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Management For Engineering And Technology

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Discuss About The Management For Engineering And Technology.




Information system of current era comprises of techniques and tools that are used for collecting, integrating and disseminating outputs of processes of project management. This is utilized in every aspect of projects, from start to end. This includes both automated and manual systems.

The following report explains the primary threats related to enhancing the IS project qualities. The values are identified and assessed here. Further, the study demonstrates the effect of IS project management relevant to ethnic, cultural differences and legal issues. Next, the project closing outputs and processes are discussed and the methods in which they are used in IS projects are analyzed.


Key threats related to developing a quality of Information System Projects:

Numerous business projects have been daily operating without having quality or proper program at the proper place. Many businesses are concerned with outcomes only and never think about future prosperity. Thus there occurs a huge loss in market share and customers. Thus they expect that their product in present form can be viable in future from now as it has been today. Thus the quality management is an unnecessary challenge (Laudon & Laudon, 2016). Besides, the business that needs to develop in marketing and size requires a quality management system for staying relevant economically for future. Further, there are various primary components for becoming an effective quality management system. The quality of projects works on some basic principles (Kerzner & Kerzner, 2017). They include customer focus, strong leadership, people’s involvement, an approach to a process, system approach, constant improvement, making decisions by facts, developing value for company’s clients and suppliers.

Maximum businesses of today without any formal quality programs lack few or all of the above essential elements. Till they are in proper place and performing collectively and adequately, projects that include some of those principles never use of the complete potential of the system. Thus they never get the advantages that any quality management system provides (Schwalbe, 2015).

In the following discussion some challenges, as quality is not fully engaged and the threats that are analyzed.

Threats related to improving quality in IS projects


Challenges for projects in proceeding smoothly or lack of constant improvement process

 This makes the outcomes stagnate. However, the product with which it competes continues to develop regarding use, function and quality (Harrison & Lock, 2017). Deployment of quality involves in finding deficiencies that are present in the production of a product and decreasing the number of defective products that get delivered to the customers. Any constant improvement program helps in reducing the manufacturing costs. This is done by lowering faulty products and rise in production by continuous analysis and refinement of a manufacturing process. This helps in finding and eliminating various inefficiencies around the business.

Workforce turns to be disengaged

 This leads to decrease in productivity and increase attrition. Improving quality needs employees to get engaged or involved in manufacturing and development processes continuously. As such improvement is not there, employees believe that there are ideas that are not valued or wanted (Binder, 2016). This is relegating to them on “eight-and-the-gate” mindset. Thus without involvement or any incentive, their morale get suffered and in this way productivity decreases. Then the seasoned employees are found leaving the business to achieve a more satisfactory job. Further, there is an increase in training costs and a various likelihood of rising in defective manufacturing. This happens as more inexperienced and younger employees move in to occupy that place.

Convincing individuals  about the right choice

 The different kinds of interventions are commonly contested. Every people are able to agree on the requirement of good quality. However, what always takes place defines a good quality outcome. Developments in interventions are very often contested. Here, might agree on the necessity of good quality. Apart from this, it is not what is defined as the sound quality (Kerzner, 2018). In this way it can be assured that good quality evidence is present.  Further, the implementers are well briefed and able to handle challenges is henceforth critical. A strategy to ensure acceptability of responses has been involved utilizing well-facilitated forums for debating and discussing evidence and exposes that to threats. This is done instead of expecting that evidence must stand for himself.

Excessive ambitions and “projects”

 Enthusiasms undertaken to develop quality is highly natural. However, this quickly overwhelms available resources. The ambitious goals and transformation threats the alienating individuals previously and later lead to various kinds of disillusionment as the aims are not realized (Newton, Greenberg & See, 2017). A scale of resources needed for supporting developments has been underestimated. However, without proper economic support, managerial skills, infrastructure and dedicated efforts and time improving quality lead to difficulties.

Organizational contexts, capacities and cultures

 To secure developments in many situations where the size of the organization is insufficient, culture is adverse results in evaporation of support and emotional exhaustion. The differences in management, leadership and morale under organizational settings lead to variation in results. The corporate cultures are supportive of personal and professional development (Kostalova, Tetrevova & Svedik, 2015). It is committed towards the growth as a priority of organizational.  Unfortunately it has been more likely providing the scenario where the development effort gets flourished.

Identification and analyzing impact and value of IS project management:

First of all project management provides the managers with the framework to deliver a pro bono service. Further, it offers global organizations opportunities and raises membership engagement and values. It adds extra meaning and purposes. This raises the profile of project management profession across the globe. Further, this has investigated the challenges occurring in real-time. It has affected the results directly.


Project management value:

The current global executives of present age have effected project management as the core competency. It has helped them to stay competitive during recession continues. Here, the delivery of business outcome is realized through the success of project (Hornstein, 2015). This is, in essence, the way that strategies by which various project management has been driving success of different business. Further, it has been also found by different executives that adhering to different methods and processes of project management has been useful in reducing risks, cutting down costs and create success rates.

