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Management Perspectives Sonic Health Care

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Discuss About The Management Perspectives Sonic Health Care?




Managers play a key role in the day-to-today management of diverse activities within an organization in an endeavor to ensure that specific predetermined objectives are attained in a timely fashion.  Based on Sonic Health Care Limited, a successful health care provision company, the roles of a manager are critically analyzed in this paper.Risks can be identified and therefore,an organisation should allocate necessary resources to gain a competitive advantage (Kot& Dragon, 2015). Financial and market risks arise when planning to invest. Therefore, the challenge here is predicting the potential of the venture before allocating a budget. The manager has a role in employing appropriate staff within or outsourcing experts to identify profitable opportunities and identify possible risks.  With respect to operational risks, the manager should insist on organizing systems and procedures in production. As a result, it affects the reputation of the company since customer satisfaction depends on the quality of products. Scholars in management define risk assessment as an integral process which delves in identifying, analysing, evaluating, monitoring and communicating on risky activities and therefore, enhancing the management to minimize possible losses but maximize profits; the process requires the manager to identify and mitigate risks.


Roles of the manager

Planning is a crucial role in an organization and involves establishing goals and objectives, as well as the actions that are crucial in attaining such goals. However, Greenley, Hooley and Saunders (2012) observe planning as the function of establishing goals of an organization and identifying resources that are essential in enabling an organization to attain such goals. At Sonic Health Care Limited, the overall manager is responsible for establishing goals for the company such as the level of sales that need to be met in a specific period like one month. In this respect, the manager would need to align resources and actions that satisfy such goals, for instance, deploying human and financial resources in the marketing department to carry out various marketing activities effectively so as to meet the required level of publicity for the health care organization.


Organizing is an integral part of management due to its significant impact in controlling the entire structure of a firm. According to Cho and Mun (2013), organizing denotes the development of the organizational structure as well as the chain of authority in an organization. An example includes assigning specific tasks to certain workers who are considered to be equipped with specified set of skills. For instance, at Sonic Health Care Limited, organizing is carried out by ensuring that employees with procurement skills are assigned the task of procuring various materials that are used in health care. On the other hand, employees with financial and accounting skills are assigned the task of preparing financial statements for internal and external use.


Staffing is an essential part of management; it majorly involves hiring the right employees for specific job positions, developing such employees through various development programs, as well as evaluating their performances and promoting them (Rothaermel, 2013).  The research by Vecchiato (2012) indicates that staffing function is crucial since it determines the ability of an organization to meet diverse predetermined objectives. The management at Sonic Health Care Limited ensures that staffing is conducted effectively by hiring candidates with skills set and experiences that are aligned with the short-term and long-term goals of an organization. For instance, the company ensures that employees are hired via online recruitment platforms, which enable the company to obtain the best global talents. Furthermore, the company provides various training programs aimed at improving the skills of workers; this has enabled the company to maintain a competitive edge in the health care sector.


The function of coordination ensures that the other three functions, including planning, organizing in addition to staffing functionintegrate in harmonious manner so as to achieve the goals of an organization. Pearce and Robinson (2015) opine that coordination is linked to communicating, supervising and directing by a manager in order to ensure that all units of an organization are aligned with the objectives of an organization. Sonic Health Care Limited management coordinate all activities within the company by ensuring that various departments, such as account and finance department and procurement department operate in a harmonious manner.  For instance, the goal of meeting specific service delivery targets is ensured by guaranteeing that the efforts of marketing activities are aligned with such a target.


Controlling involves the establishment of the performance standards and evaluating whether the performance of employees meet the specified standards. Goodman and Dingli (2013) opine that controlling is crucial in making sure that a firm does not deviate from its short-term and long-term goals. In case of a deviation, a manager is required to respond in a timely manner by addressing the misalignment between the performance of employees and the established standards. The management at Sonic Health Care Limitedis effective in controlling the activities of the organization; for instance, the management evaluates on a consistent basis the quality of the care provision, and tends to address quality problems on time in case they emerge.


Challenges And Risks Managers at Sonic Health Care Limited Have to Address

The current world is associated with diverse technological changes, which force organizations to adopt various technologies so as to stay competitive in the market despite being turned down by employees (White, 2013). While technologies enable firms to produce high quality products and services within a shorter period, employees perceive such technologies as a risk to their employment; this is because most of them do not have the technological skills required. There is a need for the managementat any organizationto create an environment that allows the adoption of the required technological changes while also ensuring the job of employees are not threatened.  The management at Sonic Health Care Limitedensures that personnel are equipped with specific technological skills, which enable them to operate effectively new technological equipment for the benefit of the company; for instance, the human resource department at Sonic Health Care Limited has been equipped with new skills on how to conduct online recruitment process.

 Organizational Conflict

Conflict among employees of the same or different levels is one of the problems that impact negatively on the performance of organizations.  The interpersonal conflict may arise between employees in the same or different levels of management. On the other hand, inter-group conflict may arise between two different groups. The conflicts may occur in a situation where two or more different persons or groups differ on specific goals or approaches of achieving such goals. It is critical for the management to address the conflict of interest that occurs between the employees and owners of the firm through specific strategies, such as fair compensation and development programs (Rothaermel, 2013). The management at Sonic Health Care Limitedresolves inter-group and personal conflict based on diverse strategies, suchlike fair appraisal for promotional purposes, as well as fair compensation of employees at different levels.

