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What are the main features of the Marxist approach to the study of international relations? How persuasive do you find this view?


The nativity of International Relations as an obedience is associated to apprehensions regarding the continuation of divergences among Nations. This apprehension arrives at a soaring echelon in this century subsequent to the occurrence of World Wars for the second occasion and the materialization of nuclear armaments. Formerly, the observable fact of combat had been considered by diplomats philosophers, statesmen and historians, (e.g. Hobbes, Rousseau, Machiavelli, More, etc.). Nonetheless, the donation of these theorists is not a methodical body of information: there is nonscientific loom in their speculations. Consequently, it may be said that the hypothesis of international relationships is a new one (Baylis and Smith, 2001).

From the accomplishment of capitalism and the conclusion of the famous Cold War, it has become ordinary to presuppose that the thoughts of Marx might be securely dispatched to the dustbin of olden times. They required a substitute to capitalism later than the unsuccessful experimentation of the Soviet Union, and later than couple of decades of this, there materializes to be a new beginning. But the theory of Marx were distinguished extremely worried about the job of finances in decisive all portions of political and societal relationships, in addition to extremely negative, offering a small number of means of authentic getaway as of to the capitalist system (Freyberg-Inan, Harrison and James, 2009).

Karl Heinrich Marx (1818-1883), was a German revolutionist, philosopher and economist whose writings structure was in the foundation of the corpse of Marxism. He described the foundation of historical greediness, and along with Frederick Engels, Marx provided a description of collectivism. Both issued in the year 1848 the "Communist Manifesto" that described the progression of a communalist utopia as of to capitalism (Halliday, 1994).

Even though Marx and Engels missed several hypothesis in the order of the subject matter of global relationships, Marxism has not up till now formed a complete archetype that undertake the wide difficulty of global relationships in both economic and political magnitude. There have been more than a few numbers of efforts in relation to this, but not along with a loom that obtains as its initial tip the investigation of the financial system and global politics. Within scope of the book written by Engels and Marx, though it do not make available references in relation to the  global relationships, expands conceptions that could be convincing device, which consequently could be supplemented and unmitigated by a number of other writers for instance Lenin. Lenin premeditated the trend of imperialism as well as designated the alterations in capitalism and the changes of its nationwide and worldwide configuration. All of this was essential because of their continuous necessitate for extensive progress in relation to triumph over its inner disagreements as well as its velocity of profit (Greenspan, 2007).

Karl Marx accede to a huge quantity of inscriptions that have been encouraged ascend to an assortment of elucidations, and have formed a number of other schools of contemplation that are associated with it. That has been developed by the main pertinent authors (Jacques, 2009).

Theories of Marx are interpreted by persons who have it in mind to carry on ideas of Lenin that has been open to the elements in “Imperialism, the Highest Stage of Capitalism” (1917); the world structure investigation of Emmanuel Waller stein as well as the social schools founded by him, and the amalgamation recommended by persons who capture its opening in the concept of domination from the effort of Antonio Gramsci (Krieger and Crahan, 2001).

In accordance with the Marxists theory, both pragmatism and broadmindedness are merely expedient philosophies initiated by the financial leaders to protect and rationalize international disparity. In its place, it is argued by the Marxists, category is the primary component of investigation of worldwide relationships, and the global structure has been created by the higher classes of people and the richest countries in sequence to defend and secure their benefits. The stages of investigation espoused by Marxism are that of international civilization. His aspire is centered upon the thought of societal authenticity measured internationally. All of this have to be understand as of to the viewpoint of historical greediness. Its standpoint is progressive and energetic, provided that a hypothesis of societal alteration, that is to articulate, an always varying and continuously embryonic civilization (Kirchner, & Dominguez. 2013).

The Nations emerge as an organization providing service to the bourgeoisie, furthermore, as a device of the prevailing class of society. Consequently, the global civilization comes into view, as a civilization in which the chief players are the societal classes but not the nations, in which worldwide relationships are conquered by struggling class. The fundamental characteristic of the tactic of Marx and Engels is to examine the global relationships, is that of comprise its value as a central portion of the multifarious societal organization (Zakaria, 2008).


Systematic socialism, as its inventors Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels used call it, is in opposition to the utopian socialism as a radical philosophy that is able to convert the social circumstances. The hardback Capital; “Critique of Political Economy” presents a summary of principles of Marx, by learning the solemn inconsistencies of capitalism and representing a huge quantity of substitute elucidations. The thoughtful revise of financial liberalism will permit them to formulate a tough evaluation of bourgeois civilization. In the Communist Manifesto (1948), it is found that the philosophical stands between which set out:

The historical greediness: It is a construal of history in accordance of which the progression of the social orders is resolute by the financial construction. There is an anxiety among superstructure (institutions, culture...) and infrastructure (economical) that manufactures transformations in the configuration of the Nations. This is the way by which civilization has left all the way through numerous phases: the rapacious civilization, the capitalist, the feudal and the slave. The preceding one filled with controversies and has to unavoidably lead to the socialist phase (Miéville, 2005).

The significance of surplus and the accumulating laws of capital: The employee has on no account obtained the complete worth of the effort they has given, for the reason that otherwise owners would never have been supplemented. Consequently, the industrialist pertinent portion of the work of the employees is known as value of surplus. This entrepreneurship have a propensity to be elevated, which compose the wealth mounting concerted in the possession of a small number of persons, this is the accumulating law of capital that directs to grave disagreements and is the derivation of struggling class (Payne and Nassar, 2008).  

Struggling of Class is, from the point of view of Marx and Engels, an irrefutable principle as there was for all time two divergent assemblages: the first one is who subjugate and the second one is the persons who are subjugated. These disagreements become the cruise of history; these struggles will finish along with the bourgeois Nation and capitalism. Class has a major role to play in the analysis of Marx, in disparity to liberalism, Marx clutch that civilization is scientifically level in relation to class divergence. The chief variance is among the proletariat (the workers) and the bourgeoisie (capitalists) (Svendsen and Svendsen, 2009).

The authoritarianism of the working class: Later than comprising subjugated the bourgeois nation by a radical faction, it is concerning to be in charge of it and convert the civilization. Once accomplished, the working class authoritarianism or the dictatorship of working class will abscond this to build a class free society. Within the scope of this communist civilization, all means in relation to manufacturing are to be formed in a socialized manner. The nation has a propensity to evaporate (Rivoli, 2005). Within the purview of the revise of the Marxist idea of global relationships, it is essential to differentiate the most important two schools of contemplation. In one hand, overseas strategy pursued by the earlier Soviet Union and the nations that claimed or that are demanding of this leadership. Conversely, both of the hypothetical and procedural allegations of this loom in global civilization examination have been overlooked. Within the purview of these conditions, it is essential to emphasize the multifaceted loom established by Marxism, along with aspects as follows:

a) The societal class is the most important aspect in global atmosphere deliberation.

b) There is a stab to make an entire and international visualization in the investigation.

c) The revise is carried out from an energetic and critique viewpoint of the worldwide organism.

d) There is a component in conquering the nation.

After the above discussion it can be summed up that the theories originated by Marx in relation to international relations is quite useful to a certain extent, especially to the earlier period of time. But at the present social scenario it is not so well equipped for adaptation. This theories has been criticized by many experts in accordance with their perspective standpoints and it has been came into view that in modern society, the theories of Marx in inadequate as to its execution. In spite of the fact that this theory has been accepted by many great philosophers and it is also adapted by many governments also but for a developed country in the modern society it is not so fruitful, mainly in relation to financial aspects of the country.



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