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Management Technique And Training Course

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Discuss about the Management Technique and Training Course.



Waste management, also known as waste disposal is the application and implementation of all techniques and activities that focus on managing waste from the time of their inception to their final stage of being disposed. Some of these activities include collection, pick-ups, transportation, treatment, and disposal of wastes. In that case, waste management requires monitoring and regulation at all times as well as the adherence of environmental rules and regulations set up by the government and other authorities (Cordeiro et al, 2012). Waste management is necessary especially for a country to be able to keep their environment clean and attractive. Wastes includes various kinds of wastes like residential wastes, business production wastes or rather commercial waste which all need to be dealt with. Technically, when dealing with the commercial waste management process and system, the business organizations basically require effective and smart strategies to help them through the process (Qian and Burritt, 2007). These kinds of wastes relate to different commercial processes, e.g. during raw material extraction, during the process of producing a final product, after the consumption of the product among other things. In addition to that, there are different types of wastes from different kinds of industries in the commercial world. However, in this assignment I will focus on discussing the strategies that a medium sized furniture producing business can to manage its waste.

The organization of my choice is Smart City Solutions Company located in Melbourne, Australia. It is a small medium sized business with more than 500 employees and earns a revenue of around 10 million per year. The business was started in 2000 and has grown since then. The business has been specializing on the specialization and production of modern technological systems and machines that will help manage waste disposal in Australia. Smart City Solutions Companyhas concentrated its efforts into providing smart, connected and effective waste management methods to enable clean and friendly environment for the people of Australia ( It produces and avails suitable software and hardware materials that are capable of disposing waste products from different regions, industries and to cater for various types of wastes. I will also use an example of a wood or furniture producing industry that has always been sourcing its raw material on its own and using them to make its products, i.e. input resources like timber, wood and other inputs to use during the production of the furniture. Therefore, this being the main inputs to be used in the furniture industry, it certainly requires smart strategies to manage its wastes products which are always large in amounts which can be provided and availed by Smart City Solutions Company. This is because this type of industry is likely going to produce wastes in every stage of operation.


The businesses executive members are basically the top management team which include of the business owners and the managers. These people are mainly responsible for providing the finances required for any business operation as well as are in charge of making any major decision that is required to be made for the business to be operational (Zsolnai et al, 2012). They are basically the final and overall decision makers. Therefore, they need to be knowledgeable and skilled when it comes to any issue that regard business operations, including waste management issues. Basically, Smart City Solutions can provide management solutions to any business’ wastes. For instance, furniture and wood producing companies produce wastes during raw material extraction (cutting wood into timber, wastes like tree barks, saw dust, small chips of wood etc.), during the furniture production process (wastes like sawdust, slabs, timber edges, and veneer cores) after long use of the furniture (often refers to as old product) (Daian and Ozarska, 2009). Therefore, the executives in Smart Solutions should be aware of exactly what the business requires to achieve effective and efficient waste management i.e. strategies. Smart Solutions being a waste management solutions company it has an obligation to attend to and help a furniture producing company and any other business that produces its own raw materials. Smart Solutions must identify and evaluate what the business requires to achieve better waste management plan and techniques in general. This includes being aware of the business’s employees’ creativity, capability and innovative measures especially towards planning and implementing better strategies for waste management. The employees can play a crucial role in enabling and ensuring effective waste management strategies and methods simply because they are the ones making use of the raw materials and producing these wastes. Also, they certainly must have various ideas on how these wastes can be managed, e.g. by recycling, reusing or reducing their production itself.

The main objective of this process is to help Smart City Solutions to effectively and efficiently develop and improve its current strategies on waste management in all is production operations. The company produces modern and technologically developed strategies that are more suitable for waste management in the current world. For instance for a furniture producing business that produces wastes from the process of raw material extraction to final product production requires specific techniques to manage those wastes. Currently, some furniture companies have been burning and leaving these wastes to be misused and destroyed by either water or wind without fundamental importance. These wastes are materials that can be used for many other different purposes like production of paper in the paper industry (Murphy et al, 2007). The wastes produced during raw material production can be used as fuel rather than being burnt anyhow (Li, 2012). The wood chippings and sawdust produced during the manufacturing process can be used in the paper industry as well. In other words, these wastes can be used in an entirely different business as raw materials for producing other different products (Top, 2015). Therefore, when Smart City Solutions Company device, develop and implement its modern methods into these companies, especially strategies that help focus on production of a new product like paper by using these wastes as raw materials can be a better way of inflicting effective and efficient waste management strategy. This relate to techniques like reusing and recycling of the wastes produced by the business during the production of its products.


