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Learning Organization: Nissan Motor Corporation Add in library

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Background of the organization

Nissan motor Corporation is known for the innovative products and services that they offer. Most of the products that are offered by the organization are an insight into the future and hence, most of the customers are attracted to this product. This organization is a global company and hence, they consider the complete world as their market. This company has been in existence since 1933 and today they have their manufacturing plant set up in 20 countries. Apart from manufacturing, this company has their presence in more than 160 countries as Nissan Motors are loved by people from different corners of the world (Nissan Global 2014).


Nissan as a learning organization

Nissan believes in Two-dimensional model of learning organization. The structure and the culture of Nissan Motors Corporation is enhanced in such a way that the learning in the organizational environment is motivated rather than that of being curbed. Similarly, all the employees in the organization are motivated to learn so that they can grow along with the betterment of the organization. Nissan Motors looks for ways by which the learning of the employees in the organization is motivated rather than that of being stagnant. The management believes that the organization will become frustrating if the employees are asked to do the same thing repetitively.

Employees at Nissan Motors Corporation are motivated to undertake new activities so that they can get recognition or incentives. This will motivate the employees to try something new so that they can continuously learn something that will help them to grow and also will help the organization to grow. The employees are given the confidence that they can perform and the employees are given the trust that they can trust the management and talk to them for any issues that they face. The employees are motivated in the right way so that they can come up with ideas that are in sync with the organizational objectives (dspace n.d.).

Information technology at Nissan Motor Corporation

Nissan Motor Corporation is well aware that the organization cannot survive without the help of technology and hence, it keeps a track of the existing technologies that are prevalent in the market. Technological upgradation takes place continuously so that the employees as well as the management of the organization can be connected with that of each other. There are plenty of things happening in the organization as the employees come up with things at regular intervals. A proper intranet is in place in the organization and hence, the creativity of the employees is updated on the intranet. The management is updated with the ideas and hence, they accordingly approve and implement it in the organization.

Employees at Nissan Motor Corporation are given technological training on continuous basis. This helps the employees in the organization to be completely updated with the technology that is used in the organization. The appropriate training helps the employees in the organization to improve on continuous basis and at the same time, the manual efforts are reduced to a large extent (Najafbagy 2010).


Socialization based tools at Nissan Motor

Nissan Motors Corporation has an internal communication tool wherein the employees can communicate with that of each other. Apart from that, Nissan’s internal social network is also available. All the current and ex-employees of Nissan is available on that platform. This helps the employees to share knowledge about the various processes and technologies in the organization. All the employees, from all the departments are connected with the help of this social networking site. This brings employees from different Nissan Motor Corporation locations together. Employees are motivated to share their knowledge and understanding so that a better place for learning can be created.

Changes at Nissan in the last 5 years

5 years back, the employees in the organization were recognized by word of mouth communication but that is not the case anymore. Initially, the management wasn’t able to recognize all the efforts of the employees but that’s not the case anymore. Most of the reports in the past were manual but today it is system generated and hence, the possibility of errors is less.


The employees at the organization should be given the incentives so that the employees are motivated to put in more efforts. The efforts of the employees should be recognized in front of all the staff so that the employees feel proud about the achievement that they have done. The needs of the employees should be recognized so that they can be trained accordingly.



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