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What are the  major part of any company’s investment? Explain.



For any organization, it is very well known that the most important asset are its employees. The major part of any company’s investment also comprise of the salary given to its employees. So, it is very important for any company to manage their employees in the best possible manner so that the employees remain motivated to put their complete efforts towards the achievement of the goals of the company. Here the manager play a very important role in managing their employees and hence they should have proper managerial skills which are required. The manager carry a major responsibility to bind the team and get work out of them (Soininen, 2014). They need to be very friendly with their employees, listen to their concerns, and finally resolve if any issues exist. It is the responsibility of the managers to train their employees properly, execute effective performance management, award their better performers and carry out team building activities. This starts from the very first step of hiring the right people for different jobs in the company. It is the responsibility of the managers to clearly set the expectation from the employees and motivate the employees to achieve more from what is expected (Song, 2014). It is also important for the managers to reward the employees for their contribution, appreciate on a regular basis for better performances and recognizing the good work done by the employees. At the same time, it is also the responsibility of the managers to encourage the employees to take the total ownership of various tasks and take the responsibility if any action is not completed as per the expectation or the deadline is missed. It is one of the most important role of the managers to develop the attitude of accountability among the employees. It is also important that the managers ensure that the employees are being provided safe environment to work. The managers are responsible for the providing a proper career path to the employees and help them grow in the company gradually. They need to provide the employees proper benefits and keep them informed about the employment policies. They should also be given some sort of freedom to work in the way they want (Winston, 2013).

What is the importance of a manger in an organization?

A manager play a very important role in any organization. Most of the roles has been mentioned in the introduction part. In a nutshell the managers are the ones who enable the normal functioning of a company. They are the building bricks for any company and works as an adhesive who bring together members of any team and get the work out of them. For this it is very important for them to maintain a friendly working environment and ensure that there are no conflicts between the members of any team. The managers has to deal with their employees like a supportive aid and help them with their issues (Dwyer, 2013). The managers have to also manage the training and development of the employees so that the employees should be satisfied with their growth in the organization. They are the people who set up an image of the organization in the eyes of the clients, competitors, employees, investors and the common people (Fung, 2015).

Organization Behavior is a very vast topic and basically comprising of the study of the behavior of the people in any organization. As it is already known that that the most important asset for any organization are their employees. It is very important for the organization to keep their employees happy and satisfied so that they can deliver as per their maximum potential. To ensure this happens, it is necessary to understand their behavior and act accordingly (Lange, 2013). It is not an easy task as there are many challenges that are associated with this. Every individual in an organization is different from each other and to manage all of them at once with same rules and guidelines is taxing for the management of any organization. It is very important for any organization that their employees work as a team and deliver. Organization Behavior deals with the study and analysis of behavior of the employees in any organizational environment. It is basically the study of the linkage between the organizational setup and related human behavior. The employees send most of their time in the organization, hence they need to have a friendly and vibrant environment for work otherwise it will be a very monotonous and boring schedule (Engle, 2016). For this, every organization should take steps and help the employees to always remain motivated.


Are managerial skills involved in the above case study? In such situations what is the responsibility of a manager as a professional?

Here we are discussing about the case study of Duke where most of its operating budget i.e. approximately 60% is spent on the employee. Hence it is derived that major part of its investment is on the employees and hence it is really important for the managers at Duke to make sure that this investment gives the maximum returns in the form of the output of the business and developing a good brand in the market (Roussy, 2013). The motive of the Duke Company is to make sure they create an environment which is employee friendly and support them to advance the Duke’s mission of education, research and patient care and in the future. In such a company it is very important for the managers to keep their employees satisfied, hire the right people for their institution, help their staff to work to their potential and reward them time to time to keep them motivated to work better every day. The Case study depicts that managers has to perform all their roles which are employee centric and needs to take care of the employees of Duke as their baby (Smith, 2013).

The major roles of the manager for Duke can be shortlisted as below:

  • Lead as an example to set standards for their employees
  • Manage their team very effectively
  • Train and coach the employees with best facilities available
  • Have a robust hiring process to pick the right person for the right position on the organization
  • Measure the performance of the employees through a proper performance management system,
  • Provide rewards, awards to the employees accordingly
  • Help employees to improve their performance
  • Take proper action against low performers.

The roles of the manager can also be explained in a form of different stages like (Fletcher, 2016):

Planning, Organizing, Staffing, Directing and Controlling where every step involves employees.

As a manager of Duke, Is the Manager doing all that is within ones power to affect proper management?

The case study shows that the managers are doing a good job in managing their employees effectively. They provide enough freedom to their employees to work in the way they prefer and give them proper guidelines to follow. They make sure they elect the right candidate for different jobs at Duke. The managers are doing their bit to keep the employees motivated and develop different skills among their employees. Duke being such a large company and all its need is to improve the services provided to the employees (Wong, 2014). From the case study, it is depicted that the employees are sticking to the company which shows that managers are doing their part to help employees remain loyal to the company. This can be concluded as they is no mention of the high attrition rate of the company. The work is also effectively done and the results of the company is also satisfactory since last few years. There is no mention of the direct financial results but the effectiveness of the work reveals that it must be the case.

They are taking care of the following cases:

1) Proper Pay administration

2) Performance management

3) Managing employees time very effectively

4) Employee recognition

All the above roles of the managers are properly executed at Duke. There can be areas where there is a little scope of improvement but still the performance of the managers are satisfactory at Duke.



The Company Duke is doing a good job on the front of the performance because of the proper execution of the roles of their managers. Their investment on employees is huge and they are making sure that this investment is paying off them well.



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