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Managing Human Resources Constructive Relations

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1. How do the new workplace practices introduced by the new yard manager complement one another?

2. What are the risks to sustaining these changes if George or the yard manager moves on?

3. Do you think tough blue collar unions like the Transport Workers Union are more of less likely to engage in workplace changes like these than public or service sector unions? Why? How would you find out if you are right?



Human Resource Management plays significant role managing employment relation through open communication and discussion with them (Jackson et al., 2014). The case study chosen for this study is Constructive Relations at Top Trucking Company. Moreover, the study is aimed at exploring employment relation of the Top Trucking Company, which is discussed in the case study.

Efficient human resource management leads to positive workplace practice, which fosters positive employment relation. This study will explore the workplace practice of Top Trucking Company, which are newly introduced by new yard manager. Furthermore, the study will also depict the risk of sustaining organizational changes, if the new yard manager and union delegate moves on. Apart from that, the study will also compare tough collar unions and public or service sector unions in regard to their engagement level in organizational change.

1. New Workplace Practice introduced by New Yard Manager

Workplace practice is the behavior and actions of the organizational members in an organization. According to Kushner and Ruffin, (2015), good workplace practice ensures that the employees and apprentices are satisfied enough with their work and work environment. On the other hand, Wagner and Gregory, (2015) opined that good workplace practice lies in well-communicated work environment, which fosters learning and impressive work culture for the employees.

The new yard manager of Top Trucking Company has introduced unique and innovative work environment for achieving the success of the organization. The ruling practice of the new yard manager is quite different than that of the previous yard manager. The previous yard manager was quite autocratic in nature and used to pressurize the workers toward achieving organizational success. The new yard manager has initiated open communicative environment in the workplace. Some of the significant workplace practices introduced by the new yard manager are described below:


Flexible Communication

The new yard manager of Top Trucking Company has initiated an open and flexible communicative work environment in the organization. Hence, the workers and unions of the organization are now more open to share their issues with the management and get solution to the issues immediately. Apart from that, the new yard manager used to share vital organizational information equally among all the workers. This practice has ultimately complemented each other towards getting organizational success.

Autonomy to Employees

According to Blake, (2014), successful organizations always have a tendency to allow some freedom to the employees towards performing their jobs in their own way. Furthermore, Clark et al., (2016) pointed out that employee autonomy make the employees able towards controlling their own work situation. In case of Top Trucking Company, the workers are nowhere feeling like children in performing their jobs. It proves that the new yard manager provides enough freedom or autonomy to the employees in their workplace. On the other hand, the new yard manager is always concerned about the development of the workers. Hence, he used to provide frequent training session to the employees towards enhancing their job skills. This practice can complement each other through great support for achieving organizational goals.

Safe and Secure Work Environment

The new yard manager of the organization is highly concerned about the health and security of the workers. He always used to talk with the workers and unions regarding their issues in the workplace. Hence, the health and security issues are immediately resolved. On the other hand, frequent training provided by the manager can assist the worker in working in safe mode. Moreover, the trained employees can complement each other in better way towards organizational success. The rejuvenated fleet introduced in the organization can also ensure better health security for the workers from any kind of accidents.


Continuous Learning Environment and Shared Value

The new yard manager of Top Trucking Company is never afraid of opening up the pressure as well as the success of the workers. The yard manager never blames the worker for any issue unnecessarily without knowing the actual reason of the issue. He always used to find out the root cause of organizational issues and get the solution immediately. It highlights fair employee treatment in the workplace. As per Neuhaus et al., (2014), shared value in workplace always brings creativity in organizational process. The yard manger often discuss with the workers and unions with same effort for enhancing organizational image. Frequent training and development program initiated by the new yard manager fosters learning environment in the organization, which can complement each other.

2. Risk for Sustaining Organizational Change: Lack of Control

According to Brunges and Foley-Brinza, (2014), an organization needs effective managerial control on the workers towards sustaining the organizational change. In this extent, the workers of the organization can face lack of managerial control for performing their jobs as per new changed organizational process, if the new yard manger moves on. They can face disintegrated managerial support for completing the jobs, which are complex in nature. On the other hand, Jackson, (2015) opined that lack of managerial control can make the employees confused about the new organizational change. Likewise, the workers of the organization can also be confused regarding their new organizational change, if the yard manager moves on.

