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Managing People And Organisation: Globalization

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Discuss about the Managing People and Organisation for Globalization.




Management skills can be defined as a set of attributes that involves decision-making, problem-solving, planning, delegation, time-management and communication with and aim of achieving set objectives. With the advent of globalization that is witnessed in the world today due to workforce mobility and diversity, economic interdependence, collapse of international economic boundaries among other causes, global managerial skills have became an important asset to global multinational companies. In view of this therefore, this paper scholarly analyses my managerial skills and creates a development plan for it, for future implementation. The analysis and the plan are in the context of becoming a future global manager in one of the areas under my field of study. In a more detailed manner, the paper will discuss among other things, a detailed strategy for improving my managerial skills that includes indigenous cultural competencies, ability to communicate effectively and critical thinking. The structure of the paper will take the form of an essay, where the paper will review relevant literature within the context of the topic under discussion. It will also explore on the big five personality factors before narrowing down to one factor that will be discussed in a greater detail than the preceding factors. This write up will also evaluate the impacts of my personality on my global management capabilities for self and others management. The development plan for my managerial skills will be SMART, which means they will be achievable, measurable and within reasonable timeframe.


Literature Review

General Discussion

A good global manager must posses both hard or technical and soft skills. The hard skills mean that the global manager must be knowledgeable within the area of his or her profession. For example if the global manager is an Electrical Engineer working for General Electric as a Electrical Engineering manager, then he or she needs to be qualified or knowledgeable in the field of Electrical Engineering. (Pettinger, 2009)Research indicates that soft skills are as important as hard skills because most of the time organizations work in form of teams charged with a responsibility of delivering on a certain set of objectives. (Oakes, 2010) For managers, soft skills are more important because the role involves managing a diverse workforce that require appropriate soft skills such as emotional intelligence, team management, communication, listening among other skills. 

Communication Skills

Communication skill is another paramount soft skill required by the global manager. The manager communicates with the team working below him composed of individuals from diverse cultural background. Research indicates that managers with proper communication skills have over 50% chances of succeeding in the project as opposed managers with poor communication skills. (Ajzen, 2007). The manager needs to master exchange of ideas while at the same time communicating with courtesy, with facts and back –up statements and avoiding tentative statements or words like, “maybe” and “Might”. This makes an employee have doubts and lack of certainty which brings unnecessary delays in the process of meting organizational objectives. (Lawler, & Boudreau, 2012) 

Emotional Intelligence

Emotional intelligence is also a very crucial soft skill that global managers need to be in possession of. This skill is the ability to be aware and in control of one’s emotions and managing the relationship with others in weighted and judicious manner. Emotional intelligence has five specific aspects; Self-awareness, Self-regulation, Motivation, Empathy, Social skills. 


Self Awareness

I will focus on self awareness as discussed below. 


Global managers have many people from diverse cultural backgrounds and language working under them. The managers will need to have great self awareness in his or skill set in order to bring out the best of the team under him or her. (Rohlander, 2014). 


Without this skill, managers would not be able to take control of the team at work because other non-issues will keep cropping up at work at the expense of issues that have direct influence or bearing on the organizational objectives. Research shows that non-verbal communication has 55% impact on the interpretation of what someone is saying while words have only 7% impact. Global managers therefore need to be aware of the situation surrounding the work environment so that he or she will be able to read the mood of the team and know whether they are getting the message or not. 


Someone with self-awareness characteristic is likely to understand his surrounding well and relate with it. The global manager would be able to know how to handle the team whenever he or she notices some changes that impedes the work of the team. 

Personality Factors

Openness personality is one of the big five personalities that is characterized by being insightful and creative. As the name suggest, this is someone open to new ideas and thrive in facing new challenges. The other remaining four factors of personality are Extraversion, Agreeableness, Neuroticism and conscientiousness. Briefly on each of them;

Extraversion is characterized by talkativeness, assertiveness, sociability, excitability and high emotion expression. (Tracy, 2011) This is someone who likes to be at the at the center of attention, meeting new people, having wide social circle and saying things before thinking about them among other characteristics. In general terms, someone with extraversion personality character trait or factor can be said to be on high octane lane in life where many things are not kept at personal level. On the other hand, someone low on this personality trait prefers solitude and doesn’t like being in the centre of attention. (Ajzen, 2007)

Someone with Agreeableness personality trait or factor has more affection, kindness, and trust among other pro-social behaviors. In other words these types of people are very interested with other people, mindful and care about others. (Staw, 2011) On the contrary someone low on Agreeableness personality factor tend to be manipulative and competitive person, who have little or no interest on others and insults and or belittle others.

A person with conscientiousness personality factors is characterized by high level of thoughtfulness with goal-oriented behaviors and good impulse control. He or she likes finishing off important matters on the spot, spends time planning, have work in schedules and pay attention to detail. A person low on this factor dislikes schedules and structures, have a tendency of not putting back things where they belong and doesn’t care about many things. (Steers, Nardon, & Sa?nchez-Runde, 2014)

On the other hand a person with Neuroticism personality factor is a melancholic person filled with moodiness, sadness and emotionally instability. This kind of person worries about many different things has a lot of stress, feel anxious and experience mood swings. On the other side of this personality factor is a person who careless, emotionally stable and very relaxed. (Villanueva, 2010).


Openness Personality

I will zero in on openness personality as discussed below. 


