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Master Of Education: Social-Emotional And Learning

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Discuss about the Master of Education for Social-Emotional and Learning.



Conceptualisation of the study

The article focuses on the social-emotional and learning competencies in the early years of children in Australia. According to Whiteford, Walker & Berthelsen (2013), the relationship between the special health care needs and social-emotional needs are critically analysed. However, the article focuses more on the male population of Australia rather than the female population of the country. The article focuses on the importance of early childhood as it is believed to be the initial stage of development. Walker et al., (2012) aimed at identifying the relationship between students and teachers in the early years of development. The importance of moral lessons is an important factor for the development of children in the society. A similar article analyses the opportunities of study that the socio-economically disadvantaged people receive. Bierman et al., (2008) in his article modernisation and medication have identified five executive functions that can help in developing the education practice of these people and intervene in the methods of the schools. The article strategically analyses the reasons behind the fall in the education of these ethnic group. The purpose of the study is to identify the factors that hinder the growth and development of children.


Lewis & Olsson (2011) stated that the temperament of an individual could prevent the development of depression even after a stressful infant environment. The article highlights the importance of a stress-free infant life for the development of a proper individual. Malti et al., (2013) aimed to study the effects of parental support to sympathy and moral emotion of the children. The study identified socioeconomic status, ethnicity and the parental-marital reation that exists among the individuals. The article provides a comprehensive analysis and variation in the effects of parental support for the development of early childhood mentality. The study focuses on the special heath care programmes that are required to be developed in a child. This is important in order to understand the mentality of the children. The reasons such as parental instability, growth and the marital status of the children resulted in the decline heath among children. On the other hand, the ability of a child to develop oneself was not considered as the reason for the health issue. In this regard, a similar article can be related that focuses on the effects of pre-schooling obesity and the parenting styles adopted by the parents. The behaviour patterns of the parents were analysed concerning the health of the schoolchildren in the early years. However, the behaviour of the fathers was only analysed in determining the behaviours of the parents. Wake et al., (2007) have highlighted similar health issues in the book paediatricians.

The purpose of the article is to identify characteristic of the people of Australia and the characteristics that are possessed by the children in order to develop a healthy life. (Turney & Kao, 2009). The study analyses the opportunities received at health level by the children and the ways by which the parents seek the opportunity to provide a proper life to the children. Hence, in order to verify this, a school transition model is used in order to identify the difference. The study also discusses the involvement of the children in treatment plans. In most cases, it has been seen that the nature of treatment provided to the children create a sense of compliance among them. The study underlines the importance of daily treatment of the children that feel insecure in the treatment. Hence, the article focuses on the relationship between the children with the classrooms of the pre-school days including teachers, tasks and peers. The health treatment is based on the engagement that the children have with the teachers of the early lives rather than after the development stage (Williford et al., 2013).


Identifying and evaluating appropriateness of research design

In order to conduct the research in a successful manner, the research design chosen is the sampling analysis. The sample has been collected from the Kindergarten Cohort of the Longitudinal Study of Australian Children. The fact that the study uses two cohorts in order to analyse the results provides clarity to the research and draw in more respondents for the sample population. The study took into account 650 children that resided in Australia and had been in the early development stage. The article states that the health and medical system in Australia is different from that of the United States and the United Kingdom. Positive criticism about the acceptance of help from the teachers for the intervention purpose was provided after analysing various schools and its processes. The research was conducted in Australia taking a community sample of children. The residents of the country was analysed in order to attain the objective of the research. However, it had also been stated that a specific research design is missing that could have helped in the successful completion of the research. The assessment of the research was carried out by using cross-sequential research design. The research invited infants and kindergarteners to participate in a school programme test that was conducted for identifying the health of the children. The article provided qualification criteria that helped in restricting the application of a huge number of teachers.

However, a proper research design was not applied that highlighted the exact application of the research. Due to this, a greater fluctuation occurred in the qualification level. The use of ANOVA and SPSS has also encountered fluctuating results. The research design comprised of a collection of secondary data in the initial phrase. The study consisted of over 5000 infants residing in Australia and a kindergarten cohort of over 4800. The data was gathered from a reliable source known as the Longitudinal Study of Australian Children. The kindergarten children were more likely in the years that aged between four and five years of age. It can be said that the research design consisted of both primary as well as secondary for effectively understanding the subject. Sedhu & Choy (2016) stated that an appropriate research design is needed in order to estimate the ideas that can be applied in the research. The present research article was conducted after a survey of female teachers in various levels of school. Questionnaire method was applied in order to understand the responses of the people regarding the research topic. The design for conducting the research involved children ranging between 4 to 5 years of age. The height and weight of these children were analysed. The sample size was collected from the Longitudinal Study of Australian Children. Children born between March 1999 and February were selected randomly. Hence, other children before or after this time were neglected which is a criticism of the article.

The research lacked the specific use of design in order to provide proper evidence about undertaking the research. However, the data were collected as a secondary method that focused on the association between pre-kindergarteners and the development of the outcomes. However, the quality of childcare provided cannot be measured in the secondary collection of data. The research analyses the importance of formulating a proper design for the conducting a research. Many quantitative studies exist that contribute to a successful completion of a research. According to Mertens (2014), the designs form a range of categories that create an impact on the data collection method required for the research. The proper research design required for identifying the research is absent from the analysis. The participants, however, were drawn from pre-school classrooms and involved in the survey. The half-day meeting was enough to provide questionnaire and collect the necessary feedback for completing the study (Miller et al., 2017).


