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Management Decision Models: Hiring The Right Person Add in library

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Assume you have been tasked with redesigning your organization’s hiring processes. Respond to the following:

Select two of the six pitfalls listed below:

1. Influenced by initial impressions

2. Justifying past decisions

3. Seeing what you want to see

4. Perpetuating the status quo

5. Framing the hiring decision

6. Overconfidence

Examine how you might change the process to avoid your selected pitfalls.?


The employee hiring is an interesting stage in the development of any business. Shockingly, this procedure is full of pitfalls for the unsuspecting. Different federal and state laws manage the request that an employer may make of a candidate during the process of hiring and application, the process of interview and after the job is offered.  Before settling on the hiring procedure, prudent administrators assess the circumstance going up against them. Unfortunately, a few managers are mindful to a fault—taking costly moves to protect against far-fetched results. Other people are underestimating the scope of potential results due to overconfidence. Many other managers are still very naive permitting paramount occasions in the past to direct their perspective of what may be conceivable at this point (Wertheimer & Sylvia, n.d.).

The two main pitfalls that are to be avoided during the hiring process are perpetuating the status quo and framing the hiring decision. These two pitfalls cater to or distort the biases. The main job of the management is to make effective decisions for the employees and also the organization. Awful decisions can harm a profession and business, some of the time irreparably. In numerous cases, awful decisions can be followed in a way the choices are made- the options are not plainly characterized, the right data was not gathered, the expenses and advantages were not precisely weighed. Be that as it may, once in a while the deficiency lies not in the process of decision making however, rather in mind of the decision maker. The way the brain of the humans’ works can harm of the decisions (Harvard Business Review, 2006).


Mostly all the managers consider that they make rational and objective decisions for their employees and organization. However, the fact is that many managers take biases and that biases persuade their choices and decisions. The decision makers mostly make bias towards the different options that perpetuate the status quo. This trap lies in the brain of the brain which helps to protect the egos from being damaged (Simons, 2004). This pitfall can be avoided by identifying the alternatives and using them like a counterbalances and never thinking of the status quo. Decision makers need to avoid exaggerating the cost and effort that is involved in the moving from status quo (Prilleltensky & Prilleltensky, 2006).

Then framing the hiring decision also plays a vital role in the process of hiring. The way the decisions for the hiring process are framed determines the choices. This framing pitfall can set up the status quo and can also highlight the sunk cost. There are two types of frames that most of the decision makers follow one is the loss or gain frames and another one is reference point frame (Harvard Business Review, 2006). This pitfall can be avoided by thinking hard on the decisions being made by reframing every problem in the hiring process in different ways. This helps to avoid accepting the initial frame for hiring process (Gusdorf, 2008).

In conclusion, it can be mentioned that a legally-compliant process of hiring can help to reduce and navigate dangers. Also, once a manager has ensured that its practices are legitimate, the risk of discrimination claim is brought by somebody whom the manager never utilized decreases significantly. With direction, the candidate screening procedure can be a clear and revealing work out, and can bring about the business accumulating significant esteem as human capital.



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