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Discuss about the Marketing Planning for Sanitarium.




Sanitarium – New Zealand based company that completely believes in wellbeing and healthy food for all. Its quality products include UP&GO liquid breakfast, Weet Bix, Marmite, light and tasty wholegrain cereal, soy milk and Vegie delights (2017).  These years Auckland has witnessed huge migration which has increased the demand for Weet-Bix TM cereals (2017). The company is now onto focusing on a whole new marketing strategy which would help in analyzing the present Auckland market.

Step 1

This analysis has been purposely done to frame out new marketing strategy on the basis of marketing objectives of the company.

The marketing objectives of the company solely rely on serving the New Zealand population with ready to eat healthy food.  The company’s product objectives will be:

  • To reduce the market gap to half between market leader kellog’s and sanitarium
  • To focus on becoming a leading brand for all people under 40s, including kids
  • Increasing taste of the product (McDonald & Brown 2016).

The preferred research method would be Secondary and quantitative in nature. The sample size taken in consideration is 100. The survey conducted has approved of the reliability and viability of the data collected.

Graphical representation of Sanitarium target          

Fig: 1 Graphical representation of Sanitarium target

(Source: Created by author)

Step 2

Market segmentation is the first and the most basis step of marketing plan. It refers to the distribution of the potential market into groups and segments, with similar demands and needs for a marketing action (Andaleeb, 2016). This process of segmentation is done by following several steps.  Analyzing the Auckland market it is seen that the demand for Weet-Bix and other food products has increased remarkably which has made the company to think of segmenting their market. At first the segmentation need is identified which is analyzed by the growing demand of the product due to migration. As soon as the demand is felt then the need of the customers has to be identified (Amstrong et al., 2014).  A company needs to divide population according to demographic, geographic and psychographic segments. Here, the research is preceded with demographic segmenting (Cross, Belich & Rudelius, 2015).

Sanitarium found Demographic segmenting most productive (Andaleeb, 2016). Therefore it segmented the market into four groups- The Healthies, The Energy –junkies, the sweet tooth and The Body-watchers. The Sweet-Tooths is basically the children aging between 5-12 years who demands for more and more tasty food which are attractive too. The Energy-Junkies comprises of those who are into lots of exercises and sports activities. These people have active lifestyle and need loads of energy which is fulfilled by the wholegrain supplements. On the other hand, the Healthies focus on getting complete nutrition which provides them overall wellbeing. Lastly, the body-Watchers include mostly those confident and highly image conscious woman who are between 25 and 30’s.


Step 3

Targeting is the second step of developing a potential marketing plan. It refers to fixation of the probable people and then converting him into customer. It is said reaching the right place at the right time with right word makes a difference. This set up target is then reached out through different channels. The channels may decide in accordance with the segmentation and the most potential customers. Like as earlier, sanitarium held Weet-Bix tryathlon (2017) for children who attracted children not only with cereal’s taste but also its attractive shape and color (Jones, Gregory & Kervin, 2012). Sanitarium focuses on providing healthy organic food which also attracts mothers who want their child to eat healthier food. It is seen; women make decision for food consumption at home. Along with mother current target can be younger generations especially athlete boys and career oriented adults (Swinburn et al., 2015). Their concern is basically high quality healthy food, which would support them the whole day long and provide them energy to work. Targeting mother would be a smart choice as she would not only buy ready to eat food products for her convenience but also to suffice the nutrient requirements of their husbands, infants and teenagers. Alongside, the career oriented adults have a busy schedule and being single mostly can spend a large portion of their earning on food, the condition being the expenditure on food is fruitful (Jones, Gregory & Kervin, 2012). Hence these are the two groups of people who would best benefit from the said product.

Step 4

Marketing Mix, forms the third step outlines the plan of a marketer to market its product to its customers. It is very crucial and must be utilized to influence the crowd. Failure to which may lead a good product also to end up badly (Hamzah & Sutanto, 2016). Marketing a product should be such that it stays on the mind of the customer always. Marketing Mix depends on its 4p’s- Product, Price, Place and Promotion. Customer’s prior criteria for buying and articulating the key features of a product let the customer analyze the product according to their needs. Innovating product by diversifying its product variety can also help.

As for Weet-Bix, Sanitarium has left no stone unturned for featuring the best thing about the product that is its high nutritional value (2017). Moving on to pricing the company should ensure to rate its product with an affordable price keeping the competition in the market. Along with this, the company should focus on where to showcase their product (Cross, Belich & Rudelius, 2015). This may be done by showcasing the product at the correct place. It should strategize whether its products sale will be more in departmental store or in a grocery store. The product can also be promoted at event venues too where healthy eating is prime issue. Coming to the last P, the product should be standard promoted. Using the right techniques for advertising is important (Hamzah & Suntanto, 2016). The company can opt for public campaigns, on-line advertising and person-to-person selling. In addition, it can also go for campaign in schools distributing free samples. It can focus its addressing towards those mothers also who are in want of treating their child with best.


The company can position itself ahead of the competitors with its great nutritional value but on other hand its low taste leaves the company behind the line. This is the reason for ignorance of customers towards this product at large. Having facing such challenge the company now aims at brining its product to a level of great taste without compromising with the nutritional value. The company has a great potential in near future as the trends for healthy eating habits and awareness against obesity epidemic has increased recently by 2% (Swinburn et al., 2015).



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