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Develop a work plan for a workplace you are familiar with (or Simulated workplace). The plan should include the following areas:

  • Provide a brief overview of the organization and the operation of the workgroup.
  • Identify stakeholders and describe the communication processes relating to work allocation and determination of available resources.
  • Describe the relationship between the work plan and the operation plan.
  • Explain how work has been allocated to meet efficiency targets, cost effectiveness and required outcomes.
  • Explain the process for confirming performance standards, code of conduct and work outputs and processes with relevant teams and individuals.
  • Explain the process for agreeing the performance indicators with staff.
  • Outline the results of risk analysis undertaken in accordance with the organizational risk management plan and legal requirements.
  • Outline relevant underpinning legislation that must be complied with (OHS, EEO, Antidiscrimination, industrial agreements)
  • Outline the process for monitoring and evaluating performance on a continuous basis.
  • Outline the performance management and review processes used to ensure consistency with organizational objectives and policies.
  • Outline the process for training participants in the performance management and review process.


1.0 Introduction:

In order to maintain the flow of work in an organization, preparing of work plan is typically essential. In this current research report the researcher is going to shed light on the work planning seems to be followed by KFC, Australia. The special focus of workgroup development in this research work is the restaurant waiters.

2.0 A Brief Overview of the Organization:

Among one of the fast growing fast food chains of the Australian continent, KFC appears to be the intensive one. Despite originated from America, Van Dooren (2011) has observed in the past 5 years KFC has crossed its national boundary. In 2013 the organization has acquired $23 billion by conducting its business in the different outlets across the globe (Guerra-Lapez, 2014). In Australian continent KFC has significantly expanded its business dimension. Among the tough- smacking food products marketed by KFC are Fried Chicken, French Fries, Chicken Burger and so many (, 2015). In order to conduct its business, KFC shares the same crown and also stands a step ahead of McDonalds, Pizza Hut, Dominos and other fast food retailing chains. The objective of the bank, as noted by Newcomer and Caudle (2011), is to serve its customers and appease their appetite which may significantly help them to visit the outlet once again. The workgroup maintained by KFC targets at fulfilling the social, ethical and economical responsibilities.

3.0 Stakeholder Analysis:

For KFC, essentially managing and controlling of its stakeholders is literally helpful for the economical and financial development. The genuine stakeholders of KFC are:
  • Customers
  • Staffs
  • Investors
  • Shareholders

For the restaurant waiters the area of managing the stakeholders is customers and the other fellow staffs and colleagues. As providing a good and sophisticated service to the customers is stated to be the main target of the organization, the restaurant waiters, therefore, need to be aware in their activities (Dandira, 2011). This is to make sure that the customers never feel disappointed by the service.

A research of Chung and Wee (2012) identify that in every month, each outlet of KFC in Australia receives a footfall of 70 thousand. Therefore, the communication between the customers and the restaurant waiters is needed to be intrinsic in nature. The persons responsible of allocation of orders are also needed to be convenient so that the pressure must not fall on a single person. Keeping the staffs together and satisfied in a workgroup is the most essential approach needed to be followed.

4.0 Relationship between Work Plan and Operational Plan:

Work plan is the initial strategic sketch up which is critically identified by Lloyd (2005), is the structural framework helps in planning of the process of the task to be worked out. On the other hand, operational plan is the process and planning needed to be chalked out for the successful accomplishment of the work plan.

KFC has decided to serve the customers within 4 minutes of the order the client places (KFC Australia, 2015). The waiter needs to take the order from the specified table and would be responsible of delivering the plate within the stipulated time. A monitoring team will also be responsible of monitoring this complete process.

5.0 Allocation of the Work:

In order to accomplish this operation plan, KFC needs to appoint more waiters for each outlet across Australia. At a time, a waiter will be responsible of taking care of two tables. The process starts with the visitors sits in the table to the moment they pay the bills. Once a waiter becomes free he or she is to be take care of the other table. The target of application of this policy is to appease the hunger of the customer readily and make them feel satisfied intrinsically. If with this quick service the attention of the customers is gained, more people can be turned towards the stores. Although in order to apply this new policy, KFC has to expand a lot but it is expected that it can easily be bridged with more footfall.


6.0 Explanation of the Confirming Process:

The waiters are needed to be convenient in their approaches. The customers are to be served with utmost intricacy. A waiter is to be confident and has to be genuine in briefing the available menu to the customers. The group is responsible of understanding the necessities of the customers and is to make them appease for buying of the other available products. The whole team of waiters is responsible of following this process.

7.0 Performance Indicator:

The monitoring team is responsible of looking after the operation applied and practiced by the waiters. The target a waiter needs to fulfill in a week if seems to be successfully achieved, his or her work is to be appraised by the KFC authority (Business Insider Australia, 2014). But if the person stands unsuccessful, they will be given two more chances to perform well. If still the consistency cannot be maintained, the person may be sacked.

8.0 Risk Analysis:

In order to implement this particular strategy, there are some specific risks that KFC may seem to face. In order to keep coordination between the employees and the monitoring team may always not be significant appropriate. On the other hand, the order of the dish placed by the customer may take some time by the kitchen to prepare, the delay may take place.

9.0 Role of Relevant Legislations:

In no way KFC authority appreciates the discrimination. Equity of the employees is expected to be essentially maintained. Industrial agreement of the law of sustainability is agreed to be maintained and followed by the organization in order to apply this strategy. At the same time, Australian Labor Law is also expected to be maintained.

10.0 Monitoring:

The management of KFC is responsible of monitoring the performance of the waiters on regular basis that whether they are able to attain the targeted goal. The head of the group is to be responsible for rendering the results of the performance of the employees to the higher authority.

11.0 Performance Management and Training of the Employees:

It is needed to be confirming that the employees are efficient and affluent in their approach of performing the job. In different times how the employees’ work efficiency can be developed is needed to be identified and they are to be trained accordingly. Both on-job and off-job trainings are applicable. The trainer is also needed to be affluent in the approach as well to train the employees.

12.0 Conclusion:

Throughout this report the researcher has focused on the different approaches followed by KFC for the development of the organizational ethos. Following of the proper work planning is literally sophisticated which helps in developing of organizational objectives.


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