Different legal problems:

The first legal problem is to determine the suitable model for the project. Next, there are scope creeps involving delivery of the project on time and budget. Then the surety and insurance are considered that ascertains that the project is secured. Then there are the third-party bankruptcies (Verzuh, 2015). Further, balancing of commercial and legal concerns is regarded in procurement. Next, the instilling the culture of the document respect and reference on site is considered. Business should move away from these happenings with on-ground and practical strategies. This would save time and money for global organizations.

Ethnic and cultural differences:

Efficient usage of cross-cultural project groups has helped in providing the source of innovative thinking. This has also included diverse experience that includes the likelihood of success of a project. Further, it helps in developing a competitive position at the organizations. Besides, as, the cultural differences and variously related conflicts has been interfering with a successful finishing of projects, when they are not managed carefully(Tromp & Homan, 2015). To gain aims of projects and then avoid cultural misunderstandings, the project managers should be culturally sensitive enough. There , they should promote motivation along with respect and creativity by flexible leadership. The various issues are highlighted below. The first one is the cross-cultural differences. The cultural dimensions reflect the fundamental questions that any society needs to cope up. The next one is socio-cultural dimensions. Here the fatalism and paternalism are necessary. In the later one, the leader’s role is to provide protection, guidance, care and nurture about a subordinate. The former one is the belief that is quiet difficult to manage various outcomes of different activities in global teams.


Discussion on project closing processes, outcomes and utility on IS Projects:

The closure of project is assimilation of different aspects that are applied to any project. They must also assure that this work gets finished and then it is agreed on project management process that is being executed. This involves formal recognition of project completion such that everybody agrees on that. It must be ensured that the needed work is finished. Moreover permission is approved i from the customer and sponsors of the project when the project gets completed (Turner, 2016). Here, a review is to be done on whether every organizational governance process is executed. Further, it must assess whether the needed procedures of project management is applied. Lastly, there must be an administrative closing of all the procurements and reviewing that works on the contract that is completed. The outputs of the closing process are organizational process asset updates, service and result of transition and final product. As the former output is deduced, the latter one turns out to be more complicated. This has been involving the capturing of every project artifacts like stakeholder register, risk register and project management plan (Wager, Lee & Glaser, 2017).

This also includes formal documentation on completion and termination of project or phase. The primary activity that occurs at this process is documented and identified. These lessons can be further used by future plans and then they can avoid project failures. Thus, the project needs to get closed earnestly. To get success, the team must assure that project teams has been appreciating the problems that are faced. The process helps in recognizing the end of the project and its transfer to various operations. The benefits achieved are validated identifying the business cases. The project resources are disbanded and they are free to perform various other tasks and undergo activities needed within the business. Lastly, the step includes transitioning of project deliverables to the customer organization that warrants seamless support and operations.

Various project outputs:

The outputs include the rise in understanding the efficient use of ICT systems for supporting. This also includes improved experience for employees at a remote place or within an office. Further, an effective approach is born into the web-enabled self-service. This helps in accessing the support of various personalized interaction along with self-referrals (Mir & Pinnington, 2014). Also, there has been development employee retention. The feedbacks or built-in usage tracking helps in effective evaluation. These experiences can be disseminated through various relevant professional networks, at workshops and conference presentations.

Project Utility:

Firstly, the project utility includes the fact that the project managers should be active and dedicated towards the project. Here the central point for different timely decisions making is established. This must involve various interests within organizations. They have been possessing limited organizational reporting levels. Here, the project managers must be engaged directly to manage the participation of agencies and organizations external to the direct control. It has been pulling together every diverse act. This includes feasibility studies and various acquisitions. Further, it is helpful to acquire permits and licenses, construction management, planting start-ups, operations and engineering.

Here, all the activities must be time-phased around the overall project lifecycle and all these needs coordinated control, scheduling and planning. The responsibility and authority of the project organizations have been cutting across the organizational and functional lines. Further, the natural conflicts can be brought publicly and dealt with an organization of project management (Nicholas & Steyn, 2017). Moreover, the project organization should find out what and when the project must be providing the focal point for those project activities. Apart from all these, different functional managers should determine where and how the support is provided while providing support to the project. The life of the project organizations should be finite. As soon as the project gets completed, direct support is received from the project that is assigned to various other activities.



In the above study, a demonstration is given how project quality management plan successfully delivers sufficient controls and standards. This helps to manage various international project teams. Multiple arguments are presented regarding the necessities of cultural awareness and legal issues. The report is helpful to plan effective communications under various project activities through establishing agreed and appropriate meeting schedules, communication methods and reporting control. The study has provided the idea to develop plans with different relevant individuals for achieving a goal of the project. This also involves identification and finding of ways to include proper people in their project. 



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