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Describe following points..
Part A: Implementation of Public Relation Campaign of Pizza Rush

Part B: Methods of Monitoring



In order to open a new business, it is mandatory to maintain the organizational ethics to appease the customers’ demand. Yang et al. (2011) has been eloquent in stating that promotion and advertisement are the essential approach that an organization has to apply. In this current research work the researcher is going to focus on public relation campaign process for Pizza Rush.

Part A: Implementation of Public Relation Campaign of Pizza Rush:

In order to implement the public relation attribute, Pizza Rush appears to be convenient in their approaches. A research by Edelson (2011) projects that in past few years with the radical growth of the social media the world of promotion has changed significantly. Therefore, Pizza Rush can use the different social media like Facebook, YouTube and others for the promotional approach. It is seen that before the financial block down the company has been having a count of 100,000 email addresses where the organization can post their offers. This may help the organization to reach to the customers of across Australia directly. On the other hand, web promotions are also may prove to be helpful for the organization. A research of Mangold and Faulds (2013) focus light on the factor that in 2013 throughout Australia more than 8 million people are attaining different social media in regular basis. Therefore, the advertisements visualized in those sites can really prove to be helpful for attracting more customers.

Different other media like television, radio, newspaper, journals and so on are also playing an effective role in order to promote such products. People getting attracted by these advertisements get fascinated to visit the stores and outlets.

Monitoring Approach:

A monitoring and supervising team is also needed to be taken into action to keep a sharp vigil onto this promotional approach. This team is needed to be formed with the marketing and sales people and has to have an extensive knowledge in order to monitor the market approach. At the same time, the financial team is also needed to be strong in their approach which helps the organization to manage the promotional activities. According to the necessities of the market place, Pizza Rush has to develop the dishes and food items which help the organization to manage the market elevation. Proper scheduling of the task is really essential for maintaining the organizational ethics (Romaniello et al. 2011). In regular interval, Pizza Rush needs to be conduct the market survey which may prove to be sophisticated approach for the organization to understand the necessity of the market place and it also seems to be helpful in order to identify what strategies are needed to be taken and applied.


Change Approach:

It is quite certain that change in the stakeholder policy is specially needed for the organization. As the financial condition of Pizza Rush is not so much convenient, the necessary is to appease the investors and shareholders of the organization and make them trusted on the organization (Kobrak and Schneider, 2011). The employees are also needed to be sophistically managed by the organization. The customers are also needed to be managed essentially so that they must not seek for other available resources available in the market place.

Part B: Methods of Monitoring:

There are different approaches of monitoring available which may help Pizza Rush to manage the organizational ethos. Application of both business process monitoring and technical monitoring are the essential approaches that need to be managed. Pizza Rush has to look forward of handling whether the goods provided to the customers are good and hygienic. Business process is literally helpful for managing the organizational ethics as well. Technical monitoring leads to supervise the technical process. It also leads to manage the server and other software needed to be maintained for this process (Yoo,Se-Joon, 2011).

Analysis of Campaign:

With preparing of campaign Pizza Rush can reach to the maximum number of people in the Australian market place. At the same time, the stakeholders and other related people who are attached in this process are also getting more scope to manage the market place. Both internal and external marketing prospect is literally maintained by this process of campaign and monitoring process. The campaign seems to be a successful process and approach to let the customers accumulated and feels more fascinated for the products and services being delivered by the organization. The promotional video which plays with the loading of the web page helps the customers to be sophistically managed.


The researcher wants to make some of the recommendations for this process.

  • Promotion is to be affluent and attractive in nature so that it attracts the customers and help the company to gain competitive advantages.

  • With the online promotion, Pizza Rush needs to adapt other avail media for advertising of the promotions.


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