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Marriage Equality In Modern Societies

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Briefly critiques a global issue where shared responsibility for the common good is not being realised  and then, propose ways to address this challenge.


The Commonwealth Marriage Act of 1961 governs the meaning of the term marriage which can be defined as the union of two individuals that is a man and a woman by excluding others, spontaneusly entered into for life (Cahill, 2015). For a valid marriage ceremony to take place the exchange of words or vows takes place in the presence of an authorized celebrant by performing various religious rites (Crouch et al., 2014). However the concept of marriage since time immemorial is limited between two different sexes that are between a male and a female. In recent world the concept of marriage equality has gained lot of recognition and people are aware about the concept of same-sex marriages. However there exists difference in recognition because the consequences of same sex marriage and different sexes are completely distinct. In this regard the concept of marriage equality being an age old concept still remains stay out of the knowledge of the people in Australia as well as in Australia’s Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender and Intersex (LGBTI) communities (Goldberg, 2014). Marriage equality has been considered as an universal issue where the importance of the subject-matter of common good has not been understood. In this regard in order to emphasize the concept of common good the principles of CST can be applied accordingly (Jowett, 2014). According to the Ten Commandments of Catholic Social Teaching, the principle of common good emphasizes that every person is at the authority to have sufficient access to the goods and resources of society so that they can live freely fulfilling their needs (Kealy-Bateman & Pryor, 2015). According to the principle of common good the rights of an individual to personal ownership and community assets has to be balanced in such a way so that the basic needs of the disadvantaged and dispossessed are kept intact (Klarman, 2013). However the common good can be realized when all the individuals work together in order to improve the well being of the human being.

Marriage is the union of two people and it is the right of every human being to choose their own partners (Lea, Wit & Reynolds, 2014). The practice of marrying same sex is both a global and critical issue of the present age. Modern Authors have commented that it is the basic right of an individual to choose their own partners and therefore marriage do not serve as a means of achieving social, political, moral and legal rights (NeJaime, 2015). However the concept is marriage is closely related to a critical way of enhancing the purity of the individual and intimate relations. The repudiation of marriage equality in modern world is a violation of human rights as it has been affecting the basic rights of the LGBTI communities (Pollvogt, 2013). In these regard modern authors emphasized that marriage between same-sex couples should be promoted and accepted by the society and the Church on the ground that the LGBTI communities are the members of the society; therefore they have the right on the resources of the society as well as all the basic rights which is possesses by every human being (Jowett, 2014). The human dignity as a principle of the CST is based on the information that every human being has been created by God in his own image and likeness therefore possesses instinctive dignity (Webb & Chonody, 2014). According to the principles of human dignity human beings should not compromise their freedom or dignity (Klarman, 2013). The foundation of CST is based on the independent of ethnicity, the dignity of human beings, gender, sexuality, age and ability. Marriage is an institution that protects and promotes the dignity of men, women and children as well as the dignity of every individual in the society (Goldberg, 2014). According to the views of modern authors the Church recognized the fact that individuals experiencing same-sex attraction has equal dignity (Crouch et al., 2014). In this regard the concept of marriage equality has been accepted by the Church by allowing the practice of same-sex marriage.  The principle of human dignity was adopted by the Church and emphasized that every human being possesses certain rights along with dignity and worth including those experiencing same-sex attraction (Cahill, 2015). Modern authors therefore identified the importance of human dignity as a principle of CST and stated that individuals should be treated with equality and respect (Webb & Chonody, 2014). The Church proposes to live a life of holiness and according to God’s will.


The concept of same-sex marriage has been solemnized in the overseas jurisdictions and has been recognized as registered relationships under the provisions of the Relationships Act 2008 (Pollvogt, 2013).  In Schalk and Kopf v Austria it was considered by the European Courts of Human Rights (ECHR) that whether the Australian laws violated the principles of the European Convention on Human Rights (‘ECHR’) by not allowing the marriage of same-sex couples (Kealy-Bateman & Pryor 2015). However it can be observed that Australia is not party to the ECHR but the question that has aroused in the question has been depicted in the ICCPR.  In Schalk and Kopf the prosecution argued that the laws of Austria specifically violated the articles of the ECHR that are equivalent to the Articles of ICCPR that is Article 23, 17 and 5 (Klarman, 2013). However it was held by the ECHR that the law in question did not contravene the obligations of human rights in Australia. On the other hand some European countries allowed the practice of same-sex marriage. This perspective can be regarded as the reflection of their own vision about the concept of marriage equality in modern societies which do not originate as a result of an interpretation of the fundamental rights as constituted by the Contracting States in the Convention.

The definition of marriage has been depicted in Section 5 of the Marriage Act 1961 as the conciliation of a man and woman to the prohibition of all others, deliberately entered into for life (Lea, de Wit & Reynolds, 2014). However the Government of Australia included the definition as depicted in the Marriage Act 1961 into the new act in 2004 in order to avert the courts so that the interpretation of the term marriage cannot be made in broader sense (Cahill, 2015). These amendments ensured that the concept of same-sex marriages that has been conducted in foreign countries would be recognized by the Australian government. Shorten’s bill replaces the words “a man and a woman” from the given definition thereby redefining marriage as the union of two people to the repudiation of others, spontaneously entered into for life (Goldberg, 2014).

The concept of marriage is limited between two individuals- between a man and a woman. Ancient scholars suggested that marriage can only take place between a man and a woman in order to yield children (Crouch et al., 2014). However the government since time immemorial protects the interests of the children and emphasizes on the point that the creation of children can be possible on through the union of a man and a woman; same-sex couples cannot create children. In this regard it can be concluded that such interest of the government in bonding same-sex couples is weak and unjustified. Every individual possesses a legal right to get married no matter in which communities they belong (NeJaime, 2015).  In his regard the shared responsibility or duty of the common good can be achieved in respect to marriage equality if much emphasis is laid on legal equality other than ceremonial concerns



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