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Marketing Management: Anytime Fitness Company Add in library

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Question :

Write Essay on Anytime Fitness Company and describe the following:
1. Clear and concise target market, segments and positioning (includes positioning mapping) followed by the company.
2. Comments on both Micro and Macro environmental forces affecting the company.
3. Brief analysis of consumer perceptions and behaviour about the brand/company.

Answer :

Executive Summary

Anytime Fitness Company is one of the fastest developing fitness franchises all over the world and it is extremely popular among the people. It is opened 24/7 which attracts the people to do workouts according to their convenience. The company is well placed in UK, Australia, USA, India, etc. The company offers different workout equipments for the people so that the people can improve their health. The current assignment has discussed target market of the company along with segmentation and positioning. Moreover, the positioning mapping has been used to understand the position of company in the market. On the other hand, a micro environment and macro environment force has been outlined in order to know the factors that may be affecting the growth of the company. Apart from that, perception and behavior of the consumer has been tried to understand in order to know the perception of the customers towards the company and its brand. It also helped in analyzing the internal process of the company and their activities in satisfying the need of the customers. Further, in the study the marketing mix of Anytime Fitness has been mentioned to know the strategy of the company to sustain in the market and hold the market share. Therefore, it has been discussed in brief manner to draw better conclusion. Lastly, the product mix of the company involved range of workout equipments that has different advantage. The equipment or machines are available in different lengths and heights. The product mix helped in segmenting the different product line so that feature of each product can be known. In the end, the recommendations have been provided.


Product mix of Anytime Fitness Company

The Company has large number of products that are placed for the people and do workouts. The company has different product category such as Treadmills and Running Machines, Exercise Bikes and Recumbent Bikes and Ellipticals and cross trainers and many more (, 2015). Therefore, these equipments help in building muscle and keeping fit. Thus, equipments are used by the age group between 18 to 60 plus people. On the other hand, company has advanced and well maintained equipment which helps in placing the company away from its competitors. Therefore, the product mix of the Anytime Fitness Company can be discussed as:

Treadmill and Running Machines

Anytime Fitness involves different types of treadmill such as treadmill desk, anti-gravity treadmill and omnidirectional treadmill. The treadmill desks are helpful for the desk based workers and release some body pressure by standing on mill and walking slowly. The company has almost 10 treadmill desk. On the other hand, the Anti-gravity Treadmill is used by all groups of people. It is in number of 23 as it is used by sports person, senior citizen, general public, youngsters, etc. Lastly Omnidirectional Treadmill is available in the company at 15 (Battini et al., 2010). Therefore, company uses top rated machines such as Bowflex Series 7 and Sole F80 to provide best workout.


Exercise Bikes 

The Company has traditional spin bikes with manual adjustable feature as per the requirements of gym person. On the other hand, recumbent exercise bike is also available that has back support. Therefore, the bikes help in efficient blood flow. On the other side, the Anytime Fitness has other bikes as such as Dual Action Exercise Bikes and Interactive Exercise Bikes. Therefore, company has total of 25 exercise bikes and functions completely. Moreover, the people are more attracted towards company as it has different exercise bikes which are not available in other fitness centers (Masnick and McDonnell, 2010).

Ellipticals and Cross Trainers

The particular product is available in different types in which the users may not need to lift up their feet to do the exercise. The Anytime Fitness has Elliptical Cross Trainer by Drive which is concerned with the flywheel positioning making users to have a stride position. The second is Elliptical Cross Trainer by Resistance Type which is further classified as magnetic resistance and air resistance. Therefore, it helps the people to do exercise such as running, climbing or skiing without exerting body effort and does not exert pressure on joints (Nazari-Shirkouhi et al., 2010). The third that is placed in Anytime Fitness is Elliptical Cross Trainer by Heart Rate Monitor which helps the people in knowing the heart beat rate while doing exercise. Therefore, the Anytime Fitness centre has almost 18 elliptical cross trainers.


Other Exercise Products

The Company has back extension which is a length of 54’’, width of 27’’ and height of 30’’.  It helps in strengthening lower back such as hamstrings and glutes. On the other hand, double leg press machine which is available in length of 80’’, width of 18’’ and height of 63’’. Therefore, it assists in building leg muscle with different resistance levels. Further the company includes the rowing machine which has a length of 47’’, width of 32’’ and height of 30’’. The machine helps in developing strengths in the shoulders, back and biceps of the people. Moreover, it is considered as effective cardiovascular workout (Tsai, Wang and Tzeng, 2010). On the other hand, seated chest press is also available in Anytime Fitness which has a height of 62’’, length of 41’’ and width of 33’’. Apart from that, seated lat pull has height of 73’’, width of 38’’ and length of 55’’ is also placed in the company. Moreover, the company has air walker plus which increases hips and upper thighs flexibility.

Therefore, it can be understood that Anytime Fitness Company has different product line which are offered to people to do workouts. Moreover, the company has workout equipment in different ranges which is selected by the users as per their preference.


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