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Management Of Business Organization

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Write an essay on Management of business organization.




Management of business organization includes a set of activities and service that is used to maintain the level of services and operations. The services of administration department in business organizations is to maintain profitability and customer satisfaction, manage the level of work, manage employees and manage the operations in a firm. Administration refers to broader management team that includes different levels and heads such as operation manager, assistant manager, team leaders, human resource manager and different technical and associated managers. It is difficult for businesses to survive in the competitive world without the support of administrative service personnel’s. The author gives recommendation and evaluates the administrative services provided by Ford Motor Company.  Ford motor company is an American multinational company that sells and automobiles and vehicles under the brand name of Ford. The company is indulged in providing a wide range of products and services to its customers. The company was incorporated in the year 1903. The management of the firm is worldwide acceptable as Fordism. It is a large scale firm that is involved in assembling the parts of the motor vehicles and distributing it to its customers. The administration of the organizations is done by the administrative organizations in the respective firms (Bak et al. 2013). Administrative services vary depending on the type of organization it is being applied to. The specific responsibilities of administration includes book keeping, planning, maintaining, organizing and distributing mails to the persons concerned. The main aim of administration services includes managing plans directly through coordinate and supportive services of an organization.

Services provided by the business

Some of the common administrative services provided by the business organizations are payroll services, corporate services and benefits administration. The payroll services of an organization include providing services such as direct deposits, wage garnishment, managing human resource responsibilities such as employee time and attendance maintenance and other custom reporting.  Benefits administration includes post tax payment, and benefits enrollment. Corporate benefits are meant for corporations such as organizing health and other groups. The main aim of the Ford Motor company is to maximize the customer satisfaction by providing the best quality products and after sales services. The financial services of an organization are maintained through Ford motor credit company (ford Owner 2016). The company is also involved in providing after sales services for the products that it provides to its customers to gain customer loyalty so that the customers are satisfied. The company has various departments considering of administrative heads that are responsible for management of operations of firm. The different departments of organization includes human resource department that is responsible for managing employees of the firm, office of general council, product developing officer that is responsible for maintaining the production of the products by the company. The company also has a marketing sales and service team that is responsible for promoting and marketing products to the customers (Scott and Davis 2015). The marketing team is responsible for providing and fulfilling the demands of the customers by proving the right products at right time. Communication is an essential and important toll used by the marketing and service team to manage the work initiatives. The organization also consists of service division that is responsible for proving administrative support to its customers. The global marketing sales and service is responsible for strategic product development and promotion through consumer experience and planning operations. The customers and distributors mainly use the service provided by the company. The financial services are used to plan, manufacture, market and distribute Ford products at the most economical cost (Frederickson and Ghere 2013).

Decision makers and Communications       

The decision taking in any organization is a complex process that requires proper survey and analysis. The decision making team is one that is able to take the decisions despite of risks attached to it. Over the past the Ford motor company is indulged in applying strategic decisions that is flexible and productive in nature. The decision areas of the firm include designing the goods and services in a way that is in compliance with the goals and strategies of the firm. Te other areas are quality management, process and capacity design, location strategy, layout and design strategy, job design and human resources, supply chain management, inventory management and maintenance (Duch et al. 2015).

Communication is an essential business tool that is used to maintain the operations of firms. The advancement of technologies and service made the work easier for all the business organization where the firms can communicate with employees and customers through internet online. The company believes online use of service will help the company manage its time that in turn will help in increasing the productivity. A large scale firm requires a good maintenance of proper formal communication in order to avoid any conflicts and carry out the work smoothly. Higher number of employees in an organization requires building an effective communication process. The organization communicates with employees through social media that is very effective  (Guffey and Loewy 2012).