Worker Confliction

According to Black et al., (2014), trade union has significant role in effective coordination between the employees and the management of an organization. They can foster positive employment relation through effective collective bargaining process between the management and the worker. Furthermore, Hodgins et al., (2014) opined that trade union plays significant role towards fulfilling their interest through providing legal support. In such situation, many worker issues will remain unresolved and result into worker conflicts, if George moves on.


Likelihood of High Turnover

According to Kehoe and Wright, (2013), poor management and leadership can lead to high rate of worker turnover, which can have severe influence on the success of organizational change. Apart from that, Alfes et al., (2013) stated that ineffective managerial support always increase the complexity level of the employees. Likewise, the workers of Top Trucking Company can also face high level of job complexity in changing organizational environment. It can ultimately decrease the employee morale and increase rate of worker turn over. Furthermore, if George moves on, the worker issues will remain unresolved by increasing the frustration of the workers. It can also lead to high rate of worker turnover by damaging the success of the organizational change.

Reduced Worker Efficiency

According to Camisón and Villar-López, (2014), the success of organization change is highly dependent on the skill level of the employees towards aligning with the changes. Good managerial support and development program is highly needed for enhancing the skill level of the employees towards accepting organizational change. In such situation, the workers of Top Trucking Company will not get appropriate training towards enhancing their skills and accepting organizational change, if yard manager moves on. Lack of proper managerial support can also disintegrate the departments by degrading the success of organizational change.

3.Tough Blue Collar Unions VS Public or Service Sector Unions

According to Bono et al., (2013), tough blue collar unions are more responsive to change if they are directly benefitted by organizational decision. On the other hand, Hodgins et al., (2014) pointed out that public sector unions are more calculative and possess resistive behavior to any organizational change as change in procedure incurs structural and operational changes, which are often unacceptable. Therefore, it can be said that the blue collar unions will have lesser resistance to change than of public sector unions.

While considering the Transport Worker Union of Top Trucking Company, it must be said that with the new ideas of new manager things have changed a lot and with such aid in service, the workers and drivers are the most benefitted. This indicates that the tough blue collar unions are more acceptable to change as they are directly benefitted. Earlier the workers were treated as children and any negative circumstance would hold the drivers to be responsible. However, with the change in yard manager, issues radically resolved because the root cause was analyzed and therefore the most rational cause was addressed. Eventually, the workers were able to get relief and freedom to carry out their daily activities. Therefore, overall it can be seen that the yard manager brought about such change that helped in resolving issues at the earliest so that transportation to the marketplace was not hampered. It is quite evident that change in transport yard manager brought whole lot of changes that unified that Transport Worker Union, who appreciated the change to the fullest.


It has been found from that case study that the new yard manager had many arguments with George initially and there were a couple of disputes with George’s members. These members can be referred as service sector unions and they were not happy with the changes. The reason might be due to the changes in service operations as it has been found that new computer system was installed in the warehouse.

With new system, service members had to be flexible with it and due to that traditional operation might have been changed. The service union members might have to reorient their working pattern with new structural change. Since things were becoming systematic and procedural from transportation side, equal mishap treatments were perpetual to both service sector unions and transport sector unions (Kehoe & Wright, 2013).  The change ultimately benefitted for the overall organization and direct benefit was experienced by transport unions rather than service members, for whom things got toughened. Therefore, ultimately it can be said that blue collar unions were more likely to engage in workplace changes than service sector unions.


While concluding the study, it can be said that workers of Top Trucking Company have got new workplace environment after the appointment of new yard manager. The manager is quite democratic in his leadership. He used to share vital information of the organization among the employees. Moreover, the manager has also delegated some authority to the workers for performing their jobs in their own way. In this way, the new workplace practice introduced by new yard manager has complemented each other. The workers are quite happy by getting some authority in their job roles. However, the workers of the organization may feel lack of control, if George or new yard manager moves on. Tough blue collar unions are more intended to be engaged in organization change than public or service sector unions.



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