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Market Communication: McCain Package Add in library

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Construct a Creative Brief for a fast-moving consumer good (consumer packaged good) for an advertising campaign for the Singapore market?



 Singapore is one of the Asia’s largest imports of food product. McCain package product of FMCG sector advertising campaign in the Singapore market (Micheaux, 2000). McCain owned the subsidiary in Canada. It aim is to provide a good and delightful fresh food, and product maintain its impeccable standard of quality. Here the job is to analysis the FMCG product in Singapore market. Since the product of McCain is French fries, smiles, chili garlic potato bites etc here the main ingredient is potatoes and the market of potatoes in Singapore is very good, the product enjoy a favorable import in Singapore which remain potatoes in fair price. FMCG industry is one of the most popular industries as per the report of Singapore. Since Singapore is known for the best growing for potatoes and my core ingredient is potatoes so that’s why we launched my product in Singapore market.

Target audience:

STP is the major process in marketing and it relates to the 4P’s of marketing that is product, price, place & promotion (Robertshaw, 2000). This 4P’s of marketing help the company to identify its target market and the strategy to place their product in consumer mind. Segmentation process helps the industry to assess their target market by using demographic, geographic, psychographic and behavioral. These are the some major steps which helps the industry cover to cover their segmentation part.

STP Process

                                                                             (Liu & Wu, 2013)

Segmentation bases


Target customer segment of fast food industry



Singapore ,  Canada



All age category



Male, Females and others



Social status

Working class, higher class, college students.


Family size

single, nuclear, joint family






Regular and other festive seasons



price advantages



Parties, Birthday, festive seasons

(Kim, Lee & Chon, 2010)



After creating a different market segments, it time for the company to create target market and assessing analyzing which segments it will cater (Gough, 2013).

Selection of the target market:  Selection of target market helps the company to gain large market via brand classifications. This concept will help the company to gain strategies which will help to create niche products and services.

Choose the alternatives:  As per the product life cycle stage, company must look to change its strategies in order to cater the changing demand of customers (Kim, Lee & Chon, 2010).

Sonically responsible market targeting: While creating target plan, ensure that product is sold by the companies must be sustainable and socially responsible.

Thoughts and Feelings

After creating the different market segments, it time to create a target market and analyzing the segments. In this stage the companies must look to analyze the size of the market patterns and its competitors. Here my target audience is working class, college student (Kim, Lee & Chon, 2010). First of all you need to create the vision and mission of the product because vision describe what you want from the company were as mission describes the purpose of the company, then the next step is essence because essence speaks the emotions that you want from the customers to feel when they experience the brand, after that the major part is personality like human personality, there is also a brand personality which speaks about the brand and the last part is brand positioning which define were your brand exists and also cite a clear product or services benefit, and also set your brand apart from you customer. Focus group is where a group of people are asked about their view points and attitude about the product, packaging etc.


Objectives and Measures

Here my target audience is a working class people or school student or college student etc while McCain is a package food which we can cook very easily. Obviously your target audience will feel good about your product because your product satisfied them (Hirschman & Bartos, 1983). The objective toward your brand McCain is:

 McCain target audience is to deliver good food made with high quality and safety to their customers around the world. Their Global supply chain is to supply their customer from anywhere they want to operate. McCain aim is to invest more on science, technology which helps them to develop innovative product which will simply satisfied their target audience. Potatoes are the main ingredient of McCain, as we know potatoes is a major part and many of them don’t know how to use potatoes and make different product from that. McCain use it very well and it is the global food company ranging from their normal product to pizza product. Their innovation interests are developing their platform and fulfill the needs of their target audience (Hirschman & Bartos, 1983).

Pricing strategy is low enough to sale their product on the other hand high enough for profit (Hu, Li & Shi, 2015). Place describe B2B channel market; B2B is business to business which will help the product to get into the market. Promotion is McCain is belonging to an ethical position (Schimmel & Nicholls, 2005). The main objective is to increase the positive attitude of mothers, who always say their children that potatoes are beneficial.   

McCain measure the environmental impacts for their operations, to set their targets audience for performance improvement and also monitor their progress against their target audience (Schimmel & Nicholls, 2005).

Energy unit 6%

Packaging 9%

Freight & warehousing 14%

Potatoes 28%

Indirect goods and services 19%

Other food ingredients 24%


Behavioral Outcomes

  • We work every day to satisfied our customer and make them smile.
  • We keep on improving our product and our business.
  • We keep on coming up with new idea and we dare to be different so they can satisfy their target audience.
  • We share our idea and valued team worked.

The feedback from their target audience about the particular product is McCain is easy to cook food and the pricing strategy is low and they always here to satisfied their customer and fulfill the needs of their customers. The business objectives of McCain are to maximize the profit, achieve a target market share, match with the competition etc.


The positioning strategy is to create niche market for its product in the existing market which also known as the brand value of the products. Positioning help to build brand value of the product worldwide (Srivastava & Thomas, 2010). Positioning strategy create the USP of the products among its competitors. It refers to the target consumers to buy your brand in preference to other.

Brand positioning must sure about its unique vs. competitors, it should appropriate to all major geographic markets and businesses.

Message and Medium

Message created by McCain to reach their target audience is ‘it’s all good’, it is the message that is embedded in all aspects of McCain food. Their product is not only look good and good in test but also they provide a good quality of product which addresses consumer concerns about issues regarding their health and their origin (Schimmel & Nicholls, 2005).

Medium created by McCain to reach their target audience is they come up with the ad showing how easy to make and also gave the family feel the food is from outside. They came up with interesting ads campaigns and they entered a nonexistent market and it is one of the largest players in the category (Hirschman & Bartos, 1983).



Strategy is a method or a plan which choose you to bring about a desired future, and help you to achieved goal or give solution to a problem. Strategy are divided into different level of business are corporate strategy, Business unit strategy and operational strategy (Dalman & Min, 2014).

Marcom strategy is the form of marketing communication. Such as television, newspapers, internet etc. They are targeted interaction with customers and prospects of using one or more medium (Petersen, Kushwaha & Kumar, 2015). Yes McCain use this marcom strategy they promote their product through television, newspapers etc. For the product McCain here describe some of the promotional strategy according to the table:

Promotional program

Commonly used

Effective at product movement

Effective at increasing store sales

Would negotiate to increase funds

Most likely to obtain retail support

Paperless coupons






Co-op television






Frequent shopper programs






In store advertising






In ad coupons






Internet programs






Premium giveaways






                                                                             (Podolyakina & Popova, 2014)

Nitty Gritty Details

Implementation of a promotional strategy






Seeking client approval





Promotional strategy














Promotional program

Expenses Amount($)

Paperless coupons


Co-op television


Frequent shopper programs


In store advertising


In ad coupons


Internet programs


Premium giveaways


(Inadomi, 2006)



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