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Managing Process Safety Information Based On Process

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Discuss about the Managing process safety information based on process.




Maslow hierarchy of needs theory

Maslow’s hierarchy of needs theory can be applied in the organization of Fonterra. This theory states different levels or steps in order to motivate the employees in their workplace. However, the steps are stated in terms of needs of the employees. it is important for Fonterra to first meet the psychological need of the employees. This includes the basic needs such as food and shelter (Taormina & Gao, 2013). Thus, it is important for Fonterra to meet the basic needs of the employees. Moreover, they should be provided with favorable financial support in order to gain financial security. This will further motivate the employees in their workplace (Kaur, 2013). Employees should be properly rewarded and recognized in order to make them feel important in the organization. Thus, according to the Maslow’s motivation theory, meeting these needs of the employees will help Fonterra in having motivated employees in place.

However, it is also important for the Fonterra to have the idea about the difficulties to be faced by them. One of the key difficulties to be faced by them is the difference in the needs of the employees. Thus, Fonterra should have to meet the diverse need of the employees in order to motivate them in their workplace.

Herzberg’s two factor theory

Herzberg’s two factors theory will be applicable for Fisher & Paykel healthcare. This is more important for them due to the reason that, they are dealing with the health of the customers (Alshmemri, Shahwan-Akl & Maude, 2017). According to the two factors theory, there are two main determinants that will determine the rate of satisfaction and dissatisfaction of the employees. These two factors are hygiene and motivators. Hygiene factors refer to elements such as salary, benefits and working conditions. These are the basic necessities of the employees. According to the theory, these factors will not enhance the satisfaction level of the employees but absence of these will surely create dissatisfaction among them. On the other hand, motivators are the elements such as recognition and reward of the employees (Yusoff, Kian & Idris, 2013). These factors will enhance the level of satisfaction of the employees. Thus, it is important for Fisher & Paykel to implement the two factors theory in the phased manner. Hygiene factors or the basic factors should be implemented in the first phase followed by the motivator factors.

However, in this case also, one of the key difficulties to be faced by the organization is the differences in the impact of the motivators on the satisfaction level of the employees. For instance, few employees will be more motivated over others with the financial reward.


Laissez-Faire leadership

Prior to the application of the leadership theory, it is important to determine the nature of the job of Fisher & Paykel healthcare. They are catering to the health care sector. Thus, the leadership style which will be more effective for them is the Laissez-Faire leadership (Furtner, Baldegger & Rauthmann, 2013). This is due to the reason that, Laissez-Faire leadership will help to provide freedom to the employees across every level in taking their own decisions. Due to the fact that they are in the healthcare business, employees should be given space for own decision making in order to equip them to deal with the difficulties according to the situation.

Charismatic leadership

One of the most famous charismatic leaders in the recent time is Steve Jobs of Apple. He is known for his leadership style and charismatic natures. He is known for communication skills. It was seen in different events that Steve Jobs himself is communicating with the external stakeholders regarding their newly launched products (Avolio & Yammarino, 2013). Thus, his effective communication skills helped him to gain the status of charismatic leader. He was also known for his confidence level. This reflected on the innovative products of Apple. They have introduced some one of kind products in the market, which shows the level of confidence of him. He was also known for his employees’ oriented activities. This is the reason behind having highly skilled and motivated employees in place for Apple. Thus, these characteristics prove that Steve Jobs is one of the most famous charismatic leaders in the recent time.

Another example of charismatic leader is Jeff Bezos. He is the founder and CEO of Amazon. He is also known for his charismatic leadership style. This is the reason behind popularity of Bezos and people can relate him with the Brand Amazon. Another charismatic leader is CEO of Virgin group, Richard Branson. Vibrant organizational culture of Virgin is famous for the leadership style of Richard Branson.


Application of delegation process

Delegation is being initiated in the organization when the upper level management is unable to determine the exact issue in the front organization. At that point of time, delegation is being initiated in order to provide the power of decision making to the lower level employees to identify the key issues and solve them accordingly (Aziz, Shariff & Rusli, 2014).

In order to have effective process of delegation, there are some steps should be followed. The first step is the preparation of the objective of the delegation process and then communicates with the employees in attaining the identified objectives.

The next step is to prepare the budget and time schedule for the process. This is important due to the reason that, employees will then work in accordance to that. The standards will be set in this step.

The next step is to communicate effectively with the employees. The preparation initiated in the previous steps should be effectively communicated to the employees.

The last step is to make sure that the employees are comfortable with the planning of the higher level management and they will work accordingly.

Implementation of the change process

One of the key areas in Fisher & Paykel healthcare that can be changed is the customer service. According to the Lewin’s three steps of change management, the first step is to unfreeze the current organizational process. In this step, employees should be communicated regarding the importance of change process (Georgalis et al., 2015). Feedback from the employees should also be taken in order to identify the gap in the current system. The more effective will be the determination of the feedback of the employees, the less will be the chance of resistance from the employees.

