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Managing Employee Attention And Branding

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Discuss About The Managing Employee Attention And Branding?




This hotel group started their business with two small style hotel which is situated in Australia. Over a time of 15 years, it has developed to now include a chain of 20 hotel crosswise over 5 unique nations in the Australasian region. In each association labor arranging and endorse spending the fundamental criteria for recruitment and choice of competitors. For this organization selection criteria is exceptionally straightforward regarding choosing perfect individual candidates. The international hotel Group have now utilized 1000 staff in full time, low maintenance and easygoing positions (Hussain, et al., 2016). The Head Office, situated in Melbourne, houses the administration group for the gathering. In every organization recruiting manager first need to discuss the requirements and vacant position in organization, and recruitment and selection procedure for the new employee. In hotel group, the post of the customer service manager will be free soon.  So the strategy of the hotel group is to hire some experienced and qualified candidates for the desired position. The hotel group is thinking to expand their business because of the demand of the hotel group clients. The procedure of recruitment and selection in the hotel group is the composition of the workforce diversity and transparent recruitment process.

Workforce diversity at the workplace:

  • The term workforce diversity introduces the diversity in organization in form of age, gender, culture of the employees. The workforce diversity in workplace builds a competitive and a strong environment among the employees in the hotel group. The diversity in the organization helps to employee to interact and communicate with each another, this will help the employee to enhance their communication skills, exchanging the ideas, thoughts, and their experience (Kulik, et al., 2014). This technique helps the hotel group to build a responsible environment among the employees. The workforce diversity helps the employee to show their hidden talent and also beneficial in the growth of hotel group. The benefits of workforce diversity in hotel group:
  • Introduce the perception and ideas of the employees (Cromheecke, et al., 2014).
  • Equality in candidates
  • Fairness decision with employees in the hotel group
  • It helps to remove all kind of diversity as such age, gender, culture among the employee.
  • Employee work with more enthusiastically.
  • All candidates work in team try to achieve the target on time in the hotel group.
  • Workforce diversity helps to create more productive atmosphere in the hotel group (Carpenter, 2014)

Procedure of the recruitment, selection and introduction of the candidate in hotel group:


The process of the recruitment:

Now a days every employee wants to work with a brand organization for the growth of themselves. The international hotel group is an organization, which is the part of international hotel chains. These hotels are situated in most of the country. For the vacant position of the customer service manager, the management of the hotel group announced the vacancy on their official websites (Sivertzen, et al., 2013). The hotel group also give the opportunities to their internal employee to upgrade the position. And a desired candidates could apply easily for the vacant position via the filling job form from the website or via he can do walk in to the hotel group office directly. And the capable candidate will get select for the desired position. This technique of the recruitment consume the time and money, this recruitment technique also gives the candidate to show their hidden talent and boost up their skills and confidence. The management team of the hotel group also have the right that, they can select the candidate without taking any interview or other selection procedure according to his or her performance criteria. The nominated candidate will be announced by the team leaders for the desired job position, this procedure comes under the internal job recruitment of the hotel employee (Sivertzen, et al., 2013).

There are two procedure of the recruitment which is internal and external (Bock, et al., 2014). In the external procedure, the hotel group need to expand the big amount of money in the promotions as such advertisement, posters, announcement for the vacant positions in the organization, to hire the desired candidate for the multiple vacant position. In the colleges and universities, the procedure of the placement for the students are been done by walk in or write in. these procedure of recruitment are known as the external recruitment too. To select the appropriate candidate for the desired position, colleges pasted a notice on the websites, city walks to attract the huge number of candidates.

The process of the Selection:

The whole procedure of the selection and recruitment is done by the HR team and senior management team to select the capable candidate for the desired position. This procedure is help to improve the growth of hotel group. In the selection procedure, there are two methods are used to select the capable candidate, in the first approach HR team examine the behavior of the candidates, disciplinary action, the adjustability to settle in the new environment of the hotel group. This all are help to settle down the candidates in the new environment and to showcase their skills and talent for the desired position his/her selection is been done (Garnero, et al., 2014). The candidate who is selected for the desired position, he should fit in the organization environment. The other approach of the selection is based on the job requirement of the organization. The selected candidate perform adequately for which he is select. To perform these two methods of selection the HR team of the hotel group made many steps including personal interview, aptitude test, and group discussion round. The main focus of the HR team, is to select the candidate who is easily fulfilling the requirement of both approaches. The hotel group will select an appropriate and skilled candidate for the vacant position in the hotel. The last discussion has been done by the senior managers of the management that which candidates are been selected (Jonsen, et al., 2013).