Additionally, the company can also manage these waste effectively by finding better ways to reduce the production of the wastes themselves. This may relate to encouraging these industries into using better technology, machines and process to extract raw materials and manufacturing the products (Deac et al, 2011). The reduction of the wastes produced is one of the best methods because it will certainly contribute directly to the performance of the business and probably increase its profits as well, this is not only in furniture producing industry but other industries as well. To be able to implement these new ideas and strategies, the business executive group will be notified and educated about the desired changes and developments that the strategies are expected to bring to the business itself, the country’s economy and Smart City Solutions itself. Also, the business will focus on other methods of waste management strategies which will be its new culture like improving its waste measurement methods,  techniques of reducing wastes that go to landfill, identifying local collectors and users of such wastes, understand and participate in waste recycling contracts and programs and implement waste material collection systems around the business itself.

Smart City Solutions can measure business waste by basically inspecting the locations where waste products may have been produced and estimating their measure. The business management should ensure that all the occasions and possible wastes are recorded in amounts and how often they are produced. This will help the company determine how much waste it produces and how often which will help it device methods to manage the waste better and effectively besides reducing the effects to the environmental and forests impacts inflicted (Koskela, 2011). Therefore, by coming up with more effective and modernized methods to measure and determine waste material amounts, Smart City Solutions will certainly achieve its objective (Yigitcanlar, 2016).

This relates to waste management methods like total reduction of the wastes entirely, reuse and recycling of the wastes (Redmond et al, 2014). The reduction of the wastes can be achieved by improving the production and manufacturing processes used in producing the raw materials and final products, or rather developing, and improving the operating system of the production process. Smart City Solutions should focus on developing the current strategies that enable waste material reuse by finding out whether there are other companies or industries that can use the wastes as raw materials, e.g. paper industry. Recycling involves finding which wastes materials can be used once more in the process.

This is a strategy that will work hand in hand with the recycling and reusing strategies. When a business is able to create better ways to determine the amount of wastes and that which can be used in landfill, it can be able to locate and target the local waste collectors (Sánchez-Medina et al, 2014). These collectors will help the business not only get rid of the wastes, but also make use of the wastes in a positive way. This can be done by enabling effective communication and connection between the companies involved, e.g. by use of modern software collecting system and connectivity system.


This may involve the authoritative association, the government and other business that may need the wastes that a company produces (Shazwin and Nakagoshi, 2010). A business should be able to identify and make use of the recycling programs and contracts that may be available in the country especially those that relate to environmental cleanness and economy development and growth (Walker et al, 2008 and Bergeron, 2016). For instance, Smart City Solutions can encourage all furniture producing industries and businesses to enter into contracts with the paper industry whereby these businesses should be providing the paper industry with the wastes for their use as raw materials. Through this, the will be implementing he recycling and reusing of waste products.

This strategy is meant to focus on waste reduction and accumulation at the business premises. It is the responsibility of Smart City Solutions to device various techniques of collecting the wastes produced during any operation of any business that they are in charge of. The company should ensure that the techniques used become a routine ad an operation on its own. Through this strategy, Smart City Solutions will help the business connect with waste collectors and other companies that may require these wastes as raw materials for their products (Redmond et al, 2008).

All of these strategies in this plan will certainly cost the company some money in order to implement them and for them to be effective and efficient. However, some of them will be less costly than the others. For instance, the strategy on measuring business wastes, reduction of wastes that go to landfill and identification of waste material collectors for recycling purposes are some of the strategies that may cost less for the business. However, the strategy on implementation of waste material collection systems, identification and participation in waste material contracts and programs will be more costly for the business. This is simply because the business will have to go out of its way to do a lot of research on the businesses, their industries, and types of wastes produced and be able to adhere to various legal rules and regulations governing the industry and the country at large. According to Pittman and Wilhelm, 2007, this basically will cause an effect to the business’s financial status but also the country’s economic status.



Waste management is crucial practice for all businesses especially those whose operations will always lead to production of waste materials at any point. However, waste management practices are certainly different for every country, e.g. practices implemented in developed and developing countries, urban and rural areas, residential and industrial areas are all different. Generally, there are various ways to dispose business waste products e.g. incineration, recycling, reusing and reduction among others. These are the most common strategies to implement when the objective is to manage the waste produced during product production. However, different businesses and industries may implement different strategies depending with the type of waste produced especially in the current modern technological advanced world. In this assignment, Smart City Solutions Company is a waste management company that specializes on development and improvement of the common strategies of waste management by use of technology. Therefore, it should certainly focus on implementing the best and most effective and efficient strategies that can help it get rid of the waste that any business produces during any operation. For instance in wood or furniture producing businesses, most of the wastes produced are mainly related to wood. Therefore, the best strategies for Smart City Solutions to implement are the ones listed above but with the use of their technology (software and hardware equipment), especially working with the paper industry in the region which is the best way to get rid of and make use of waste products in a positive manner.



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