approach for retaining nurses is also identified.

Approaches of leaders for resolving nursing shortage and turn over problems: According to Laschinger et al. (2015) most of the young nurses do not possess abilities for doing their tasks efficiently. Often these nurses fail to implement their academic knowledge in real life cases. As these new graduates lack efficiency for completing their tasks, they become mentally stressed. Apart from this, high pressure of work also reduces their level of commitment towards an organization. In case of experienced nurses, it is observed that lack of job satisfaction influences the decision of leaving organization greatly.

Perez (2014) opines that  leaders  in an organization deals with  tasks  for empowering  employees  whereas the  mangers  are responsible  for more formal tasks  such as  decision making. However in case of nursing often the roles of leaders and mangers overlap. Managers of an organization in health care sector require being engaged with tasks related with empowering and encouraging employees to optimize the strength of available workforce. However the level of commitment of a staff towards organization can be influenced by leaders. Different approaches of management for resolving nursing shortage and turn over problems impact differently on retention of nurses.

Laschinger et al. (2015) suggested that implementation of resonant leadership approach   is effective for reducing   turnover rate for nurses. According to Duffield et al. (2010) leaders in nursing require following positive leadership style for utilizing their work force more efficiently. In nursing incivility   in workplace is one of the most important factors which influence nurses to leave their job.  As the new nurses lack sufficient experiences for handling critical situations, they experience most of the incidents related with incivility. However, facing such incidents or a long period reduces motivational level of new nurses and leads to increased turnover rate. As implementation of resonant leadership model enables managers to empower nurses. As a result, the nurses get more opportunity for learning from their daily tasks. Application of positive leadership style also increase job satisfaction level for experienced nurse and thus its application at organization leads to reduction in turnover rate.

Although high work pressure is one of the major factors which   impacts on the turnover rate of new nurses, there are other factors also which enhances the rate of turnover. As stated by Frankel (2015) workplace bullying can be considered as another major factor for increasing the turnover rates among nurses. However, incidents of bullying mainly impacts on the turnover rate of new nurses. Often the tasks done by less experienced nurses a do not get proper value in organization.  Such incidents reduce the motivation level of nurse and also reduce the strength of workforce. Spence Laschinger et al. (2012) states that implementation of authentic leadership approach can reduce the negative impacts of workplace bullying on new nurses. A authentic  leaders  focus  in  building  trusted relationship  e with  subordinates, implementation  of this approach in nursing  enables  leaders to   encourage new  nurses  for   improving their skills.

 Analysis on Resonant and authentic leadership in nursing reflects that both leadership   approaches focus on encouraging employees for improving their performance through maintaining positive environment at workplace. The leaders who use resonant approach for    retaining nurses emphasize on empowering subordinates so that they can get more opportunity for learning. On other hand, leaders who use authentic leadership style focuses on reducing stress from employees by providing them realistic targets.


The rate of  turnover in  nursing   increases  not  only  due  to  environment of  workplace,  the   lack of  job satisfaction and  reduced commitment towards organization also restricts   organization to retain nurses. On basis of the   above analysis, use of resonant approach can be considered as more effective for retaining nurses. As the rate of turnover is increasing among   both experienced and new nurses, application of resonant approach enables leaders to make the experienced nurses more committed towards organization. Apart from this, use of this approach also enables management to provide the new employees with sufficient opportunities for learning. Use of resonant approach enables the management to develop an efficient team of nurses. Huber (2014) opines that   application of resonant approach for resolving the problems related with high turnover and workforce shortage is beneficial for an organization on long term basis. However Perez (2014) considers that adaptation of a single approach may not be effective for resolving all the problems regarding employee retention. As the nature of staffs varies greatly in different organizations, managers require modifying any model according to their needs. Apart from this, management also can develop any hybrid approach using the conventional leadership approaches for resolving the problems more efficiently.

 Analysis made in the current essay indicates that both managers and leaders of an organization   in health sector require working together for eliminating the problems of employee turnover. However the approaches of resolving such problems can vary according to the need of organization. Although   use of resonant approach is beneficial for reducing the rate of turnover and developing efficient team, leaders also can use authentic style for getting results within the short time. Analysis of the turnover trends indicate that most of the nurses leave their organization within one year of joining. It indicates that the management of health care organizations requires providing new employees with flexible working environment. However the   management also requires focusing on experienced employees while developing retention policies to reduce turnover rate.



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