The next step is to implement the change process in the organization. In this step, it is important to implement the change process in the phased manner. This is due to the reason that effectiveness of the change process should be first determined and then can be continued in the next areas (Shirey, 2013).

The last step is the refreezing the organizational process, which got disturbed due to the change process. In this step, it is important for the upper level management to evaluate the effectiveness of the change and gather feedback from the stakeholders and rectify accordingly.


Application of White Waters for change management

The metaphor White Waters is ride through white waters and rapid. In the healthcare company, it can be analyzed that there can be technological innovations that can be made. This will help in providing compulsory health care services to all the individuals in an effective manner irrespective of the purchasing power.

The healthcare sector needs to analyze the environmental situation wherein there are different kinds of diseases spreading in the environment. The technological improvements are required, as this will help in solving such issues.

External forces necessitated innovation and change to business practices

There are different external factors that can create huge impact to achieve strategic goals and objectives. The external factors include legal, technological, social, competition and political factors. The innovation is necessary in the organization that includes:

  • During crisis, the innovation is required as this will help the company in understanding the situation and provide them guidelines (Hayes, 2014)
  • Different technological requirements are to be met as to meet the global sales and improve quality of the services provided in an effective manner.

Strategies used in the role as change agents

The two different kinds of strategies the managers of Fisher & Paykel Healthcare can use are as follows:

  • Proper leadership is required and is necessary wherein all employees will be included in the change management process. This will help the employees to understand the change and provide their opinions as well (Smith et al., 2016)
  • The communication is required and is essential in nature as this will help the managers to provide proper information to employees in an effective manner

For example- the communication strategy is essential in health care sector, as this will help in communicating different norms that is essential to provide guidelines relating to different medical checkups.


Identification of the area in The Simunovich Olive Estate where planning is necessary

The area wherein planning is necessary in the respective restaurant is planning of the menu in an innovative manner. The management of the restaurant will be benefitted from the menu planning as this will help in generating profit and increase the business in the future as well. The steps involved in menu planning of restaurant are as follows:

  • Organizing the menu logically as this will help the management of the restaurant in making the customers satisfied with the list of menus involved in their restaurant
  • Secondly, creating something special as this will help in managing the items in the menu list in perfect order (Bergström, Styhre & Thilander, 2014)
  • Thirdly, the language has to be simple as this will help in attracting more customers as this will help the hotel management and the customers satisfied
  • Lastly, updating of the menu is required to be made as this will help to include new dishes that are unique and nutritious in nature

Operational and Strategic Planning

The Simunovich Olive Estate is one of the largest hotels that is based in Auckland wherein it can be seen that there are different other competitors in the respective area. The operational planning is required in nature as the operating licensing is essential in nature as there can be food inspection. Furthermore, strategic planning is essential to be done as this will help them in understanding the number of competitors in the market and understand the needs of the clients to meet them in a better manner than the competitors (Lawrence, 2015).

The decision that has been made by respective restaurant was part of the strategic plan as the strategies are essential to be adopted by them in accordance to the competitors. The strategic planning is necessary to analyze the vision and mission statement of the other competitors along with analysis of the core values. The SWOT analysis is required to be performed by them, as they will create action plan accordingly.

Summary of Strategic Planning Process and usage of SWOT analysis

  • Vision Statement is the aspirational statement that is required in order to understand the future goals and prospective
  • Mission Statement is the aim to focus on the mission everyday as this will help the company to achieve their vision
  • Core values helps in describing the behaviors and beliefs as this will help in shaping better future such as leadership, passion, quality and diversity
  • SWOT analysis sums up to understand the position wherein the company is standing right now and the provide different ideas wherein focus is required
  • Long Term Goals are the statements that are required to achieve the vision in an effective manner
  • Yearly objectives wherein the objectives are required to be SMART as to achieve the vision in the future effectively
  • Action Plans wherein the objectives require to have plan that will provide the details on how the objectives will be attained

The usage of SWOT analysis to aid the process of The Simunovich Olive Estate to understand their current position and prepares for the future. Proper strategy is required to be made with taking advantage of strengths and eliminate weaknesses to avoid the potential threats. For instance- the strength of respective restaurant is their sales and marketing department wherein the restaurant needs to take advantage of the strength and eliminate the weaknesses in other departments by performing well.

Requirement and application of control in The Simunovich Olive Estate

The food department requires control as this will help in understanding the over-production and waste of the food. Application of control cycle in The Simunovich Olive Estate is as follows:

  • Proper initiation of data is required as this will help in planning and designing a software that will help the food production department to analyze the control of over-production of food
  • The controlling and monitoring of the production of food is necessary as this will help in understanding the areas wherein this will help in improve the inefficient processing in an effectual manner

Concurrent and feed forward control type

Optimistic concurrency control is adopted wherein the users cannot lock the data while reading it and this can help in checking whether the other user has changed the data or not. The Optimistic concurrency control is necessary to check wherein the transaction is less than cost of locking the data.

Feed forward control is required and is necessary in nature wherein this helps in including preventive measures, as this is required to provide maintenance to the different machineries used in the preparation of food.



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