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Question: Analysis of the Factors which has Impact on the Workplace Managing  Communication.     Answer: Every organization focuses on establishment of effective communication system in order to ensure knowledge and information are shared by the appropriately to the right people at right time. Various factors are significantly associated with the communication procedure in an organization (Rai and Rai, 2008). It is essential to manage these factors effectively in order to achieve excellence in terms of business communication as well as operations. Values and Cultural Factors Values of a person are associated with the core belief. Values refer to the belief and perception which influences the decision of the person. Again, culture is comprised of certain set values as well as behaviors practices in a specific community, group or society. Hence, culture can be referred to the learnt and shared set of beliefs, values, tradition, behavior, dresses, language, lifestyle and practices for a particular group of people. Culture has extensive influence on the communication style. In the business organizations, sharing of information and communication system, their interpretation is strongly influenced by the cultural background of the workforce (Moll, 2012). Values and culture are considered to be the basis of development of perception, interpretation and decision making. Hence, it can be stated that communication plays a significant role in shaping the communication system (Rai and Rai, 2008). Languages Language is considered to be an integral aspect of the culture. Language helps in reflecting the culture and vice-versa. The structure and connotation of the words of a language along with the conventional approaches help in influencing the business communication. It is evident that language is an important aspect in the inert cultural communication in work place. Tesco Plc has focused on adoption of anti-discrimination policy. Tesco has diverse workforce and in the communication system of Tesco, language is found to be a major factor. It has been found that the language barrier may have a negative impact on the communication style and hinder the communicator from achievement of communication objective. Additionally, it may lead to the misunderstanding among the individuals within the organization (Moll, 2012). Hence, people must be aware of the cultural background or language of the receiver of the information. Cultural sharing and respecting other culture can help in declining the communication barrier (Schullery, 2013).   Customs Customs is an important part of culture and different gestures, body language and other non-verbal communication may have different implication for different communities. Cross cultural difference may lead to barrier to communication. For example, a gesture of V sign with the aid of two fingers may seem to be offensive to an Irish person while it implies victory sign to a Belgian person (Bovée and Thill, 2000). Use of Technology Technology has significant influence on communication within an organization. Advancement of technology has extensively changed the mode and way of communication. Rapid improvement of communication technology has facilitated globalization and it has both advantages and disadvantages. It is evident that emergence of advanced communication technology has contributed in overcoming the physical barriers of communication (Rai and Rai, 2008). Digitalization has enhanced the pace of transferring message from one place to another with high level of accuracy (Eaton, 2003). In the age of modern technology, various business organizations are focusing in exploring the rest of the world for integrating its business activities outside of the nation. Technology has become indispensable for the management of the organizations for communicating effectively within the workplace. Presently, the successful business firms needs assistance of voice calls, text messages, e-mails, video-conference and other web networking sites in order to communicate with different users of organizational information located in different places. For example, Tesco uses huge range of advanced communication technology in order to enhance the efficiency of communication within the organization. Tesco has implemented electronic data interchange (EDI) system for collaborating between the retailers and supplier. Radio frequency identification (RFID) is used for getting information reading the inventories and improving the security of the retail store. Benefits of Technology The major advantages of technology include the following: Speed and Efficiency It is evident that emergence of new communication technologies have contributed in the quick transmission of messages across the globe. Additionally, it takes only few seconds to get the feedback from the receiver. In Tesco, use of advanced technology has significantly has helped in enhancing the operational efficiency through overriding the physical barrier encountered in case of communication. It ensures prompt transfer of message efficiently to the desired destination (Bovée and Thill, 2000). Cost Efficiency Use of advanced technology has decreased the cost of efficient communication. The cost - benefit analysis of implementation of advanced technology in Tesco has demonstrated that it has helped in achieving operational efficiency and positively influenced the financial performance of the company (Eaton, 2003). Provision for Additional Information/ Attachments Technology has helped in attaching additional information such as audio clips, video messages, and PowerPoint presentation. It will be helpful in reinforcing as well as supporting the oral presentation. Reinforcement of Written Communication Use of technology such as e-mail, text messages etc has helped in reinforcing the written communication and improves the quality of this form of communication (Chelariu and Osmonbekov, 2014). &nb
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