Describing data analysis process

As stated by Armstrong et al., (2017), data analysis process needs to be simple and provide clarity. The study uses descriptive analysis as well as ANOVA test to conduct the research. The use of the descriptive analysis helps to identify the differences that exist in the variables between children requiring special health care and cohorts. The ANOVA test helps to provide statistical analysis of the problem. An online survey was conducted of teachers with an experience of teaching children between 5 to 8 years of age. Coles (2013) stated that the only criticism that could be identified is the fact that female respondents were more than the male respondents were. The age range of the respondents proved as a challenging factor as children and infants were ranging from 4 to 5 years of age applying for the process. The data was analysed by taking into consideration 5107 infants and 4983 kindergarten cohorts. The children were target were 4-year olds who constituted the minority of the population of the country. The article also saw a rejection of at least 14 families that participated in the survey.

The similarity of the analysis can be based on a similar article in which the sample was based on the random selection of infants and of children ranging from age groups 3 and 9 months. This is a drawback of the research, as the researcher had not considered the privacy of the people while collecting the survey. Thus, the researcher violated the ethical consideration of the code of privacy. One of the biggest positives about the research was the fact that it had worked in an ethical manner by obtaining the written permission of the participants. In this research, about 175 children were chosen from age ranging from 6 years, 7 years and 8 years. Apart from this, 175 caregivers were also selected in order to understand the effectiveness of parental support. The data was collected at each wave consisting of multiple informants. These informants included the children, parents, caregivers and teachers. The interview method took about one hour to complete along with providing questionnaires. The data was analysed under ANOVA test. The sum of the related level was computed and comparisons were made depending upon the responses. Face to face, the interview was conducted in the homes of the children in order to understand the effectiveness of the topic (Hubbs-Tait et al., 2014).

The parents were also asked to complete a questionnaire for the topic. Thus, the article used both primary as well as secondary research for the proper analysis. In order to conduct the research in an efficient manner, the study focused on collecting the analytical sample of 10,090 children. The research used the developmental stage of the children from the initial phase until the time they completed a year in kindergarten. Hence, participants were rejected that did not show an interest in participation. The article provides a guideline for the nurses in order to understand researchers in a systematic manner. Hence, data analysis is not conducted as the sample size is not identified. This can be considered as a negative criticism as data analysis process is an important factor for conducting research in an effective manner and conducting a statistical analysis. Certain measures were taken in order to identify the relevant outcome related to the health and safety of the infants. Some of the methods included social-emotional competence, learning competence and Paediatric Quality of life. In order to derive positive results, SPSS 18 software was used and the ANOVA test was conducted to identify the characteristics of the Australian children. A matched case control design was used in order to investigate the differences that exist between the children and the health care goods.


Discussing finding

Due to the statistical analysis of the data, a convenient result of the topic can be provided. The findings can be compared with results obtained from other research and discussion regarding the difference between the two cohorts can be analysed. Hence, the article is useful for evaluating the concept. Despite the excess number of applicants, the results provided a positive indication about the beliefs of the people in the early years with that of the modern day. Most of the respondents suggested that the children are capable of identifying the right from wrong. Hence, this indicates a lack of clarity of response on behalf of the respondents. The results formulated from the analysis provide a development of the formation of cognitive and social-emotional school readiness among the children. The positive criticism of the article is the fact that it demonstrated the importance of preventive intervention in the regulatory system of the schools. The promotion of the regulatory system can be done using these discussions. The result showed that the stress encountered in early childhood and the temperament of an individual contributes to the existence of anxiety and stress of an individual. The results were derived using SPSS method and provided a clear justification about the effects temperament has on an individual.

Hence, the objective of the study had been met despite ethical drawback. The result showed that the children in the highly stable emotional group displayed more signs of higher parental support. The age factor of the children does not matter since the emotion of the children is well received and support for the development of the children causes more sympathy attitude for them. Unlike other studies, the aim of the research was to analyse the impact of burnout on the female teachers. Hence, no such comparisons were made that highlighted the difference between factors that affect male teachers and female teachers. The study provided a detailed analysis of the factors that lead to the rise falling of health in the children, particularly of the infants of Australia. Evidence from the research showed that low involvement of the fathers resulted in the overweight of the children. The findings were unexpected but as predicted by scholars this has helped in providing a strong opinion of the topic.

The analysis of the article can also be related to the extension of the school transition model verifies that the immigrants and the minorities belonging to Hispanic or Asian origin receive education from an early age like the white counterparts. However, in most countries, economic barriers arise due to the imbalance of these populations and ethnic people. The discussions need to flow in a logical manner depending upon the results. The article provides a comprehensive detail about the findings that the researcher need to undertake in order to identify the factors that result in the completion of the topic. Along with the findings, conclusions and recommendations can also be provided in order to strengthen the value of the research. The expectation from the result was that the children might have a positive impact form the early exposure to education and the engagement with teachers. The result was satisfactory as most of the involvement with the students results in the proper mind frame of the individuals. The interaction between the children results in gaining compliance and control of self. Task orientation of the children improved because of such engagement. Multiple linear regressions were conducted in order to understand the domain of the 6-7 year old children and identify the relationship that exists in having a special care need. This is done before entering school level. Every variable that leads to child health concern are analysed.



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