Legal and Regulatory requirements for the organization

Legal and regulatory requirements include laws and regulations that the organizations should follow. The administrative head of the country such as government set these rules. It is essential for organizations to comply with the set rules and regulations. The regulatory rules and regulations include data protection, health, safety, and equal opportunities. It is essential for the firms to ensure that the product that they provide is sustainable in nature. The main regulation that the Ford Motor company requires is to ensure vehicle safety. The government standards include regulations related to safety, fuel economy, emissions and pollution control, and vehicle recycling (Bird and Park 2015). It is essential for the organization that they are producing does not harm the environment in any form. For this maintaining safety is the prior requirement. It is also essential for the company to follow non-discrimination where all the workers and employees should be given equal opportunity to grow. Regulatory compliance describes the goals and strategies of the organization along with complying with the rules and regulations of the organization (Roth 2014).

Evaluation of the administrative services

It is essential for all the organizations and businesses to timely evaluate the performance of the firm and check whether all the administrative heads are working properly or not. If the management is not working up to the mark then the performance of employees will also get hampered. This in turn will reduce the productivity of the firm. The main vision of the Ford motor company is to become one of the leading automotive industries for the customers (Power et al. 2015). Evaluating administrative services helps the organizations and managers identify the weaknesses of the firm that can be improved to improve the performance of the organization quarterly or timely evaluation of the administrative services helps the internal factors of an organization to improve (Drexler et al. 2014). The results of the evaluation have an impact on staffing, hours, procedures and budget. Various steps can be followed to evaluate the administrative services. The first step is to create a checklist of the segments of the administrative services in an organization that needs to be evaluated. Evaluation of administrative services includes evaluation of leaves that are paid, human resource requirements, performance of employees, budgetary methods and hiring practices. The second step is to make a report on the basis of review of policies and procedures of an organization (Shaw 2015). If any services is not being performed well then it should be assigned to the other person in an organization. For example if one of the departments in an organization looks into the payroll section and the other looks into the performance of organization through communication and efficiency then it can be merged in one department itself to improve the performance (Dixon et al. 2015). It is also essential to listen to the queries of the administrative and try solving them to encourage them to work hard and create a positive environment. Evaluation of the performance of the administrative services and staffs is also necessary. This helps in highlighting the areas that needs improvement. Evaluation of the costs attached with the administrative staffs is also necessary. The performance of the employees should be compared with the costs.

Efficiency and Effectiveness of the services

Motivation is one of the essential factors that the managers should follow to encourage the workers in an organization. Ford provides great career opportunities for the administrative staffs of the organization. There are various departments and units in an organization that is working effectively and efficiently (Zheng et al. 2013).  This includes communication department, information technology unit, manufacturing, human resource unit, finance department and marketing, sales and service department. Services require organizational improvement for efficient production and price of the products in an organization. The administrative services at Ford Motor Company include central laboratory that is responsible to process the customer requirements errors in lab. Power train and chassis engineering is responsible for reporting failure at the company. Issues in quality of services and goods exist in

all the organizations. It depends on the organizations how they handle this failure (Johnson and Varma 2015). A team of quality assurance team should be hired in an organization to look into the errors that occur while providing the products. Timely evaluation of the performance of administration helps in reducing the errors and improves the productivity and performance of the firm. A team needs to be hired that looks into the quality so that it helps in improvement of the services of the organization.

Importance of effective consultation

Consultation helps in giving the learners a skill to develop, implement, monitor and improve administrative services. Provision of effective administrative services is a key to success for any organization. Services affect the operations of business. Effective consultation helps in improving the skills that are required by the organization and the management team to keep the book of records efficiently. It helps in enhancing the interpersonal skills of organization that in turn helps in improving the productivity. It is essential for the organizations to keep the record efficiently and updated in order to assess the information quickly without any difficulty (Massey et al. 2015).

