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Management Organisational Behaviour

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Discuss about the Management Organisationl Behaviour.



During early 90s, The Philippine Daily Inquirer was the leader in the newspaper sector in terms of revenue and readership. The extremely strong position of the organization has allowed employees to avail higher benefits and pay packages. Inquirer’s extremely effective hard hitting style of journalism has established loyal customers, which eventually lead the organization towards several journalism awards. However, increasing popularity of internet platform has created challenge for the traditional newspaper reading procedure (Domínguez Gonzalez and Martins 2014). For that reason, Inquirer have developed website version of newspaper in the year of 1997. Still, the immense success of traditional newspaper selling procedure has influenced Inquirer not to focus on the changing business aspect. The case study has focused on highlighting the challenges that Inquirer will have to counter in order to maintain future business level effectively. It also has highlighted the kind of cultural barriers Inquirer has to face for handling requirements related to both traditional and web based newspaper services.    

Problem Identification:

Increasing popularity and acceptance of web based online news sites has emerged as the prime issue for Inquirer. The online presence of news platforms has provided alternative options for the readers for reading any news items. However, the senior editors of Inquirer have not able to identify the significance of including web based news applications for handling future challenges appropriately. Therefore, website version of Inquirer has created very little impact on the overall profit level (Karunanithy and Jeyaraman 2013). Moreover, the case study has highlighted that traditional newspaper operation has fixed process. However, online newspaper services will have to be active 24 hours for providing all the information instantly. Therefore, it actually requires a complete transformation in the cultural procedure. However, the case study has mentioned that chief editor of Inquirer Letty use micro-management leadership style. Therefore, all the contents do not publish without scrutiny and guidance of Letty. On the other hand, Letty’s management culture does not go with the 24 hours online news services requirements. As a result, it has developed both cultural and operational challenges for Inquirer in order to handle all the future challenges comprehensively.


Analysis and Evaluation:

The case study has highlighted the significance of maintaining proper organizational culture for handling all types of business obligation comprehensively. As per the article by Bargal and Schmid (2012) organizational culture reflects the behaviours and values that primarily contribute to the unique psychological and social environment of an organization. Organizational culture play a crucial role in assessing the kind of challenges employee is willing to take for business enhancement process. It has been assessed that supportive culture often induces employees to provide some additional effort for ensuring success of the organization (Cameron and Green 2015). Now, the case study has highlighted the fact that Inquirer is not focused enough to understand the market trends effectively. In fact, majority of the senior editors have opposed the concept of developing website for news. Therefore, it reflects the fact that organizational culture is not flexible enough to accept any changes in the operation process.

According to Stevenson (2012) resistance to change reflects the actions taken by groups and individuals when they perceive that the changing process will describe immense threat to them. It has been assessed that different types of resistance can be identified within an organizational structure. Now, the case study has highlighted the fact that editors of Inquirer have not able to understand the significance of introducing online sites. In fact, they perceived that introduction of online news website will not able to provide any profit to the organization. Specifically, at the beginning, majority of the Inquirer’s editor have thought newspaper business will never be threatened by the online website. The management of the organization mentioned that people cannot take their desktop to bus, train or toilet. As a result, almost all the editors have expressed their resistance against the introduction of online new website.


As mentioned by Henderson and Boje (2015) centralization within group reflects that one individual has the power and capability to take all the decisions on behalf of a group of employees. Centralized approach does not really consider about assessing views and thoughts of other individuals. The editor-in-chief of Inquirer namely Letty was pretty much supporter of traditional newspaper process. Letty was brave in printing all the correct and necessary information in Inquirer. However, Letty was extremely unpunctual, as the entire printing process has to remain stop due to late arrival. Moreover, without guidance and scrutiny of Letty, nothing goes in the front page of the newspaper. The case study has highlighted the fact that all the editors working under Letty was extremely talented and capable of developing proper news. However, the micro-management leadership style of Letty has not allowed other editors to showcase their talents in an effective way. Therefore, it reflects the fact that the entire editorial group is completely centralized, which has affected the motivational level of other editors (Burke 2013).     

Departmentalized approach focuses on developing specialized knowledge and skill based employees. Organizations can have different types of departmentalize approach including functional, product, customer, geographic, process and divisional departmentalization (Anderson 2013). The case study has highlighted that Inquirer has divided entire process in two departments including traditional newspaper approach and online newspaper approach. However, Inquirer has focused on using same set of employees for fulfilling the requirements of the business process. As a result, it has created problem in fulfilling requirements of both the approach. Specifically for online news sites, all the news and information will have to upload immediately. Therefore, it reflects a 24 hours cycle, which require specific talents and skills. For that reason, departmentalization approach has not able to create desired impact on the business processes.


As per the article by Cummings and Worley (2014) team development is a specialized technique that can have major impact on the overall business perspective. Bruce Tuckman has provided four stages of team development including forming, storming, norming and performing that business entities will have to follow in order to fulfil team goals and objectives. Forming stage focuses on the initial stage of the team development, where different people started to interact with each other. In the storming stage, different types of ups and downs happen within the team development process, as people face difficulties in adjusting with each other. In the norming stage, people start to resolve all the problems. Finally, performing stage reflects the entire team perform to its optimum order (Goetsch and Davis 2014). From the description of the case study, it can be assessed that editorial group of Inquirer is still at the storming stage. As majority of the junior editor was anxious regarding the leadership style of Letty, they have not able to develop strong interrelationship among each other. In fact, they have expressed their disappointment towards the managerial pattern of the editor-in-chief. Therefore, management of Inquirer will have to focus on initiating different team bonding strategies for ensuring all the requirements fulfilled at an appropriate way.

From the case study, it can be evaluated that editor-in-chief is extremely unpunctual towards responsibilities. The late presence of Letty enforces grind to halt for hours in order to include input. Moreover, the study also has highlighted that Letty often overrule majority of the editorial decision made by the editors, which eventually delay the grinding process even further. Letty has focused on using micro-management leadership style where each news article developed for first page will be scrutinized. Thus, the leadership style of Letty has not focused on including input from any other editors (Benn, Dunphy and Griffiths 2014). As a result, it has created adverse impact on the overall motivational level of other employees. Moreover, the leadership style of Letty was found to be extremely ineffective online newspaper sites. Here, all the necessary information has to be uploaded on the website immediately without any delay to maintain the popularity level (Bridges and Bridges 2017). As a result, it has created big question mark over the leadership style of the editor-in-chief.



The case study has highlighted the fact that it has become necessary for the Inquirer to introduce online news site for reaching to maximum number of customers. In fact, the study has highlighted online news reading as the future for the news printing organization. Therefore, Inquirer’s CEO Sandy will have to focus on including online platform for maintaining its success in the market. Firstly, Sandy will have to make changes on the culture and subculture of the organization in order to make all the employees prepare for the operational changes. Secondly, Sandy will have to focus on developing two separate departments with separate set of employees and supervisor for traditional and online news services. Thirdly, Sandy will also have to ensure proper communication network has been developed between the departments for fulfilling all the requirements effectively. Proper collaboration will allow the organization to print or upload all the necessary information, which is crucial in maintaining popularity in the market. Finally, Sandy will also have to focus on developing appropriate leadership style, where all the editors can share their thoughts and perspectives appropriately.



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