Openness personality is a flexible kind of personal character trait where individuals are known to be ‘open’ to many ideas as opposed to sticking with one point of view. 


Openness personality factor feature traits such as insight and imagination. People high on this personality factor have wide range of interests and tend to be creative and adventurous. They are people who focus on tackling new challenges and comfortable with abstract concepts. Typically, this is someone who can adapt to new souring easily without much struggling. There creative thinking gives them upper hand in handling new problems and operating in a new environment. Solving challenging and not-so-clear problems is also one of their strengths as they are generally comfortable with dealing with abstract concepts. (Strack, 2010) Research indicate that a person with Openness personality and have managerial responsibilities tend to have better success rate compared to other types of personality traits or factors. The research attributes this finding to the fact that, with being open minded person, which allows the flexibility needed in the managerial position where a person is dealing in a myriad of diverse issues that require different solutions. Someone low on this personality type, dislike change, someone who prefer status quo, resist new ideas and does not like theoretical concepts, with this personality factor it will be challenging to execute managerial duties because of the fixed mind set exhibited by this kind of a personality. (Jordan, 2011) 


In summary, a person with openness personality is more suitable to working in fast changing environment where different solutions are required to different problems that crop up within the environment.

Personality Evaluation

My Openness personality impacts on my global management capabilities in a number of ways. Being open to trying new things this allows me to be highly adaptive to new surrounding a capability highly desirable of a global manager. Facing different business situations across the world due to dynamic nature of the global business I can draw on my inherent capability of being open to new challenges to continually strengthen and become more adaptive person to new surroundings. Being creative also impacts in a positive way to my capabilities of global manager. With a team of professionals working under me, I will be able to offer diverse solution to a myriad of problems facing global business today. As much as globalization has increased the size of market for many multinationals it has brought with it many challenges posed by different consumer behaviors across various market segments across the world and legal differences among other challenges. 

I am also good in teamwork based on the outcome of a questionnaire that I filled online, with this skill I will be able to organize the team working under me as the global manager to work as team as opposed to working on individualized objective. There is an advantage when a team is working on collective objective rather than individualized objectives. Teamwork leads to achieving objectives that would otherwise not be achieved if everyone was working on his or her own way. It also saves and is known to lead to quality work due to multiple numbers of brains working on the same or similar objectives. On the same online platform my weakness was communication, I will need to work on this important skill because it has a lot of bearing in the manner my team will perform if I am their global manager.  (Pettinger, 2009) 

Ability to understand abstract concepts will also be a major booster to my global management skills. It will impact on my skills by way of being able to offer my team business solutions to problems that are abstract in nature. These from of problems are not very clear to understand. This is a common feature of global market because the many factors that are at play, presents challenges that may be abstract to many people. Therefore, my ability to work on challenges that are abstract in nature will have a positively my impact my problem-solving skills as a global manager. Having a wide range of interests is another factor in my personality that will positively impact my global managerial skills. This is especially so because, as a global manger I’ll need to have a wide range of interests given the expanded nature of market and business environment. I will be dealing with a multinational company that has a very diverse workforce with diverse view or opinions on various business issues. I will need to listen to each one of them and try to understand the concept behind what they say so that each employee or person working under my leadership can feel motivated and counted at work which in turn boosts his or her performance and my success as a global manager. (Brake, 2011) 

On the rest of the personality types, an extraversion for example, with tendency to like meeting new people will positively impact global management skills in that, as a global manager you will meet different types of colleagues at work and clients. This trait will make a global manager easily get used to meeting diverse type of people. Agreeableness personality will also compliment extraversion personality in the sense that caring about others and feeling empathy to them reinforces tendency to like meeting new people. As a global manager with this character trait it will make you team feel valued and thus motivated at work. Conscientiousness on the other hand will impact global management skills in a number of positive ways. Paying attention to detail will ensure the global manager develops sound judgment skills on various business issues and decision-making process that will see his performance top. Being a schedule person develops time management skills a crucial component of any global manager. Neuroticism personality will mostly have negative impacts on the capabilities of a global manager. Top among these is tendency to get upset easily, this will affect his or her interrelationship with the members of the team working under him or her, which in turn affects performance at work or meeting organizational objectives. 


Skills Development Plan 

Self –Regulation

As I am weak in self regulation based on the outcome of the emotional intelligence I undertook, I will need to start working on this skill in order to enable me carry out the functions of the global manager in an effective manner in future.

I will start by increasing my circle of friends to ensure it comprises as diverse group of people as possible. This will enable me gauged my self better when determining whether I have improved on this skill or not. Having adequately increased my social circle, I will immediately start engaging in all activities within this group requesting to take the lead role in them. For example, if it is about an academic activity that I am part of then I will volunteer to take the lead role. This will also be extended to social activities that I will be part of. From my leading role, I will be able to test myself facing different situations as the leader of the group. I will try to handle dissenting opinions in the right way, politely and courteously and also ensure I do not over step my mandate as the group leader while I am discharging my duties. To test my progress, I will continually retake the self regulation tests. Where I feel I need assistance, I will seek the services of a professional personal coach to guide my self-regulation skill development plan.


In conclusion, global management skills are vital to the growth and development of organizations that have operations in different countries or are seeking to expand to different countries. With the world becoming like a village through collapsing of economic boundaries, it is imperative that managers acquaint themselves with both soft and hard skills that will make them succeed on international stage as managers of multinational companies.



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