Guidelines for record keeping

Record keeping in organizations is essential for future references and guidelines. Keeping record is essential to calculate the incomes, profit, expenses, taxes and liability of the organization. It is essential for the organizations to keep the records such as receipts and payment account books, invoices, receipts, bank statements, interest and dividend payment records, stocktake figures for the end of financial year. It is essential for the organizations to hold the records for minimum of seven years, which on request can be extended further to, investigates the organization’s audit (Osborne and Strokosch 2013). It is also essential for the organization to keep all the records in English that should be well written and reliable. Record keeping includes tracking, retrieving and preserving the records and data for the further use. It is often used as a proof of existence. The record that is kept should comply with the laws and regulations of organization. It should also be in record with data integrity. The system that is used for record keeping should be technically progressive and advanced so that the data is confidential. It should be scientific and technical system in order to keep the records intensively. It is also essential for the methods and systems that are used for record keeping reviewing it on a regular basis to get the feedback. The data stored in the record keeping system should be confidential and stored in such a way that there is no loss of data in any way (Musah and Ibrahim 2014). To ensure a good data management it is also essential for quality risk management team that is responsible for checking the data that is recorded. The data recorded should be reliable in nature. The guidelines of record keeping in Ford are that the record keepers should be alert and honest in their work.  

Organizations policies and objectives

The main aim and objective of the company is to develop, provide quality goods and services to customers and generate profit. The main policy of the company is to be customer’s organization and this is only possible through effective management of the administrative services and management team. There are various other administrative departments in an organization, which are responsible for managing operations. The management team is also responsible for looking into the errors in the standards and procedures. It is the responsibility of the assessment and expert team to give advice to the organization by providing them the ways to improve the services and mitigate the errors. Record keeping helps the organization formulate such policies and strategies that can be used to achieve and accomplish the goals and objectives of an organization ( 2016).

Design and Consultation process

 Keeping records in an essential part of the organization as it is very useful for the future use. The organizations should include keeping the record in a daily basis and should include it in theory daily life. Once the routine is set it will be easier to work through the books quickly. The record keeping book should also be up to date and it is the responsibility of the organization or the assessment team to ensure that they do not miss any part or data in the record. The book keeping record should be kept in an organized manner so that it is easy for the management team to assess the information. Various ways and methods should be adopted by the organization to improve the book keeping record. There are two ways of keeping the record that includes paper based method and computer based method. The records that must be kept by all the organizations include books of account receipts and payments, list of debtors and creditors, stocktake figures, records of liabilities and assets of the business and invoices, receipts and vouchers. Presentation of specification requirements and presentation helps the user understand the strength and weaknesses of the sufficient information of the organization ( 2016).

Methods of record keeping

Various ways and methods should be adopted by the organization to improve the book keeping record. There are two ways of keeping the record that includes paper based method and computer based method. The paper based record is used to maintain the data’s, bills, invoices that are presented on paper. This also includes copies of bank deposits slip, and bank statements. Book keeping record in paper is basically used for entries in cash book. While using the paper based method for book keeping it is essential for the management team in an organization to ensure that record is arranged in an organized manner. Another way of keeping the record is computer based. It is important to ensure that the data that is generated on computers is generated properly and is also saved so that there is no loss of data in future. The data saved should also be confidential in nature (Bond and Mitchels 2014). There are various advantages of using computer for the book keeping record. In spite of keeping the records in a computer it is essential to keep the records as a source documents in a form of cheques, invoices, deposit slips, bank statements to calculate income and expenses. The computer based accounting programme gives up to date information. It also helps in improving accuracy. It is also essential to create a backup file of all the records by saving it in a floppy discs or taking out a print out of the saved documents. The organization can implement the strategies by hiring a team of experts and providing proper training and development to the team members at the organization. Launch of a manual guide or an instruction booklet will help the organization achieve the goals and objectives of the firm.  A manual stating the guideline is of great helps for the organization (Shaffer 2015).



Hence, administrative services of the organization is an arrangement of the services that helps the firms provide funds and benefits to employees in the form of insurance plan, scheme and other specification that are used for improvement at organizations. Administrative services at the organization enable the firms to efficiently manage the cost at organization. Managing administrative services at organization is essential as it helps in improving the performance of employees.  Record keeping services at any organization is also very important activity. It is essential for the firms to keep the records for seven years that should be managed in an organized way. The information should be up to date and should be saved so that there is no loss of data in future. Various services that an organization provides are useful for customers. Administrative services helps in management of the firm. The specifications of administrative services include book keeping records, planning, direct mail and maintaining facilities.



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