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Managing Strategic Resources And Planning

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Discuss about the Managing strategic Resources and Planning.



In this given assignment, Canberra International airport of Australia is used to understand the whole operation of an airport, its inbound and outbound logistic, value chain and end user. It is serving the capital city of Australia, located at Northeastern edge of Canberra. Airport Group of Canberra Pty Ltd is liable for its operation and management. Flight is served by it to most of the capital cities of Australia. In 2009, Canberra International airport has undergone a major restructuring process in which the old terminal was fully demolished and new terminal was opened in that place. The operation and management of this airport is based on certain parameters, which must be kept in mind while deciding on the strategic management resources of the organization (De Neufville et al., 2013). Resource includes human capital, tangible and in tangible capitals and technological resources and monetary resources.


Day to day operation of Canberra International airport includes better management of cost and customer satisfaction. Airport solutions are especially planned to handle all the needs of the airports, caterers, airlines, group handlers and cargo handlers. Improving the day-to-day operation will enable the enterprise to manage its operation effectively and develop its Key performance indicators (KPI) and training, training of business process, change in management, review of organizational structure and procedure of standard operation (Hill et al., 2014). Daily operation of Canberra International airport includes scheduling its flight timing, to check whether there is any delay in the flight timings and if there is a delay then contact to the passengers immediately and let them know about the flight changes. The main function of the ground staff is to check the passenger’s luggage whether they are carrying and items, which they are not allowed to carry. The ground staffs are also required to help the passengers find their way to flight.


Daily function of cabin crew is to look after the needs to the passengers and give them the knowledge off safety precaution at the time of takeoff and landing of the flight (Bratton & Gold, 2012). The passengers need to be explained about the actions to be taken by them in case of any emergency like fastening seat belts and oxygen mask. They need to coordinate with the pilots who are the master of the vessel. If any passenger faces any problem, their main activity is to resolve that as soon as possible so that passenger is satisfied with their service.

The administrative team of the airport looks after the administration process of running the airport. The allocate work to the employees of the airport in a way that a person efficient in a particular work is allocated that task only (Yu et al., 2013). Their main function is to overlook the entire operation of the airport efficiently and effectively. The administrative department looks after the food supply management, which is one of the most crucial activities, as all the airlines have to provide food and beverages to their passenger. Airlines do not have direct link ups the food suppliers, they depend on the value chain of the airport authority for their food supply (Narciso & Piera, 2015). Therefore, the supply chain management of the airport needs to be strong otherwise a failure on their part will affect the reputation of the airlines and they will lose passengers.

The checking of the baggage must be properly done so that any prohibited or inflammable products are not carried to the flight. If any inflammable product is carried to the flight then it may cause danger to the life of its passenger and the reputation of the airline will be at stake (Wu, 2016). Therefore, these are the major fields where more focus and attention must be given by the administrative department.

Here comes the process of logistic inbound and outbound where the baggage and foods packages need to be transported properly from the airport to the flight. This includes a systematic process where either the vendor supply the food properly packed in container to the airport or the airport authority has their own transportation facilities to bring the food packages from the vendor place to airport (Aswathappa, 2013). Then the food packages needs to be arranged according to the flight demand and the ground staffs are required to deliver it to the flight where it is served to their respective passengers. The baggages are transported with the help of automated trolley from the airport to the respective flights where it is stored in the carrier of the plane. Now when the flight reaches its destination then baggages are handed over to the respective passenger according the ticket attached with the baggage and ticket given to the passenger. This process is to be done very cautiously so the baggages of the passengers are not interchanged.


There is also an accounts and finance department in Canberra International airport, which looks after the financial aspects of the airport. Their main function is to perform day-to-day transaction, which involves receiving of fares from their passenger and payment of commission to their agents who are booking tickets on behalf of the passengers (Cummings & Worley, 2014). These monetary transaction are required to be properly accounted for manually or in the accounting package they have so that at the end of their accounting period they have a clear picture of the financial standing of Canberra International airport. The accounts and finance department needs to look after the payment made to the vendors and dealers in their supply chain or value chain. They also need to look after the payment of salary to their staffs at the end of every month (Evans, Stonehouse & Campbell, 2012). Any failure on that part can cause huge damage to the reputation of the airport. Therefore, it can be said that the responsibilities and duties of this department is too high so efficient and effective persons must be appointed so that no default is made I performing those duties.

There is an information technology department in Canberra International airport, which looks after the servers, which control the entire information system of the airport.  From cctv cameras to the display board where details of flight arrival and departure is continuously updated. Any failure on their part can lead to chaos within the passengers, which can harm the environment of the airport.

Like all other airport Canberra International airport also have a security department, which checks the security within and outside the boundary of airport. Airport is a very sensitive place and now a day terrorist attack and highjack are increasing at a rapid pace and any fault of the security department can put hundreds of lives at stake (Oakland, 2014). Moreover, it will hamper the peace of entire nation. Therefore, the accountability of this department is very. Most of the airport outsources this security agenesis while some have their own security department. It depends on the size and volume of the airport.


There is also an immigration verification department in Canberra International airport since it has commenced international flights. The main function of this department is to verify the passport and visas of the passengers travelling abroad (Morden, 2016). If case, any default is found in the passport or visas then they make proper enquiry about the person from internal and external sources and only if they are satisfied with the identity of the person then they allow the passenger to travel.

Now all these departments are under the control of single umbrella i.e. management of Canberra International airport, which look after the entire affairs of the airport taking into, account the aspects of every department. All departments are accountable to the management for their performance. It there are any flaws in the any department then management must take corrective actions to reduce or eliminate those flaws (Eden & Ackermann, 2013). The management is also responsible for the strategic planning for the future of the Canberra International airport. They must take steps to improve their financial and market position in future. The main target of an airport is to be in the top three airports worldwide in providing customer satisfaction as well as financial standings. The management of the airport has been delegated authority by the owners of the airport to supervise it properly and take it to a better position in future. Therefore, management is also accountable to its owners.

Management is also responsible conducting internal and statutory audit of the airport every year. Based on the internal audit the management will be able to verify whether the internal control mechanism of Canberra International airport is adequate or not. Statutory audit of the financial statement will let the management understand the financial position of the company and steps required to be taken to improve it in future (Ellram, Tate & Feitzinger, 2013). If there is any qualification in the financial statement then management must give proper explanation for that.

Sustainability in the airport includes lightning, which is energy efficient, minimization of waste, water savings and efficient thermal glazing. In terms of sustainability Canberra International airport is standout. It is a leader in terms of infrastructure and asset building. The adjacent business park have achieved green first. It has been rated star for use of first trigeneration I an airport premises (Grant, 2016). Other sustainability initiatives taken by it are recycled steel, large-scale water recycling and zero reliance on potable water. Trigeneration gas plant that is in Majura Park reduces emission of CO2 by 1100 tones every year. There has been an adaptive recycle of 11 buildings, which already exist on the site of Business Park. Opening of Australians’ first backwater reuse plant in the airport in 2007, Storage of bike, connectivity of public transport and 2.68 m liters capacity of water storage has increased the sustainability of Canberra International airport.



In short, it can be concluded that Airports generally support to determine the optimal level of staffing, providing solution to complex problem, automation of employee management, coordination of ground and gate staff, efficiently manages the changes in day o day operation. Another important function of Airport authority department is to handle the baggage of their passengers. It is a ticket based system in which every baggage of passengers are attached a ticket according to which they are organized in a queue system so that none of the baggage is misplaced and they are delivered to their exact passenger. In addition, the sustainability issue must be kept with mind to give a better future to our next generation while managing the strategic resources.



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