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Question 1:

1.1) What is the difference between a manager and a leader?

1.2) What is Leadership (Define)?

1.3) Discuss the following theory of “Leadership”?


Answer 1:

The differences between managers and leaders are:

“Managers” have workers. “Leaders” win supporters.

“Managers” respond to change. “Leaders” make modification.

“Managers” have standards. “Leaders” apply them.

“Managers” unite. “Leaders” influence.

“Managers” brief classes. “Leaders” make orders.

“Managers” endeavour to be characters. “Leaders” make characters of everyone around them.

“Managers” accept affirmation. “Leaders” take hazard.

“Managers” are focused. “Leaders” make appropriated focusing.

“Managers” exercise imperativeness over individuals. “Leaders” make essentialness with individuals.

What is Leadership (Define)?

“Leadership” has been delineated as an approach of social impact in which an individual can ask for the help and support of others in the accomplishment of a typical system. For example, some appreciate a trailblazer essentially as somebody whom individuals take after, or as somebody who books or books others, while others centre “Leadership” as masterminding an individual to achieve a normal target. Examinations of “Leadership” have made thoughts including traits, situational affiliations, limit, behaviour, force, perspective and measures, advance, and perception, among others (M., 1997).

“Leadership” is a fundamental part in any association. It joins interpreting the course of a get-together and interfacing it to individuals, engaging, inducing and strengthening them to propel accomplishing definitive accomplishment. “Leadership” needs being deliberately centred around and realising behavioural systems to manufacture dedication and procure the best perform from your kin.

The parts of profitable “Leadership” are entrapped and are consistently decided to rely on upon the specific “Leadership” situation, considering the issues of endeavours, the level of a pioneer's vitality and the adulthood and limits of agents. “Leadership” limits regularly oblige some speculation to learn, because they are multi-faceted, behavioural and perspective ward.

Transforming into a capable pioneer is tangled an over-abundance of new “Managers”, however offers the benefits of successfully orientating individuals perform to be most gainful and quality in social affair authority. An understanding of the thoughts of immaculate considering, course making, messages and motivation gives a springboard to making limits and a successful organisation style to match your character and “Leadership” circumstances.

Theories of “Leadership”

Kurt Lewin’s studies at the University of Iowa

With partners “L. Lippitt” and “R. White”, Lewin performed research about the results of three different “Leadership” anticipates finishes of youngsters' movement orders in Iowa (1939). Three different arrangements were sorted as law based, absolutist, and free venture. It was found that in the gathering with an absolutist trailblazer, there was more disappointment and exercises became either more centred or uninterested. In the gathering with a ubiquity based pioneer, there was more co-operation and preoccupation, while those in the free undertaking drove gathering revealed no particular disappointment, nonetheless they were not particularly fruitful either.

Basically, when the specific control were requested to adjust their arrangements, the conclusions for each initiative diagram stayed indistinct. Lewin centred to exhibit that the simply arrange showed signs of improvement conclusions. The shot of open and open impacts undermines his finding at some level, yet the investigation before long recommended the purposes of enthusiasm of a simply arrange in a United States perspective. They moreover revealed that it is plausible for control and chairmen to modify their diagrams, and to be qualified to redesign their initiative and take in the wake of fitting control plans for their circumstance and perspective (STEPHEN P. ROBBINS, 2007).

Ohio state studies

“The Ohio State “Leadership Studies” started in the Forties and concentrated on how organisation could fulfil common gathering needs. The results demonstrated that the two most basic estimations in ““Leadership included: “beginning structure”, and “thought”. These quirks could be either unfathomable or low and were divided of one another. The examination was depending upon diagrams to organisation and specialists. These studies are known as the “Supervisor Behaviour Description Questionnaire (SBDQ)” and the “Leader Behaviour Description Questionnaire (LBDQ)” (Khurana, 2010).

University of Michigan Studies

A common plan of examination on “Leadership” were done in Michigan University, starting in the nineteen fifties. They found three critical contrivances of viable organisation. Effective boss dismembered did not do in like manner kind execute as their labourers. Their endeavours were different, and included organising and arranging perform, dealing with exercises and offering vital sources. They moreover stayed managing delegates in making methodology ends of the line that were both tangled and possible.


Convincing executives focused on the technique, and additionally on their relationship with their specialists. They were more sharp, profitable and helpful of agents, for instance, supporting them with their calling and individual issues. They recognised try with comprehended and furthermore outside modify, saying in view of people for attempt. All things considered, the profitable endorsed an ordinary and uninvolved appearance of course instead of close control. They set objectives and offered proposals, yet then offered their delegates a considerable measure of flexibility with reference to how the targets would be gotten.

Convincing organisation use a participative style, dealing with at the gathering level furthermore openly, for example using get together to look at considerations and consolidate the gathering in cooperative choices and discriminating considering. By their exercises, such organisation plan incredible gathering orchestrated behaviour. The bit of the official is more facilitative than rule, controlling the examination and supporting to manage assortments. The director, nevertheless, is in charge of results and is not excused of commitment. In this way, they may settle on last choices that consider suggestions from the gathering. The effect of participative authority is to produce a trademark bunch which chips in rather than a set of individuals (Likert, 1961).

Question 2:

2.1) What is an organisation? (Give example of different types of organisations in the Travel and Tourism industry).

2.2) Discuss the three approaches (Functional, Roles, Skills and Competencies) that can be used to describe what do “Managers” do?

Answer 2:

2.1 Organization: A social place of people that is dealt with to fulfil a need or to partake in united targets. All associations have a control framework that picks relationship between the unique exercises and the parts, and subdivides and relegates positions, duties, and energy to bring out various endeavours. “Organizations” are open structures they influence and are encountering their atmosphere (BTEC National Diploma Level 3 Travel and Tourism, 2011).

The different types of organisations operating in the travel and tourism business environment are:

Public Sector (National, Regional, and Local)

Private Sector (National, Regional, Local, International, and Global)


2.2 Functional management : is the most generally recognised sort of authentic company. The association is constructed by regions of top quality inside unique effective areas (Menz, 2012).

One by and large examined program to company concept is the “managerial roles approach”, developed by McGill University’s “Henry Mintzberg”. His technique is to watch what professionals truly do and from such recognitions achieve results regarding what managing activities viewpoint. Though various experts have examined the authentic perform of chairmen from Business owners to line chiefs Mintzberg has given this program higher noticeable top quality (Tailal, 2008).

“Competencies and skills” are methods that blend the learning, capabilities, and features required for effective performance. Despite understanding and inclination, the major features of an individual, for example, features, affinities, propositions, social areas, and psychological self-viewpoint, furthermore characteristics around them, interact with an individual to successfully pass on unmatched performance in a given perform, part, or condition (LaRocca, 2004).


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