Limited Financial Resources

The financial resources that are available to an organization are limited despite such an organization having an effective plan on how to attain its pragmatic goals. Cho and Mun (2013) are of the opinion that financial resources are crucial for an organization to achieve its objectives. As such, managers are coerced to look for other sources of finance in case of limited financial resources.  The management at Sonic Health Care Limitedis also faced with restricted finances as far as achieving its objectives is concerned. In this regard, the management opts to source capital from other sources, including offering bonds to the market.

 There are other challenges that are faced by managers in the day-to-day management of an organization, including the changing needs of consumers as well as the ever-changing demand of employees, including a flexible-working environment. The changes in the needs of consumers in the market implies that an organization should respond to such changes, which may lead to disruption of the current planning, and therefore, changes in financial requirements and timelines (Vecchiato, 2012). Sonic Health Care Limitedsenior managers continue to respond to these changes in the ever-changing health care industry in a pragmatic manner. 


Impact of Values, Ethics and Diversity on the Culture of Sonic Health Care Limited

Values act as a guideline in the shaping of the organizational culture through shaping the intent and sense of leadership in the organization. Members of an organization focus their priorities and actions on the values they hold while in the organization (Eccles, Ioannou and Serafeim, 2012). Organizational values must contain distich characteristics that are realistic, unique and clear.

Ethics play a critical role in the success of an organization as it affects important cultural aspects of the organization such as employee turnover rate. Furthermore, ethics promote transparency in an organization which in turn build a relationship of trust among the members (Schaubroeck et al., 2012).  Transparency in organization nurtures the development of a high productivity culture among the employees contributing to the overall organizational performance. High productivity culture in industries such as healthcare systems can prove beneficial to the development of a good reputation among all stakeholders.

Diversity describes the differences that exist among members of an organization such as origin, background, and beliefs. Organizations with a high cultural diversity benefit through increased adaptability amongst the workforce as they can provide solutions to the challenges facing each one of them. These solutions result from the experiences they have undergone or the talents they possess in turn, leading to adaptation to fluctuations in the market and customer preferences. Diversity also promotes the development of a creative culture whereby the employees are free to share their different point of views leading to the generation of ideas (Chen, Liu and Portnoy, 2012). A creative culture is hence, vital for an organization to meet the needs of its market.

Role, Behavior and Performance of Managers

Managers are central to the survival of an organization because they are directly in charge of making decisions affecting the entire organization. The managers have to specialize to handle specific roles among these: Organizing, planning, directing, controlling, coordinating and staffing (Kirchner et al., 2012). However, in the case of Sonic Health Care Limited, the responsibility of overseeing these roles is left to the head of the company.

Managerial Role in Risk Assessment

The efficiency in decision-making varies widely with the level of experience of the manager and availability of resources(Antonaciet al., 2014). Risk assessment adopted by Sonic Health Care Limited, provides the company with the necessary tool in forming a foundation for mitigating possible risks in the future. Therefore,a manager should adopt a wide scope in risk assessment before implementing the activities.

Approach to Risk Management at Sonic Health Care Limited

A manager should be able to differentiate between risks and hazards before implementing risk control policies. Although some people apply these terms interchangeably, they have a vast difference. Firstly, risk involves a possibility while a hazard is a condition. In order to manage a risk.Sonic Health Care Limited adopts three main steps that are identification, assessment, and control which might be applied to control possible harm from an existing hazard. For example, a broken machine is a hazard that can cause harm to the employees, and the manager should follow the appropriate risk management procedures to mitigate possible risk.


Challenges that Sonic Health Care Limited face in Risk Management

Risk management requires exceptional interpersonal skills, analytical ability, and intensive planning to mitigate the occurrence of a loss (Tudor, 2014). The managers at Sonic Health Care Limited in some instances have to review some processes to gather the information from the employees. In such a situation the manager is required to apply ethics in conducting interviews or presenting questionnaires to the employees.

Risk Management and Organizational Change

Organizational changes involve variations in the internal and external environment of a company (Tudor, 2014). Internally, a company might be subjected to merger and acquisition which might result in the increased size of the organization. As a result, the role of the manager on risk management changes relatively. The change might lead to introduction into new financial, market and cultural changes. The manager should, therefore, formulate and enhance strategies that facilitate achievement of the organizational goals and objectives (Dagnino, &Cinici, 2015).If such happens to Sonic Health Care Limited, the approach will include training employees and conduct motivational programs to improve performance. External factors are beyond the control such as economic crises, political influences, and technological changes. However, the management of Sonic Health Care Limitedshould employ effective planning to remain competitive in the changing care delivery environment.

The technological advancement has a raised concern to broaden the responsibilities of the management (Bressler, 2012). As a result, high competition is, therefore, determining the existence or termination of companies. Most organization if not all in the current corporate world are prone to:

  • Financial risks
  • Market risks
  • Operational risks
  • Negative reputation risk


Managers are in charge of setting the performance metrics which the whole organization is required to adhere to. Such a role is tasked with setting performance goals, implementing them and evaluating their impact to the organization. Evaluation is important in not only gauging the success of the set policies but also provide room for making corrective measures where there are deviations. The conduct of the management has an indirect effect on the overall conduct of the whole organization. Managers are required to behave in a manner that portrays a good impression to the employees. Behavior has a bigger impact to the whole organization as it forms part and parcel of the organizational values. It is worth noting that behavior goes to an extent of affecting organizational culture and influences the internal environment of an organization.



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