Process of Introduction:

The selected candidates have been welcomed by the HR manager of the company. The responsibility of the HR is to introduce the new candidates to every one in the company. The HR manager will tell the new candidates about the company and their job responsibilities. The HR manager performs the role of the mediator between the candidate and the company. The Hr manager will provide the things as such uniforms, I’d cards to the new staff of the hotel group. And he will explain the work procedure of the hotel to the newly recruited staff.


Action Plan of the Hotel Group:

Action plan of any organization include the all three methods Recruitment, selection and introduction of the candidates (Chaneta, 2014):

Recruitment Process:

Approval from Senior manager

·                     Write the position description in details

·                     The senior manager will decide that whether approval to recruit is given or not.

Strategy of Recruitment process

·                      Senior manager will discuss the sourcing strategy with line manager.

·                     HR team will arrange the proper promotion which may include: advertising by Internal, external, sourcing, newspaper, trade publications, and use of recruitment consultancy (Liu, et al., 2017).


Use of Recruitment consultancy or outsourcing

·                     Senior manager with line manager will decide that external recruitment agencies is required or not.

 Selection process:

Selection process

·                     Panel of selection should be consist between 2 or 4 people.

·                     At least one panel member must be from the senior management.

·                     All interviews should be conducted in fair manner.


·                     Selection panel must submit all the documents related to selection and recruitment as such resumes, mark sheets, references etc.

Checking of references

·                     Telephone interview should conduct by the line manager to offer employment.

Selection of Candidates

·                     Rejection letter for unsuccessful candidate should not be send with short listed candidates.

·                     Salary discussion will be determined by the senior manager (Sirianni, et al., 2013).

Introduction process:

Organization orientation

·                     New candidates will welcomed by HR and team with the employment document

Introduction by Line Manger

·                     Introduction about the all staff members.

·                     Explanation of work and probation requirement (Bellou, et al., 2015).

·                     Issuing the required uniform.


Recruitment and Selection policies:

The strategy of the hotel group includes May factors as such benchmarks, standards, regulations, terms and conditions, policies, which develop the smoothing working environment in the hotel group. These all factors should be followed by the HR team to get the targets, goals with the help of the employee. In every organization, they have their own strategies to get the targets and for better results and to perform all the activities in a proper manner with hotel staff. These policies measure the terms and conditions of the hotel group. While performing the procedure of selection and recruitment process the HR manager should be very fair with everyone, they should not hire the candidates for their benefits, or on the basis of the diversity (Shackleton, 2015).

Evaluation of the procedure of recruitment and selection:

Selection and recruitment are the methods through which any organization identifies the recruitments and appointments of the capable employee to get the specific goal in the market. By this process, employee work very enthusiastically which help the organization to achieve the heights of success (McGraw, 2013). Every HR manager should select the capable candidate which is suitable for the desired post and fit easily in the environment of the organization. The advertisement of the vacant position by the hotel group should not be done to get the bulk of the candidates it should be done for to get experienced and an appropriate candidate who fulfill the job requirements. HR will do his duty in a fair manner if the management of the hotel group has all control of all activities.

Future Recommendation:

The future plans of the international hotel group is to expand their organization into new area, as such possibly comforting landmass, New Zealand, and Indonesia/Malaysia (Theurer, et al., 2016). The Primary expansion will be in New Zealand in the next coming 12 months. By giving the valuable services the international hotel group is planning for conference facilities in hotel for small conferences.



In every organization, the HR manager, and senior managers have the responsibility to select the appropriate candidate for the desired position. The candidate should fulfill the requirement of the job position. Every organization selects the candidate with a specific procedure. Which include recruitment and selection of the candidate’s, so that every eligible candidate can get the desired job post.



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