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Letter To The Editor Of The Daily Advertiser Add in library

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After reading the background provided by Lloyd and excerpts from delegates at New York’s ratification convention, put on your liberty cap and write a letter to the editor of the Daily Advertiser (popular New York newspaper in the 1780s) that either supports or opposes ratification (whichever side you were assigned) of the proposed Constitution.

Get In Character: For this assignment you are to assume the voice of an American living in New York state during the late 1780s. This means you can use the first person and present tense. You can take on the identity of a real historical figure from the NY ratifying convention OR create a historical New Yorker persona (such as a yeoman farmer from Albany County or a merchant from New York City). Finally, you must Date your letter so that its content accurately reflects the discussion and timing of New York's ratification debates as well as the broader ratification process. This is where the Lloyd materials will come in handy.
Your letter should be no more than one page (typed, single-spaced). Your argument should address WHY you support or oppose the Constitution. Do not simply take a position in favor or against. Create a thesis by answering this question: I support/oppose the proposed Constitution because... Avoid a laundry list of reasons (I oppose the Constitution because it centralizes power, threatens civil liberty, and benefits the rich at the expense of the poor.) Instead, develop a thesis that focuses on a common theme/issue that would be most important to your "person". Let's say I'm writing as Alexander Hamilton. A possible thesis might be: The proposed Constitution is the best way to secure our revolution. Consider the themes identified by Bissell/Shannon.








The Chief Editor,

Daily Advertiser,

New York City.

Subject: - Regarding the New York’s convention ratification

Dear Sir,

This is concerning that the outcome which you have published in your newspaper regarding the New York’s convention ratification is the perfect picture of being selected and liked by the people of United States, as it consists of some very useful information regarding the ratification of the nine out of thirteen states in the United States territory. Since the time when the New York ratification process started that is on June 17, 1788 Governor George Clinton has been unanimously selected as the President of the convention. When came to what are the effects of this ratification on the New Yorkers I came to the conclusion that is will support the ratification. This is all happen due your hard work and ethical nature to show what exactly is going on in the ratification process. I support the ratification because it is quite beneficial for the small farmers like me who can generate handsome money if the sea routes will get open for the New England and nearby cities to trade the goods. The most important aspects of this ratification are:-

  • According to the news if this ratification outcome will be positive that it can bring federalist government into action and make the system of the processes more centralized and more stable between the states of New York. This will help bring the sustainability in the lives of all the middle class workers like me and help in improving the life style of the people in future (Bissell & Shannon).

  • Due to instable system that is prevailed in the country, the middle class people suffer the most because they don’t have any strong links or knowledge to show what the problems which we are facing, I support it because this will bring a stronger government which will be capable of acting independently in states so that the country could pursue its economy and make better system which will benefit us to make our more safe and healthy (Bissell & Shannon).

  • If I take into consideration about the countries development as a whole then the point which I like the most to boost up the diplomatic interests more effectively which will raise the relationship between the different foreign powers and also with the Indian nations. This will make our country much stronger then it was before (Bissell & Shannon).

  • Another good news which attract me the most is the introduction of the own taxation power, this will help in generating revenues for the country and will be used in bringing sustainability in the system. This will make our country financially independent and we will be able to pay off the debts at home and abroad. This will show us the way to fully independent from other countries and can be much stringer as a nation in the future (Bissell & Shannon).

By writing this letter I just want share the feelings which comes out after listening about the ratification of New York and its effects on the lines of the Americans. I love U.S and want to see it at the top of the world. So that nobody in this world could match in every aspects of the living. With a little request I just want to conclude my letter, that please give us timely updates of things which will going to be happen so that we could visualize our better future.

Thank you


James Tytler

Farmer, Ulster County


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