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Manage Innovation And Continuous Improvement : Turner Add in library

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Prepare a report which addresses the current issues within Turner's Toy Warehouse and to create a clear system whereby innovation and continuous improvement will become a standard part of business practic?





Turners Toy Warehouse is a toy distribution company operates in Melbourne and distributes the toys to the retailers in Victoria. It has been seen from the analysis that the company has potential to improve its sales and condition in the warehouse by enhancing the performance of its employees and changing the strategies that are followed by the company to earn more profit and gain more market share (Hastings, 2008).

Improvement of current process

Current Process

Suggested improvements

Packing and distribution

By introducing new methods and technologies to speed up the process.

Employee Absenteeism

Cross skilling and employee training

Establish Performance measures


Current performance

Performance target to achieve 10% productivity improvement


80 minutes

Reducing average time for order processing by 8mins



Reducing average cost by $20



Reducing quality errors by 0.5%



Increase the average quantity of orders from 50 to 55.



Changing trends relevant to the company


Effect on turners Toy Warehouse

10% increase in production

Will decrease the time between the order and supply

Increase in performance

Increase the productivity


Performance strategies

The performance strategies are as follows:

  • Training the employees to work in different field with more efficiency and enhanced performance.
  • Introducing new technologies for fast packing and distribution of the products.
  • Reducing the stages in performance for reducing the time and cost of production and distribution.

Communication plan


Means of communication

Purpose of communication

Time and Location

Person accountable



To increase stock of raw materials

Working hours

Sales Manager



Clearing stock of finished goods

Working hours

Purchase Manager


E-mail/ meetings

Training them and getting their feedback

Working hours in the Warehouse

Manager/ supervisor


E-mail/ meetings

Getting their feedbacks

Working hours in the office


Management team

E-mail/ meetings

Getting their feedbacks

Working hours in the office




System to manage ideas and staff rewards

Idea management system will help Tina to get feedback from his employees and workers in the organization or people related with the organization (Murray, 2013). This system is online software that helps to make the communication between the employees and the management easier and helps the managers to control the working of the organization easily and efficiently. This system will help Tina to know the loop holes in the organization and will help her to improve the problems and exclude the risk involved in the daily operation of the organization.

Environmental management system

It is important to see that the working of the organization does not affect the environment adversely. The organization must take care of the environmental issue while planning any operation of an organization. For this it requires an environmental management system that takes care of the environmental issues that are related with the working of the organization. This helps the organization to maintain its environmental ethics and legal boundary regarding the environment.

Implement and evaluating transition plans

The transitional plan is as follows:

  • To increase production to increase sales by 10%.
  • This goal can be achieved by enhancing the performance of the employees and changing some technical methods of working in the organization.
  • The management needs to communicate the new plans with the employees and other members related with the organization to get their feedback to make more necessary changes as per the feedback of the people.
  • Implementing the new strategies and plans to achieve the new goal of the organization.
  • Keeping a strict monitoring on the process of the plan by checking the working and performance of the organization on a regular basis (Quay, 2003). This helps to evaluate the transitional plans implemented by the organization to meet up the new targets and achieve its goal.



Evaluate the continuous improvement process

  1. The company will earn more profit by increasing the turnover.
  2. The productivity of the company will increase and the time period between the order and the delivery will reduce that will lead to increased customer satisfaction.
  3. The continuous improvement process will enhance the individual performance in the organization that will further enhance the performance of the organization.

Risk assessment




Mitigation measures

Failure of the training session



Proper training session must be done and employees’ feedback must be taken on the training sessions

Failure to use the new technologies



Proper training can reduce this risk

Failure of the plans



Proper feedback and decision can reduce the risk



Communicating cost and benefits of proposed innovation

What would you communicate?

Why communicate this information?

Who would you communicate this information to?

Who is responsible for delivering message?

Increase purchase of products

To increase the stock of goods


Purchase manager

High productivity and available supply

To increase the sales


Sales manager

New strategies and plans

To enhance performance of the employees and the organization


HR manager




Hastings, H. (2008). Improve your marketing to grow your business. Upper Saddle River, N.J.: Wharton School Pub.

Murray, L. (2013). Leveraging continuous improvement for cost management, profitability and innovation. CFW Plexus, (AACCI 2013 Annual Meeting).

Quay, A. (2003). Manage innovation and continuous improvement. Chatswood, N.S.W.: Software Publications.

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